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I would like to commend Stock Informer for there amazing service. My children's mother is dying from cancer and they both are very sad. A PS 5 is not going to solve all of our problems but it did make both kids very happy and they for s brief moment thought Dad was the greatest man alive for there Christmas present. As much as I took the praise I can only say Thank.you Stock Informer you made two children happy this christmas.

Jamie Mccarthy 06/01/2022

Thank you so much Stock Informer, you have alerted me through Discord once the Xbox Series X was back in stock, and I rushed to buy it and it arrived! All because of your help. Again, thank you so much!

Micxster 06/01/2022

After a lot a disappointments in trying to find a PlayStation 5, I got one through Stock Informer within 3 weeks. So we'll done, I would throughly recommend anyone else to use your excellent service

Paul Dyson 08/01/2022

Thank you for your help. I was able to secure a pS5 before Christmas from Amazon Prime. You provided a hugely helpful service!

Alison Long 18/01/2022

Dear SI Thank you for your great website and service! Your service has allowed me to obtain an XBox X and a wireless controller over the last 12 months - both items would have been very difficult to locate otherwise. Thanks again. Regards Andrew Edinburgh

Andrew Feltoe 27/01/2022

Hi Stock Informers, Thank you so much for helping me get hold of a PS5 so quickly! I only signed up last week and I now have a new PS5 for my son, delivered this morning from Currys! Just a note, the Currys site didn't seem to have the button to add to basket and only when I compared 2 bundles did it let me add the items to my basket, which is maybe why the stock didn't sell out too quickly. Thanks, Raj

Raj 31/01/2022

Registered to receive alerts for Dyson Air Wrap and three days later got an email to say stock in at Dyson. Went on website, ordered and received product two days later. One happy customer, thank you Stock Informer…brilliant!

Sharon Watson 01/02/2022

Signed up this morning as haven't been able to get the dyson airwrap anywhere. Received an email that boots had again, so went in and ordered it. Fantastic! Absolutely delighted I signed up. It was only a few hours. Thank you

Tracy Rooney 24/02/2022

I have now got an xbox series X so can you take me off the email subscription list please, I would like to thank you for your help in finding me an xboxM2B

Jason Degroot 01/03/2022

Hi, You've helped me out in the past with things, so would like to support you guys. As an amazon associate, do you only get a kickback from the items linked? If I clicked on a random link from your site but purchased something else, eg clicked the link to buy a ps5 controller, but then went on to purchase something I needed like cat food - would you still get a commission? Hope you do, as it would be a good way for me to be able to support your work Thanks Shaz

Mr Shazib Ahmad 02/03/2022

Great service…would def recommend to others..thanks for your help..keep up the great work.

Nicole 12/04/2022

Thank you sooo much! Managed to place an order for ps5 console and some accesories on Very this morning! Thanks for the alert! Super excited as its a bday gift for someone! Thanks, Salma

Salma 20/04/2022

Fantastic website which saved me time and hassle to get my PS5

James 15/06/2022

Your email informing me that a PS5 was available at Amazon came at the perfect time. I was able to order one, which I have now revived. Thank you so much. Without your service I would have been clicking around all the usual retail sites trying to find one. Saved me time and effort

Leigh Harris 10/07/2022

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