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Thank you very much for your help in finding a pink innotab before xmas.

CLBear 20/11/2011

Good service, e-mail service highlighted stock of an item I was chasing enabling me to reserve and secure product.

Mark Rylatt 20/11/2011

Thanks for setting up this website. I started looking for a LeapPad on 17/11 and drew blanks at all the main retailers, Google found www.stockinformer.co.uk where the only stock was on eBay at silly money so I started regular checks. At 7am on 19/11 this showed stock at Tesco Direct, ordered online immediately, and it arrived today 21/11 at 9am - an impressive performance so thanks for the information. A friend is already using the site as he wants a LeapPad for his Godson.

Ruperts Trooper 21/11/2011

Thank you very much i will now have a very happy little girl on Christmas morning I received your email Saturday morning saying Tesco had on line stock of the leap pad in pink. I ordered one and it arrived this morning. Thanks again for your help great service.

Claire Brown 21/11/2011

This website has been a godsend thank you. Have finally managed to purchase a Pink Leappad thanks to you. Will definitely use again in the future.

Lisa Hadley 21/11/2011

Thanks Stockinformer, managed to get 2 of these for our kids for christmas. Even better was that the stock was at Tesco so managed to double up clubcard points under their exchange and use these saving us £160 cash! You've made 2 parents and i'm sure 2 children very happy this christmas. Chris Hutton

Chris Hutton 21/11/2011

I was after the Leappad explorer and this service was Brilliant!! ELC had them in and I responded straight away. Many Thanks

Sarah Watson 21/11/2011

registered for a leappad and had an email to say they were in stock went straight online and got 1, then registered again for my niece and the same happened again. great service thanks.

kirsty 21/11/2011

great stock finder i got what i was trying to get thanks for your help

veronica 21/11/2011

I only signed up yesterday but you have already come up with the goods. Hopefully now we will have a very happy bunny on Xmas day morning, so thanks you are certainly fast and efficient.....

Kevin Harper 21/11/2011

The service you provide is excellent. I have been trying to purchase a leappad explorer for my daughter and son for Christmas but with every retailer being out of stock it was a lot easier registering with you who emailed me when new stock arrived and where we could obtain it. Both my children now have one for Christmas and would recommend your service to others.

mrs hopcroft 21/11/2011

Thank goodness for this amazing website. My 4 year will be delighted with her pink leappad which would never have materialised unless I had registered for your email alert . Have already sang the praises if this sure to many people. Thanku so much!

Andrea 21/11/2011

Stock Infomer helped me get the Leappad Green from Tesco direct so i could use my double exchange vouchers. It was only in stock for a few hours and if i hadnt got your email first thing that morning i would have missed it. Thanks you.

Jenny 21/11/2011

Really great service reliable information,i will use again if i need to. I will also tell my friends about your service, very surprised it is free.

graham newberry 21/11/2011

Thank you so much for your service! I am so so pleased to have been informed of stock in my area and because of that my daughter will be very happy with her present and me even happier seeing her with it. Thanks again, Amanda Lennox.

Amanda Lennox 21/11/2011

What a great service - i have been trying to get a blue innotab for my son for Xmas and thanks to you I got one today from Argos in Leicester!! :))

Donna 22/11/2011

After more than a week of searching I have now been able to purchase the Vtech Innotab ( blue ) thanks to speedy notification from Stock Informer. My 5 yr old will be thrilled with this as he also has the Vtech Camcorder which can be linked enabling data to be transferred & stored. What a fantastic service.... I shall definitely be spreading the word!

lerana68 22/11/2011

Thank You, just ordered the VTech Innotab from John Lewis after your text alert. Have been chasing this item for ages.

joyce 22/11/2011

Just wanted to say thank you - this is a great website. Have been really struggling to find a v-tech innotab which my daughter really wants for Christmas so signed up to Stock Informer and thanks to an email alert, managed to buy one from John Lewis Online about five minutes ago! Thanks very much!

Amanda 22/11/2011

Hi there, I have only just registered with Stock Informer today and you have made me one very happy person with no stress involved. Well done a great service.

Angela Fenwick 22/11/2011

Excellent service - sourced a product out of stock nationally. Thank you

K Rosser 22/11/2011

Hi, can't thank you enough got your alert e-mail earlier this afternoon regarding search for vtech innotab blue,John Lewis and managed at long last to purchase one for my young grandsons christmas.Thank you very much my search now over

nanette stebbing 22/11/2011

I have been trying for weeks to get hold of a Vtech Innotab blue- thanks to your email and site I finally got one today from John Lewis. I'm going to have a very happy 4 year old on Christmas day! Thanks again.

Laura 22/11/2011

Many thanks for your service, it enabled me to purchase an item very much desired by my son, which due to the popularity of it i didnt think i'd get one.

Nicola Cooke 22/11/2011

brilliant can not thank you enough got what i was looking for will use again thanks a million

veronica 22/11/2011

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