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Had a nail biting wait as shops site got swamped, but then I was in and secured my PS5 disc with extras. I wish I had done this in November 2020 and saved myself a year of waiting and missed chances. Stock informer is the way for me from now on. Thanks guys.

David Martin 09/11/2021

I am certain that there is no way, barring incredible luck or succumbing to scammers, that I would have been able to get a ps5 without this service. Brilliant stuff.

Ben Moore 09/11/2021

Thank you have now managed to obtain a PS5 for my son-in-laws birthday.

Stephen Armstrong 09/11/2021

After many failed attempts at trying to bag a Series X, I finally succeeded this morning. Huge thanks on providing a great service !

Andy 09/11/2021

Thank you for your help

Steve Green 09/11/2021

Brilliant service! Managed to get a PS5 yesterday as a result of the emails. It has taken 6 or 7 attempts following several emails - but I wouldn’t even have been aware of the availability if not for stockinformer. There is no way I would have got a PS5 for Christmas without you.

Neil Lees 10/11/2021

THANKS A MILLION - without the site I wouldnt of got a ps5 for my sons christmas gift

Elaine Rooney 10/11/2021

Thanks for your help. I've been trying to get my hands on a PS5 for my wife's birthday and was beginning to think I'd have to get her something else. Every time I heard there was stock available somewhere it was sold out by the time I got there. With the alert about Very having stock I was able to get in quick and by one. Thanks Again Andy

Andrew Porter 10/11/2021

Brilliant. Found me a ps5 in a couple of days

Neil Parkin 17/11/2021

Thank you so much Stock Informer!I had managed to buy one PS5 for me and one for my son with your help.You are awesome!

Octavian 18/11/2021

Brilliant service! Got email to tell me Amazon Prime had stock. 5 mins later it was purchased! Couldn't be happier!

Selina Beasley 22/11/2021

Excellent! Thanks to your alerts I managed to buy a PS5 for my son for Christmas! Thank you

Sara 22/11/2021

Thank you so much I got one of direct playstation today ..... So happy my kids will be so happy this Christmas ... All thanks to you for the telegraph you sent me . Forever grateful .

Dawn Scott 22/11/2021

Just got the Forza bundle on Argos. Thank you!!!

Rob Reynolds 01/12/2021

Thank you so so so much every year I use this site and it never fails to solve my issue! 2 iPads in the bag and happy kids!

Anthony Jones 01/12/2021

Thank you for your early morning email which resulted in me ordering immediately from Boots.ie. Item is now out of stock again but my item is ordered and on the way to me. Thanks so much.

Eilish Woodhouse 01/12/2021

Amazing service, helped me to cop an Xbox Series X after wanting one for ages

Joe Housham 01/12/2021

Got your stock alert and was able to source a Series X through Very. Thanks

Richard James Crane 01/12/2021

Used you last year for an xbox series s and thank you again as i have managed to get the xbox series x this year, I would recommend to anyone there is no way I would have got these items without your help.

Linda 01/12/2021

Your service is great. Thank you for being there.

Michael Montoya 02/12/2021

Ipad out of stock everywhere! Used this service and got one. 10 minutes later sold out again so thank you!

Sam Mason 03/12/2021

Helped me get a ps5 with shopto. Many thanks

Darryl Green 06/12/2021

Stock informer was excellent, managed to get one from Argos which sadly had to go back as kept crashing! Persevered and got one from BT which works perfectly. So the system works just need to be patient. Thank you

Mrs Sandra Wagner 06/12/2021

Brilliant and fast at notification managed to get item (xbox x ) definitely sign up for elerts , thankyou

Pauline Dawson 07/12/2021

Fantastic service, was finally able to grab a PS5 thanks to the alerts! Thank you :)

Rebecca Grant 07/12/2021

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