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Thank you so much! Missed out on Amazon stock as I wasn't quick enough, but have managed to get my console from Very despite having to set up a new account. Great service that absolutely works - didn't miss a single notification!

Peter Nunn 17/11/2020

Absolutely fantastic got the notification the Xbox Series X was in Amazon. I was straight online and got it. Thank you stockinformer.

Peter Doherty 18/11/2020

Hi, I would just like to thank the whole stock informer team, you’ve helped secure a ps5 today after I had given up. Thank you all very much.

Ahmed Idris 19/11/2020

Thank you so much! I found this site when the PS4 launched and used it to get a launch day console back then.......Next Gen rolls around and you guys are still here! AMAZING! This time I managed to order a PS5 for myself on 25/09 which arrived today and a second PS5 on 19/11 for a friend who had missed out previously. Keep up the amazing work!

Anthony 19/11/2020

I just wanted to thank you for your help today. I tried to buy a PS5. One website had nothing, another crashed, another froze and the last one actually removed the product from its site while I was trying to buy it. It was a harassing start to the day. At one point there were nearly a quarter of a million people in front of me in the queue to even access a website. Then you sent me a rest message, I clicked the link and bought one. It was all very straightforward! Thank you. You are on Santa’s good list. 🙂

Anthony Gallagher 19/11/2020

Can't thank you guys enough. P5 on Very wasn't showing on the site under search or categories (and never did), only the digital edition. Then, in comes a stock informer alert with a direct link and I managed to snag one. Absolutely epic service, especially the load it was under at the time.

Dave Andrews 19/11/2020

Thanks with out you and the other users on the site would never have got the PS5 on launch, keep up the great work!

Harvy 20/11/2020

Great work! Using your site I was able to pick up a 3070 in only 1-2 days looking.

Thomas Swann 26/11/2020

Thanks excellent service saves hours and hours of trailing through the internet

Marie 26/11/2020

Hi, thanks to your service I was able to order a PS5 on launch day. I downloaded and followed you on discord and immediately jumped on the link when you sent the notification that stock was available from very.co.uk. I appear to have been one of the lucky few that ordered one before they sold out again and I am certain I wouldn't have done so without your service. Thank you very much for you help. The console was delivered at the weekend.

Colin Minty 01/12/2020

Thank you so much ! Managed to order an Xbox on Amazon Germany , thanks for advising that only need to change the lead to work in UK . Will have one happy son on Christmas Day 😀

Caroline May 01/12/2020

Brilliant service - your notification meant I was able to secure an XBox Series X as a Christmas present for my boyfriend just in the nick of time! I was convinced I wouldn't be able to get one as they are so scarce. Thank you so much.

Deborah 01/12/2020

It was just so happen by chance that I downloaded Telegram about 5 minutes before I had a notification that the new Xbox series X was on amazon! Great find! I think you need to push the app a lot more than you do :) Cheers for the help! Ross

Ross Edwards 01/12/2020

Brilliant site has been a lifesaver for me over last few years keep up the good work 😁

Lisa 01/12/2020

Just bagged an XBox series S Console for my son for Christmas from Amazon, thanks to your service. Can't thank you enough, you have saved Christmas!

John Parker 01/12/2020

Got the xbox series s thank you

Linda 01/12/2020

Thank you so much, this is an excellent service, I received the email following which I was able to obtain the item before it went out of stock again. I will definitely use the service again.

Pauline Stenhouse 01/12/2020

Great service - I doubt we would have found one in time for Christmas if it hadn't been for Stockinformer, will be using again!!

Jen B 01/12/2020

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