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This site is the chef's kiss of alert sites. Silky smooth interface, quick as a rabbit and it was the catalyst for my first happy heart attack (one which called my body into action instead of, you know, killing me). If God sent a swarm of locusts to devour all stocks, I could be sure that Stock Informer would be the first to tell me when everything came back in - take that, God!

James Sinclair 02/04/2020

Great service informed me as soon as there was ps move controller stock available and managed to buy some! Thanks so much

Craig 07/04/2020

Just wanted to say thank you so much! I have been trying to buy a switch for weeks and weeks and finally got one today thanks to your website :)

Sarah 07/04/2020

Before I start I just want to say I don't usually write testimonials but I thought I would because this site is amazing! A few weeks ago I thought it was going to be impossible to order a switch but because of the very efficient alerts I was able to secure a pre-order a few days ago from Smyths (which I later cancelled) and then a confirmed order from Nintendo this morning (arriving tomorrow). A big thank you and good luck to those who are still waiting. Be patient...this site will do all the hard work for you!

Jamie 08/04/2020

A huge thank you !!! Finally ordered the Nintendo Switch for my daughter’s birthday ! I ordered straight away upon receiving your message ! Awaiting delivery !

Kirsteon Harran 08/04/2020

Can I just say that this service is fantastic and actually worked for me! I just managed to get hold of a Nintendo Switch on Very thanks to your alert. Thank you so much for something that works! So excited now! All the best Louise

Louise Moore 08/04/2020

Spot On! Thank you so much. We have been looking everywhere for a Nintendo Switch but have had no luck. Your service was excellent, received the alert, followed the link and purchased the item. Simple. Regards Mark Howes

Mark Howes 08/04/2020

Thanks to your website I have finally been able to get my hands on the new Nintendo Switch, the perfect pandemic pal! Thanks so much :D

Ellie 08/04/2020

Thank you so much for helping me find a Nintendo Switch, I have wanted one for ages after Animal Crossing New Horizons came out. I found that a few more companies were stocking them so I left your page open and was shocked to hear the siren go off that Very had them in stock. I have paid for mine and 15 minutes later they are out of stock again! Appreciate your help immensely!!

Emma 08/04/2020

I have ordered Ring Fit Adventure through Amazon France, so thanks for your alert service on your website, it worked a charm!

Dom 08/04/2020

Today is a good day, managed to check my emails at the right time to see your Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure in Stock at Amazon email of 11.31, by 11.36am I had my order confirmation email. Thank you!!

Pippa Baddeley 09/04/2020

Thank you! Got the switch ordered thanks to you! Keep safe.

Ally Robinson 09/04/2020

Need to be in the ball but great service. Managed to get Nintendo switch. Thank you

Joey 09/04/2020

Awesome service... Helped me pick up an insanely in-demand Nintendo Switch this week from Game.co.uk. it was still a bit of a nerve shredding experience, as the Game website buckled under the pressure and it took a while to get through, but I wouldn't have one on its way to me now if it wasn't for stockinformer.co.uk

Mr Matthew E Olney 09/04/2020

Got my switch from Nintendo shop after your stock alert. Thanks very much!

Ollie 09/04/2020

Was able to preorder my switch with yours guys notification thank you great service 👍🏻

Ben 09/04/2020

What a great service! I spent hours searching the web looking for a Nintendo switch, then I signed up to Stockinformer. Within 12 hours, SI had emailed me to let me know Where to find one in stock. Bought within 2 minutes of receiving the email. I will definitely continue to use this service, and I would recommend others to use it too.

Peter Ridgway 09/04/2020

Signed up today and thanks to your emails i was able to order what i have been looking for for weeks. Your emails enabled me to be quick enough to get it before it went out of stock thank you

Nicole Phillips 09/04/2020

I managed to purchase Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, which has been difficult to trace during this pandemic, thanks to this service. Will use again.

Rhys Evans 14/04/2020

Thank you - I got your email instantly (by luck) and the information was correct and I managed to purchase the console. Thanks!

Ellie 15/04/2020

Thank you!!! Helped me find stock of a Nintendo Switch in a local Argos within around a day of signing up! Super helpful. Thanks!

Roanna 15/04/2020

Thank you for helping me secure a nintendo switch for my son's birthday! I would certainly use you again and recommend.

Kirsty 16/04/2020

Thank you so much for me a Nintendo Switch, I am amazed at the service. You guys are wonderful

Ruth Brown 16/04/2020

Really great service. I’d been looking for a switch for ages with no joy. Got the idea to do this from a Facebook post. The next day got an alert and got one! Fantastic, thank you.

Lee 16/04/2020

Hi, thanks for your alerts, I got a Nintendo switch at last today!

Eloise Main 16/04/2020

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