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Great help and helped me find stock for the PS5 when it was almost impossible to get one so very thankful!! Would use and recommend to anyone.

Kai 19/09/2020

Excellent service! Only signed up two days ago and got alerted today..managed to pre order my shiny new, rocking horse poo!! 😀😀😀 very pleased and thank you very much once again!!

Jason Stringer 23/09/2020

Used this service for the first time. I found it very handy, it's a shame some companies don't support the alert feature but fortunately i was at my desk when I saw a store got new stock in.

Luke 25/09/2020

Quite happy with your service thank you keep it up

Jon Fokkema 25/09/2020

Thanks so much. I received email to say amazon were selling ps5 so i immediatly went to my app and got it ! If it wasnt for stock informer i would not have got the ps5 as amazon said they were selling it at 12 so im well pleased

Deirdre Baxter 25/09/2020

Thanks very much, your site is awesome!!!!!! Just bagged myself a PS5 digital through Very.com thanks to your site!!!!

Kevin Young 25/09/2020

Thanks you for helping me find a PS5! My son was saving up all year and now he should be able to enjoy it on launch day!

James Varley 25/09/2020

Brilliant service! Couldn't recommend anymore

Jake Teagle 01/10/2020

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