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Thank you so much! Missed out on Amazon stock as I wasn't quick enough, but have managed to get my console from Very despite having to set up a new account. Great service that absolutely works - didn't miss a single notification!

Peter Nunn 17/11/2020

Absolutely fantastic got the notification the Xbox Series X was in Amazon. I was straight online and got it. Thank you stockinformer.

Peter Doherty 18/11/2020

Hi, I would just like to thank the whole stock informer team, you’ve helped secure a ps5 today after I had given up. Thank you all very much.

Ahmed Idris 19/11/2020

Thank you so much! I found this site when the PS4 launched and used it to get a launch day console back then.......Next Gen rolls around and you guys are still here! AMAZING! This time I managed to order a PS5 for myself on 25/09 which arrived today and a second PS5 on 19/11 for a friend who had missed out previously. Keep up the amazing work!

Anthony 19/11/2020

I just wanted to thank you for your help today. I tried to buy a PS5. One website had nothing, another crashed, another froze and the last one actually removed the product from its site while I was trying to buy it. It was a harassing start to the day. At one point there were nearly a quarter of a million people in front of me in the queue to even access a website. Then you sent me a rest message, I clicked the link and bought one. It was all very straightforward! Thank you. You are on Santa’s good list. 🙂

Anthony Gallagher 19/11/2020

Can't thank you guys enough. P5 on Very wasn't showing on the site under search or categories (and never did), only the digital edition. Then, in comes a stock informer alert with a direct link and I managed to snag one. Absolutely epic service, especially the load it was under at the time.

Dave Andrews 19/11/2020

Thanks with out you and the other users on the site would never have got the PS5 on launch, keep up the great work!

Harvy 20/11/2020

Great work! Using your site I was able to pick up a 3070 in only 1-2 days looking.

Thomas Swann 26/11/2020

Thanks excellent service saves hours and hours of trailing through the internet

Marie 26/11/2020

Hi, thanks to your service I was able to order a PS5 on launch day. I downloaded and followed you on discord and immediately jumped on the link when you sent the notification that stock was available from very.co.uk. I appear to have been one of the lucky few that ordered one before they sold out again and I am certain I wouldn't have done so without your service. Thank you very much for you help. The console was delivered at the weekend.

Colin Minty 01/12/2020

Thank you so much ! Managed to order an Xbox on Amazon Germany , thanks for advising that only need to change the lead to work in UK . Will have one happy son on Christmas Day 😀

Caroline May 01/12/2020

Brilliant service - your notification meant I was able to secure an XBox Series X as a Christmas present for my boyfriend just in the nick of time! I was convinced I wouldn't be able to get one as they are so scarce. Thank you so much.

Deborah 01/12/2020

It was just so happen by chance that I downloaded Telegram about 5 minutes before I had a notification that the new Xbox series X was on amazon! Great find! I think you need to push the app a lot more than you do :) Cheers for the help! Ross

Ross Edwards 01/12/2020

Brilliant site has been a lifesaver for me over last few years keep up the good work 😁

Lisa 01/12/2020

Just bagged an XBox series S Console for my son for Christmas from Amazon, thanks to your service. Can't thank you enough, you have saved Christmas!

John Parker 01/12/2020

Got the xbox series s thank you

Linda 01/12/2020

Thank you so much, this is an excellent service, I received the email following which I was able to obtain the item before it went out of stock again. I will definitely use the service again.

Pauline Stenhouse 01/12/2020

Great service - I doubt we would have found one in time for Christmas if it hadn't been for Stockinformer, will be using again!!

Jen B 01/12/2020

I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for your services. I got notified of stock for the Xbox Series S via Discord and managed to purchase one for a friend. My friend was really stressing out because her child wanted one for Christmas and she couldn’t find one anywhere. This purchase would have not been possible without your services. Best wishes, Mark

Mark 03/12/2020

I can't thank you enough Stock Informer. I have just been able to purchase the xbox x from Very , thanks to your speedy alerts. I honestly don't think I would have got one without it . Absolutely amazing

Tina Alfieri 03/12/2020

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you! Have had your site open on my work laptop for the last couple of weeks and have just managed to pick up a Pulse 3d Headset and Charger for my PS5. Really useful site, and will definitely use it again in the future! Danny

Danny 04/12/2020

Just wanted to say thanks. I managed to get a PS5 order from Very on UK launch day all down to you (on Discord). I now have it and wanted to pass on my gratitude, given the current malaise around the PS5.

Mark Forrester 06/12/2020

Thank you sooooooo much stock informer, I’ve just been able to order the new x box series x for my son for Christmas, I was really starting to panic as Christmas was getting closer. Fantastic service, thanks again.

Sam Stewart 06/12/2020

I was trying to get one for weeks, and everytime I got it to the basket it would error out. I albeit gave up with trying then I got a notification from you guys and was able to get one before Christmas. Couldn't have got one without Stock Informer. Huge thank you to everyone at Stock Informer!

Mcmxciv 07/12/2020

Without this service I never would have found this item at list price for Christmas! I will have one happy daughter on Christmas morning. Thanks so much!

Jenny Nushi 07/12/2020

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