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Thank you so much for running this site so smoothly! I have finally got my hands on the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition! I had been checking sites regularly myself, but your site allowed me to relax a little knowing i would be notified exactly when stock came in anywhere! (which sometimes was in the middle of the night ) Definitely recommend to anyone who wants limited stock products and will be coming back if I ever need anything that i cant get my hands on! Lovely site and members!

Lucy 20/05/2020

Spent ages trying to find a switch over the last month or so. Set up email alerts using StockInformer and discovered how quickly they were selling out (5-10 minutes!). Eventually left the tab open at work and turned on audio alerts after missing a notification in my inbox - buzzer went off less than an hour later and I was finally able to grab myself a console! Big thanks to SI for making lockdown more enjoyable!

Alex S 20/05/2020

Thanks to Stock Informer I got a Nintendo Switch after weeks of trying through the Nintendo website. Thank you!

Sarah K 20/05/2020

I had been looking for the Animal Crossing Switch Console since it was released and within 2/3 days of using this site I managed to place an order! Amazing service! The alert came through and instantly took me to the site where I managed to grab the console. They were then sold out again within the next 15 minutes. Thank you!

Lauren P 20/05/2020

Notifications were really helpful, they helped me to get a Nintendo switch.

Roberta Brown 20/05/2020

Great service enabling me to buy a Nintendo switch very quickly after having spent weeks trying to track one down.

Anna Barnes 21/05/2020

Yow!!!! You've just made me extremely happy.. Been trying to secure a nintendo switch for my daughter for at least 3 months now. Kept checking this site for stock information.. Anytime you had green I went to try and buy and they had sold out.. Everytime.. I literally signed up for notifications last night.. Woke up this morning checked my emails. And boom.. I secured a pre-order about 30 minutes ago. Thank you so much.

Daniel 22/05/2020

Great service! I’ll have a happy boy when his birthday arrives thanks to you 😊

Carol Torrance 22/05/2020

Great service really impressed , can’t wait for my delivery of Vegas lay z hot tub which I couldn’t get anywhere, as all sold out. Thank you. I have already recommended the service to all my friends.

Lisa 24/05/2020

Been looking for a lay-z-spa for weeks and never managed to get one. Then i remembered about stock informer & after 3 days iv managed to order one for delivery in a cpl of days! Love this site always helps me find stock of what i want perfect

Nicola Kelly 25/05/2020

Your website helped secure a Nintendo Switch Neon for my son’s 8th birthday. Thank you.

Neil Phillips 25/05/2020

Thank you for help. This is very good page. I recommended

Aneta 30/05/2020

Hj thanks for helping me secure nintendo switch, truly an amazing service. Well done guys.

Louise Donegan 30/05/2020

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much. As a result of your website I have been able to buy a Nintendo Switch. I missed out on so many occasions and was really disheartened to see all the Switches being resold on other sites brand new for silly prices. I really hope your website continues to help other people (like me) who actually want to play the console rather than just sell it on! Thank you

Lucy Bain 01/06/2020

Excellent Service- we had struggled for a week to ten days to find a Nindentdo Switch. Then signed up to Stock Informer and got one ordered the next day- brilliant

Simon Lumsdon 01/06/2020

Thank you so much for your service. Due to your fantastic service we were able to secure and buy a Nintendo Switch. Something we have been trying to get hold of for over a month but had no luck. After receiving a notification from Stockinformer I managed to buy one from an Argos near me. I can not thank you enough.

Naima Bibi 01/06/2020

Thanks for the reply I got 2 Nintendo out of Argos when you told me they had them. Very good service thanks.

Adrian Kane 01/06/2020

Excellent service. I had been after Nintendo ring fit adventure for some time without having to pay rip off prices on amazon and eBay. Thanks to stock informer it should be delivered soon from Very for the regular retail price.

Dennis Mcgrath 02/06/2020

Thank you so much due to Stock Information I have now purchased one that's on order for Collection. Brilliant Service

Karen 02/06/2020

Brilliant, thank you. Got a notification email and have placed an order now for the item I was after 👍

Debby Hibbin 03/06/2020

Had mad panic on Sunday when I couldn't get one of these ready for following Sunday for my son's birthday. Registered and got one within less than 24 hours. Brilliant service. I didn't seem to get all the notifications I refused for. (WhatsApp) but I got enough to get one delivered with 4 days spare. Thanks!

Anna Ashcroft 04/06/2020

Been looking for a grey switch and couldn't get hold of one for the retail price. You guys emailed and I got onto Argos and there was one for collection available near me and I can pick it up the next day! Very happy!!

Tash Wilkinson 04/06/2020

I was dubious about the possibility of this site even being legit. To start with I received notifications for a particular huge retailer, but the product was already sold whenever I visited their website. It wasn't long though, before I got a notification that lead to a different retailer, and bingo! Absolutely chuffed, and great price paid too. Thank you Stockinformer, absolutely top performance

Clair 04/06/2020

Thanks so much for helping us source a Switch for our son's birthday. We've just had the confirmation email to go and collect it from Argos. I would have missed it without your help, as they came on sale early in the morning. It took us about 4 days signed up to Stock Informer to get it - very impressed.

Rlp 05/06/2020

thank you...didnt think id ever get hold of an oculus quest but thanks to you guys i now have one! brilliant site!

Mark 06/06/2020

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