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What a great service! I definitely recommend and will use again.

Jo 08/05/2020

Hi how do i give you the best feedback someone can give? I have been after a switch for ages and thanks to your website I have finally got on and just in time for my birthday! You have no idea how happy I am right now and I cannot thank you enough and would like to give 5 out of 5 stars if possible!

Rebecca 08/05/2020

Found a Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing Edition whilst it was very scarce! Great website, helpful people.

Danielle Charnley 08/05/2020

Thanks for the help, massively appreciated!! Keep safe and well!

Ryan Robinson 08/05/2020

Great service. Very quick relay of information so you’ve got more chance of getting stock as long as you check emails

Alicia Frome 09/05/2020

Thank you so much! I was able to buy a Switch for my son and my nephew, so that’s two happy little boys all thanks to your amazing website! The audible alarm is scary but a massive help. Thanks again!

Nikki 10/05/2020

Thank you so much! I had been trying for weeks to get a switch in order to help with lockdown boredom and within 48hrs of signing up, you managed to help me get one!

Polly 11/05/2020

Thank you so much stock informer for this incredible site that you have made! Even though it took a while I managed to order a animal crossing edition Nintendo switch on the 9th of may from Smyths and it arrived today( the 11th of may) I am soo happy! Also the forums on the website also help with all the encouraging messages and it forms a great community!

Celine 11/05/2020

Thank you very much for creating this website and helping me find a switch. Every time I heard somewhere had them they were gone before I could check but with your help I got one this time. Thank you!

A O'Donnell 12/05/2020

I am so grateful to this website. My son was heart broken when we explained he may not be able to have a switch for his 5th birthday. This site saved me a whole lot of money and stress as I was considering paying more money from a private seller just so I didn't have to disappoint him again, having had to cancel so many plans already because of lockdown. Thank you!

Sam W 13/05/2020

Love this site! First time I’ve used it and wasn’t disappointed! Got an email to alert me and now have the item in hand 👌🏻

S Whalley 13/05/2020

Hi, Your service helped me out immeasurably! I managed to buy a Nintendo Switch for my daughter's birthday which would have been impossible without your help. Many thanks, Mike

Michael Alexander 13/05/2020

Amazing service, I’ve just purchased my item. I was really considering paying more than double the price this morning, and then I received my email and was so happy 😀 Thank you soooo much! Lucy

Lucy Rose 13/05/2020

I have to admit I was suspicious of this service as it seemed too good to be true, but it works and I've now got Ring Fit Adventure thanks to you.

Tim 13/05/2020

Thanks for your help. Finally got my hands on a Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing edition and now have one very happy daughter!

Stuart H 14/05/2020

Managed to snag my hands on an Animal Crossing Edition of the Nintendo Switch so thanks!!!

Tiffany Guest 14/05/2020

What a great site. You guys should be knighted! There's little chance myself and others would've been able to get a Switch without your help! Thank you!!

Sam 15/05/2020

Excellent and easy to use alert service. Managed to get a Nintendo Switch quickly using this service.

Alastair Hooley 16/05/2020

Hi your help was very helpful I would recommend. 21/20

Anonymous 16/05/2020

I've been looking for a Switch since the lockdown started and I finally got one from a website I wouldn't have checked unless I'd signed up to Stock Informer! Thank you so much!

Ben A 18/05/2020

Hi guys, you got me a switch and I'm so grateful. You have a really great site run by a helpful team so keep it up. Thanks!

Alexander Phillips 19/05/2020

Great service - it was recommended to me by my daughter, and within a few days I had received accurate notification and purchased the item. I was slightly sceptical that I would get lots of unwanted mail as well but that didn’t happen and it was easy to unsubscribe once I’d found what I wanted. Would definitely use again, thanks.

Penny Arney 20/05/2020

Amazing... amazing!!! Just amazing. We had a few doubts that this could be a bogus subscription but still went ahead and trusted the service in the beginning. We had a number of notifications to no avail of what we were looking for but only within 48 hours, we got a notification with the product available for us to purchase. BOOM!!! Jackpot. We have been desperate to grab a Switch for weeks and now we have it. Thanks to you lot. Kudos to the team.

Eli Baltazar 20/05/2020

Thank you so much for your help! I was able to purchase the extremely sought out Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition, and that only thanks to Stock Informer. Excellent service! Do keep going!

Anonymous 20/05/2020

Thanks to you I managed to get myself a Nintendo switch - Animal crossing edition. I cannot thank you enough! Amazing service and helpful team - I would highly recommend that people use this service and that they also turn the audible alerts on ( I heard it from the garden!) Thanks again, from a very happy customer

Lauren 20/05/2020

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