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Thank you very much for this invaluable service.Spent since before Xmas 2020 scouring different sites to purchase Xbox series x console and within a few weeks of using stockinformer I now have one purchased.great work and would definitely use again and recommend.

Andrew Hope 20/05/2021

Thanks to this site I got myself and my son one

Joe 20/05/2021

Received your notification today re curry’s stock. Was successful hooray, one happy grandson

Laurence Pattinson 20/05/2021

Thank you so much. Thanks to your emails, I finally managed to get an XBox Series X console yesterday from Curries. I got the email at 07.13 on the 20th May, but didn't see it until 08.35 so felt sure the stock would have gone. However I still tried anyway and we received the console today! One happy 13 year old at home today! I would advise anyone to persevere! Thank you all.

Lisa Penny 21/05/2021

Absolutely brilliant been awaiting nintendo switch stock, tried registering with ao for stock updates found out from you that they had had stock and sold out by the time i looked with no stock notification recieved from them i also checked my junk box there was no email, so registered with you. Got an email at 9 this morning didn't see it until 3 but i got it!!! Thanks so much stock informer gonna have one happy boy at Christmas

Anne-Marie Stanley 25/05/2021

Hi guys. I’ve been trying to buy a ps5 in the uk for about 8 months now. Finally snagged one and it was thanks to your email. To be fair it’s the first time I caught the email as it came through!! Every time I missed it by a hour or so. I received my email at 9 and by 9.15 I had become the owner of a ps5 from Very. Thanks guys I got there in the end 👍

Lee Black 26/05/2021

I managed to get the dyson air wrap I wanted! Super impressed.

Kajal Chotai 01/06/2021

Thank you for helping me to get my Grandson his Xbox. Your site is brilliant.

Peter Leighton 02/06/2021

Great idea to stop having to check for stock all the time. I was able to finally purchase an XBox Series X after months of waiting. This service saved me loads of time and effort!

Paul Skinner 09/06/2021

Thanks so much for the stock alert. I had just been let down by Game after waiting in a queue for 50 minutes to pay for a non existent product. Great service. I will recommend.

Colin Harmer 09/06/2021

Great service. Without you guys, who knows when I'd get my hands on a Series X.

Danny Wray 11/06/2021

Thank you for informing me when xbox series x console stock becomes available.I have now managed to get one from Microsoft, after trying for 7 months. Great service!

Karen Pearce 11/06/2021

Thank you stock informer purchased both my ps5 and series x great service

Ben Jackson 14/06/2021

Just want to say thank you for helping us all out, you guys are awesome 👊🏻💪🏼

Adam 15/06/2021

Within 4 days of signing up i had an Xbox Series X bought and delivered. Great service

Stevie 15/06/2021

Thanks, I managed to get an Xbox series X console by using your website !!!! I will no longer need emails from you guys, but a BIG THANKYOU !!

Ian Walker 17/06/2021

Brilliant! I was after an xbox x for my son for months with no luck, heard about this and signed up. I got a few emails but always saw them too late so saved as VIP in my hotmail then when i got an email I went straight into it and took me to Currys where there were a few in stock and got one straight away! So happy! Wish i had found this earlier! Would have saved hours of scrolling ! Thank you!!!!

Kerry Cook 18/06/2021

Very Good Service. But as you know its first come first served. Finally got my XBOX at the right price too. Thank you

Mr Tovey 18/06/2021

Thanks to you guys I managed to pick up a series x and ps5 at RRP. Cheers :)

Tom 18/06/2021

Just to let you know the service was great. Got a notification Currys had stock of the XBox Series X, even though their website was not showing any. Followed the link in your text, ordered, paid, delivered next day. Brilliant.

Steve Smith 18/06/2021

Great UX, helped me to quickly get a 3060

Fabian 21/06/2021

Only started using stockinformer on Saturday 19th, after constantly missing stock drops by only minutes, I woke up to a 10min old email on the 22nd, hopped straight on amazon and placed my order. I would have been incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon the opportunity without the email notification.

Ryan 22/06/2021

Thanks for a brilliant service, I managed to buy an Xbox series X before my sons 18th birthday because of your email alerts 😃😃. Just waiting for an elusive PS5 now

Steve Fisher 22/06/2021

Thank you very much for your service . Managed to get an X Box from Curry’s after your alert.

Julie Collins 23/06/2021

Ordered xbox series x from Very thanks to you,cheers

Frank Mckenzie 23/06/2021

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