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My Grandson just sprung his request for a Playstation 5 Console for Christmas 2021 on me last week. I was absolutely dreading the hunt for one as my son-in-law took almost 7 months to secure his last year. I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Christmas but finding a ps5 has become the new Holy Grail and as most people have discovered it’s almost impossible to get one. I spent a week searching in various big online stores everyday logging on and off all hours of the day and night with no luck. Then during an internet search I discovered Stock Informer and within a week yes you read that right 7 days 😱😱I secured one on 14/07/2021 via Amazon. Thank you to Stock Informer for doing all the leg work and taking the stress and worry out of buying this years Christmas present for one very lucky little boy. He will be over the moon ❄️☃️🎅🏻🎄

Karen Donnelly 15/07/2021

I had all but forgotten about getting e-mail alerts from Stock Informer having signed up some time ago. I'd chosen to only receive confirmed re-stocks, and only by e-mail, so very rarely got an alert in any case. This morning, one came in, and I followed the link and bought a PS5 - simple as that. It was a very stress free way of making the purchase!

Richard 20/07/2021

Ordered from Very after receiving your notification, one happy daughter!

Dale 20/07/2021

Hi Cannot thank you enough! My son is a huge gamer and is autistic. We were disappointed to not deliver a PS5 sooner and am so impressed with your alerts! Today we bagged our PS5! The Amazon site wouldn't load it but had success through the amazon smile site. (Another tip I was given). Thanks again, keep up the great work 👍

Shani Reber 28/07/2021

Brilliant, helped me get both a Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5. Thanks

Alan 28/07/2021

Hi, after weeks and weeks of trying I managed to get a PS5 from Amazon after getting a notification from you. Great service and much appreciated.

Simon Burrell 29/07/2021

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thanks to your website I was able to get a PS5 for my nephew's Christmas! (From Santa of course!) It only took a few days of having your site open in the background and sure enough the alarm went off when John Lewis and I was able to order in the 4 minutes they had the stock! So, from somebody who rarely give feedback of any kind - Thank you!!

Samantha Morgan 03/08/2021

I'm very happy good service

Mustafa Bariser 11/08/2021

Thank you so much for helping me to purchase a PS5 console. I got your email saying they were in stock at Amazon and quick as a flash I had it in my basket and bought it! Omg I can't believe I've got one, it's a birthday present for my partner he will be soooo happy. Thanks

Julie Saunders 11/08/2021

I have watched this website like a hawk for 9 months now, trying to get a PS5. Without your emails I would still be without one, but thanks to you I didn't need to give the scalpers a penny. Christmas 2020 is completed this day.

Steven Brown 11/08/2021

Thank You Soooooooo VERY much for the service. Couldn’t have done without it.

Fred Button 11/08/2021

Hi. I successfully purchased a ps5. Thanks for your help. Regards. D Salkeld.

D Salkeld 11/08/2021

Thanks to Stock Informer I have just unboxed my PS5! This is a great service, thanks so much!

Ian Seddon 14/08/2021

I have managed to get myself an Xbox series X and just now, a Playstation 5 for my brothers 16th birthday! Thanks to your website. Great work and thank you!

Ferris Hall 24/08/2021

Thank you . Finally got a ps5. Don't think I'd have got one without you. Been trying for ages before I used your service . Brilliant thank you w

Anthony Mahon 24/08/2021

You legends. Just managed to bag myself a PS5 on today's Very drop. Been waiting for so long, thanks a lot! :)

Louis 24/08/2021

Great service. I had been trying to get the ps5 console for months. I joined you a day or two ago and I was alerted today. My ps5 will be with me on the 10th September 2021. Thank you!

Sheila St Catherine 24/08/2021

Received an email from you yesterday informing me that very had stock. I’ve been trying since release day to get my two sons and my ps5. And because of your email I have been able to secure all three. Thank you all very much, really happy with your service

Greg Mitchell 25/08/2021

Thank you very much I have managed to pre order a ps5 from very after receiving an email from you u. Hopefully will have a happy boy this Christmas.👍

Samantha Waller 25/08/2021

Great service, works exactly as it should. Just bought a Series X from Currys, which was in stock for 1min, thanks to this site.

Ashley Karunaratne 07/09/2021

Just ordered Xbox Series X from Currys this morning. Been using stock informer for a few months now, and while the notifications are reliable, I've been unlucky on a few occasions. Finally got one though so thank you so, so much. Dom

Dom Richardson 07/09/2021

Wanted an xbox series one for some time but the stock shortages had made it impossible. Was monitoring main retailers websites but was never lucky enough to be on when stock landed. Signed up to the stock informer telegram service and a few weeks later got an update that amazon had stock. Immediately clicked the link and bought the console. It arrived the next day. Great service. I genuinely think the only people getting xbox series x are those signed up to these alerts or scalpers with bots. Cheers for the free service.

Sean 10/09/2021

Hi there, Just want to say a big thanks for providing such a good service to the public in these hard times, if it wasn’t for companies like you, then getting high demand items would be close to impossible! Amazing job guys!!!

Simon Wauchope 10/09/2021

Brilliant service

Daren 13/09/2021

Thanks to Stock Informer I have been able to purchase a PS5 for my Grandsons Xmas present

Alan Parkin 13/09/2021

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