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Thank you very much With your help I got Nintendo Switch for my kids They are so happy Kind regards

Marina 01/07/2020

many thanks on the hot tub information - will recommend and use again if applicable

Nigel Gower 03/07/2020

Got my Nintendo switch from amazon with the alert. Obviously not the cheapest place to get one but I had a voucher that I needed to spend. Cheers. Very happy.

Stephen Anderson 06/07/2020

Absolutely fantastic service - this is what using the Internet for service looks like. I was annoyingly the victim of a scam on another well known social media based Marketplace and missed out on buying a Switch over many months from retailers. One week later and I have a Switch on the way.

Frank P 12/07/2020

The push notification is quicker than receipt of the email which gives you an edge if the item is in very high demand. Excellent little utility that I will regularly use from now on.

M Meah 15/07/2020

Amazing. I was able to purchase Ring Fit Adventure within minutes of Very getting it back in stock. What a good service 10/10!

Jason De Vine 16/07/2020

Your service is great your email advising me of availability of the item within a couple of days and the vender is delivering it tomorrow. The same time as eBay emailed me that sales of the same item were ending shortly but the price was much more. Well done.

Mike Tindall 16/07/2020

Thank you for your stock alerts because of this I was finally able to purchase a Nintendo switch console for my boys after waiting for 3 months and I joined you on Wednesday evening and I got the alert Thursday morning and have the switch at home on Friday. Amazing service Thank You šŸ˜Š

Salma 18/07/2020

Thank you! Finally got a Nintendo Switch thanks to your email - brilliant, Iā€™m so pleased!

Lee 26/07/2020

I was sceptical at first but it worked amazingly! Got an email and bought from a retailer immediately. Just keep checking those emails šŸ˜Š

Simon Kellock 27/07/2020

Thank you for the service. Had been looking around on websites for hours looking for a Switch, only ones I could find were at high markups. Within 12 hours I had ordered a Switch with the help of this website. To be able to access such a service for free is phenomenal. Thank you.

Torin H. 28/07/2020

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