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You guys helped me massively in obtaining a PS5 Disc Edition back in December, and today you secured me a much-awaited Pulse 3D Headset, I will always use your site, and am always recommending it to people who are on the lookout for goods

Gareth 27/01/2021

Really happy with the way the website worked, glad I managed to get a 3070!

T.Budgen 28/01/2021

I was assisted by StockInformer in purchasing a Gigabyte RTX 3070 gpu from Novatech. For frequently out of stock products such as this I would consider StockInformer's Discord notification service essential!

J.Jaworski 28/01/2021

Big thanks to the team, got the stock alert and put the order through on the very day the rest of my pc was delivered just to make it even better. Outstanding work all round!

Matthew 28/01/2021

Thank you so much in my quest to track down a dyson airwrap complete. I did receive notification from you within days ...much to my delight ..so thanking you again for such prompt and efficient service

Diane Hessey 29/01/2021

Thank you so much I have finally managed to order an x box series x console for my son, couldn't have done it without you.

Nathalie 05/02/2021

Received the email yesterday afternoon, ordered the Airwrap from Dyson early evening and received it this morning at 7.45. Excellent service from Stock Informer (and Dyson). Many thanks.

Carol Mccrystal 05/02/2021

You really helped me get what I wanted (the Xbox series x) After weeks of checking your website for when and where it would come back in stock I finally got it 👍

Joel Chapman 05/02/2021

Was able to get the Dyson air wrap, very happy with the service!

Priya Mistry 05/02/2021

Great Service! I must be honest by saying that I was sceptical about this service working, but I cannot praise it enough. You only receive notifications about the products you signed up for - no random emails about things that you have no interest in - and having made my purchase and received my goods from where I was told there was availability I can't praise the service enough! I wish that other services worked as well, and as efficient as this!

Trevor Roach 08/02/2021

Thank you for informing me today about very getting x box series x I managed to get one without this site I would not have got one

Paul Cousins 08/02/2021

Just wanted to say thank you. Your alert worked perfectly. I bought the Nintendo Switch from AO. Had a slight hiccup when halfway through checking out it went out of stock (yet still showed as available). After trying a few more times, I gave up before showing out of stock. A little later I picked up my phone and noticed that it showed as available. Rushed through the checkout process, which was successful. A tip to anyone else having difficulty to keep persevering. Thank you again Pam

Pam Stanton 08/02/2021

I used this website for a couple days and got a notification on telegram for an Xbox Series X restock on Very. Scrambled around grabbing debit cards and whatnot and managed to secure myself an Xbox. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Dylan Anderson 09/02/2021

Just wanted to say thank you for the notifications, I finally managed to buy an RTX 3070 after months of trying. Cant wait for it to arrive in the next few days.

Andrew Simpson 11/02/2021

brooo ive been trying to get the xbox for a while and i was finally able to get it thanks to stock informer

Nik 17/02/2021

If it wasn't for this site I would probably be still waiting to get a PS5. And not only the PS5, using this site I was also able to get the Headset and the Charging station. Awesome work!

Charlie 18/02/2021

Thank you so much, finally got an Xbox series X for my son after receiving your push notification - whole family is over the moon!!

Kerry-Ann Crosby 05/03/2021

Hello Well I had never heard on stockinformer until yesterday. Been trying to get a Xbox series X for ages. Signed up and got an alert just now and ordered one from Currys. Yah! Thank you to nice people at Stock Informer

Anthony Peggs 05/03/2021

Just a big thank you from me because of you website i was informed via telegram and got my Xbox X

Haresh Kara 05/03/2021

Thank you stock informer. Thanks to your notification I managed to get hold of an Xbox series x. Great service and thanks again E.

Elric 05/03/2021

Got my XBox Series X from Very and PS5 from Game Collection, both thanks to the alerts from this site. Thanks for helping me compete with the scalpers.

Martin Hornsey 05/03/2021

My son had been saving every last bit of his money for the new PS5 console. With the help of Stock Informer we managed to order one and get it delivered on launch day. Following on from this you have also enabled us since then to purchase the PS5 headset. We are still using you now for the other accessories and hopefully, another console!

Christine Smith 05/03/2021

Hi Guys, thanks for your great service, only been registered for a week, got a stock alert this morning for X Box Series X from Currys, went straight to the site using your link and ordered it. Great concept and execution of an idea. Will use you again for sure if I need a hard to get item.

Daniel 05/03/2021

Received email this morning 05/03 about the stock available at Curry’s went straight to site and managed to order one being delivered tomorrow, my son is so happy.

Richard 05/03/2021

I have been trying to get a Dyson airwrap for weeks! Signed up to receive alerts on your website about 10 minutes ago and 5 minutes later I receive an alert and managed to get one!! Thank you!! This is such a cool website. :)

Sally Roberts 09/03/2021

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