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Thank you so much for helping us find a Nintendo Switch in stock. This is a great service that takes the stress out of finding a product to buy.

Julie 06/06/2020

Really helpful, thank you. I managed to get hold of a Nintendo Switch from Argos in time for my son’s birthday thanks to your alert.

Emma Hill 08/06/2020

Thank you for provided a great service and helping me purchase a Nintendo switch neon/red.

Akhbar Mohamed 09/06/2020

Your service helped me source a Nintendo Switch. I was lucky enough to be up late one morning (4-5am ish) and decided to check your website before I was going to bed. Through doing this I noticed that John Lewis had some in stock and thankfully due to try the early hours I was able to purchase one. Now I am enjoying good runs at Zelda, Animal Crossing and some occasional Fortnight with my nephew. Thanks you guys 😊

Adrian Mckechnie 09/06/2020

Great service- very helpful and accurate! I was able to purchase my item within less than a week of signing up to stock informer.

Abigail Mole 09/06/2020

Thank you!! Been trying to get a Nintendo Switch for weeks now and this service has helped me out twice today. Got notified that Amazon had stock so I placed an order.. then got another email just now saying Very had a bundle pack so ordered that instead! Super clever and helpful

Elsa 09/06/2020

Informed that Amazon had stock by Stock Informer. Luckily saw the email in under and hour and got one for my son. Very happy - son jumping all over the house. Great service.

Steven Ray 09/06/2020

Within 3 weeks of signing up to search for a Nintendo Switch, you helped me bag one. Thank you very much

Ros 09/06/2020


Oliver Painter 09/06/2020

What a brilliant job you do! Thanks to your push notification on my browser, I got notification about Nintendo Switch availability on Amazon and immediately able to secure one from them. It was selling out fast though today I noticed they have some more to sell. Thanks a lot!

Olga 10/06/2020

Awesome service thank you - you helped me secure a switch for my son's birthday. One happy boy and one very relieved mother!!

Victoria Phillips 11/06/2020

Very good advice. Got my product. Cheers.

Bryan 11/06/2020

I was really struggling to obtain a Nintendo Switch during the Covid-19 outbreak. I had been tracking for only one week through Stock Informer and with the push notification system, it took no time at all to purchase one. Thank you for help.

Danny 11/06/2020

Worked really well and helped me to save money and find the right product :)

Helen 12/06/2020


Kamil 12/06/2020

great service. helped me get a Nintendo switch. glad I signed up!

Gina 12/06/2020

Very happy - because of your emails I managed to get a Nintendo Switch from the official Nintendo store at RRP when they have been sold out for weeks everywhere. Thank you for providing such a useful service during these difficult times.

Rachel Beveridge 13/06/2020

A great service, after trying to purchase a Nintendo Switch for months, I managed to get hold of one within a week because of stock alerts. Thank you

Rachael Westwood 15/06/2020

Great service, got what we wanted within a couple of hours and delivered 2 days later. Stock informer is great for hard to get items.

Natalie Adamson 15/06/2020

Thank you so much ... i could not find the switch anywhere but you helped me find it ! Thank you !

Harry Taylor 15/06/2020

Great service! Finally got the switch I wanted!!!! THANKS

Cameron Coleman 15/06/2020

Great service, manages to get my device and game 😊

Alexandra Weare 16/06/2020

Since you cannot miss the alarm, Stock Informer helped me beat the queues and get the item quickly without having to sign up to stock alerts across the web. I wish there was a stock informer for everything!!

Kel 20/06/2020

You helped me make a young lady very happy - Thank you!!

Harry Meri 22/06/2020

Very very happy with stock informer, instant notifications helped me get my Switch Lite quickly and easily. Thank you!

Pamela Graham 01/07/2020

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