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Thank you so much Stock Informer - your alert system really works and may just have saved Christmas as the iPad 2019 was out of stock all over the UK (or grossly marked up in price). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Matt Hill 07/12/2021

Thanks to stockinformer I got my ps5 many thanks

Jonathan Glendenning 07/12/2021

My kids aren't getting alot but theyve got a ps5 thanks to you. One sincerely grateful mum 😁

Carol Lewis 08/12/2021

Thank you so much for helping me find the xbox product and alerting me in plenty of time to purchase one on which I gladly say I now have you was quick amd very efficient and sue to your quick timing you have now made my son have a happy Xmas amd again thank you such for your help

Tracy Toms 08/12/2021

I ordered the Xbox series x from Very on the 9th of November and it arrived yesterday on the 8th of December, 10 days earlier than expected. I would never have gotten it without you guys so thank you so much!

Jenny 09/12/2021

Just want to say big thank you for being there and saving my bacon. Getting the Series X today after seeing one of your notifications the other day and was able to yet it very quickly. Highly recommend this site as it saves you hours 9f scouring web sites trying to search for products when they come up on here moments after release. Thanks again

Ashworth Burn 09/12/2021

Very very good service once I signed up I had a PlayStation 5 within a day will be recommending to use this service Thanks Ben

Ben 13/12/2021

I have been trying to buy X-Box X Series for 21 months and you gave made my Christmas! I received email advising Argos had stock and I was lucky enough to buy one. To be honest was sceptical regarding your service but DELIGHTED to be proved wrong. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU

Lorraine 13/12/2021

Been looking for an iPad everywhere. And it’s just out of stock. Stumbled onto this website and what a great help it’s been! Now have one coming before Christmas! Can’t thank you enough! Really helped me out

Kat Beard 13/12/2021

Just thankyou. This product seemed impossible to get for Christmas but with your help have managed to buy one through curry's. Merry Christmas to you all.

Ben Aaron Matthews 13/12/2021

Your alerts helped me get a ps5 at ShopTo. Definitely wouldn't have known if it weren't for your work. Thanks very much.

Joseph Morrin 14/12/2021

Thanks Guys! Got an email saying Xbox series X stock in very, I follow the link and in 5 mins I had an Xbox ordered, really good service and handy at keeping back the scalpers!

Jake Dodds 14/12/2021

Hi guys. Brilliant system. Managed to get an Xbox for my son within 8 hours of joining. Amazing. Thanks so much.

Andy Lang 14/12/2021

Just bought my ps5 from Amazon, best price, thanks for the service guys hope it pays well.

Dale Edwards 15/12/2021

Excellent service ! Been looking for over a month and as soon as I subscribed to stock informer email notifications I managed to buy the Dyson Airwrap within a week ! Thanks !

Kleitos Panagi 17/12/2021

Was looking everywhere for the new dyson Airwrap limited edition and saw on here a place that had it and was no overpriced due to demand. Only thanks to this site I got my wife’s present. Thank you So many quick to complain but not give good feedback.

Darren 17/12/2021

Managed to get a dyson airwrap ordered in time for Christmas for my partner thanks to you guys with the heads up, greatly appreciated.

Ryan Patchett 17/12/2021

Hello - I wanted to thank you for your service - I just succeeded in buying one of those Xbox series x consoles that are as rare as hens teeth, all due to your service! I’d missed out by minutes on the Amazon notification a couple of days ago (they’d sold out within 20 mins!) but picked one up from Argus today on your guidance. Thanks, I’m very impressed!

Gareth 17/12/2021

Fantastic service. Got my xbox this way.

Quddus Rahman 21/12/2021

Thank you so much!!! P S 5 bought, wrapped and ready to make a 26 year old son very happy this Christmas!!! You are amazing!

Nikki 22/12/2021

A million thanks to you. Found an XBOX Series X on Microsoft online store yesterday after clicking on the link you sent. Order placed and it is getting delivered tomorrow - in time for Christmas. My children are going to be over the moon. All because of your service. Thanks a million.

Venu Vedam 22/12/2021

Amazing! Woke up early, had an email regarding PS5 in stock, clicked on links and bought delivered and now wrapped! It was a good price as well non of these astronomical markups. I will have a very happy boy this Christmas Thank you

Laura 23/12/2021

Thank you so much guys, your notifications got me in the queue for a series X and it's arrived in time for Christmas. Actually didn't believe that I'd manage to get one, and I wouldn't have if I hadn't found you. You're actually amazing!!

Carl Medlin 24/12/2021

Thank you so much! Helped me get a Dyson Airwrap :) really useful service

Chelsea Mccann 27/12/2021

Brilliant. Been trying for nearly 2 years to get an Xbox Series X. In less than a month with your help managed to get one from Amazon just in time for Christmas Eve. Well done. Thankyou

David Lindley 04/01/2022

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