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A Richardson A Richardson
12/12/2016 12:48:01
"Thank you!!! This worked brilliantly - received your email and have just ordered a Christmas pressie that I had lost hope of buying! "
Jessica Farmer Jessica Farmer
13/12/2016 20:16:25
"Hello, I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me find a pink hatchimal for my daughter earlier this month. After weeks of searching we managed to purchase one from Amazon Italy for the bargain price of £39, all due to Stock Informer. I honestly don't know what we would have done without your help. You've made a little girl very happy and we can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning. Keep up the excellent work and we wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year! Kind regards, Jessica Farmer"
Elaine Slaven Elaine Slaven
14/12/2016 11:32:35
"Thank you soooo much! Because of your email stock alert, I was able to purchase a Playstation VR for my son's Christmas. Fantastic! !!"
Alan Spellman Alan Spellman
15/12/2016 06:06:09
"You guys are amazing! PSVR on its way from Tesco! Thank you so much!"
Vivienne Core Vivienne Core
15/12/2016 12:21:25
"Thank you so much for the e-mail alert showing stock for the Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console. I had almost given up hope but now my son will be very happy this Christmas!"
A Couzens A Couzens
15/12/2016 15:17:11
"Brilliant service, thanks to you I was able to get that last elusive gift Thank you so very very much "
Carl Fazekas Carl Fazekas
16/12/2016 12:29:33
"Great service, got an alert and managed to place my order!"
Marie Archer Marie Archer
16/12/2016 12:54:53
"THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! I managed to order the purple draggles from Very a few minutes ago at the retail price of £59.99. Well done, and a Merry Christmas to you."
Ros Wells Ros Wells
16/12/2016 13:05:03
"Fantastic, have been signed up to a stock alert for several weeks. Today at lunchtime, the audible alert went off and I managed to buy a Nintendo Classic Mini from Nintendo UK for Christmas. It went out of stock within 15 minutes so without your alert, I would have missed it. Thanks so much, brilliant service."
Raymond Yap Raymond Yap
16/12/2016 13:26:09
"Brilliant service was waiting for stock of Nintendo mini classic console,had email from stockinformer and managed to order one on Nintendo website. "
John Maxfield John Maxfield
16/12/2016 13:26:48
"I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you guys. Thanks to your quick notification service regarding the availability of the NES Mini on the Nintendo site I have just been able to order one for my kids in time for Christmas. I had all but given up on the prospect of getting this for them! I am so grateful to you guys for the amazing service you provide. Please keep up the fantastic work. Wishing the whole team an very Merry Christmas John "
Denise Denise
16/12/2016 15:12:20
"Thank you so much for informing me regarding stock of Nintendo classic mini console, I was successful ordering it just waiting on an email with delivery date. Merry Christmas 🎅 when it comes x "
Warey77 Warey77
16/12/2016 20:36:50
"THANK YOU!!!! I have had your stock checker website open for well over a week, waiting for the promised new stock of the NES Mini Classic and today I managed to order one in time for Christmas! My heart was racing when the alarm went off. You will make a 13 year old boy very, very happy on the 25th! "
Sarah Mcgahey Sarah Mcgahey
16/12/2016 23:21:30
"Finally got a pink hatchimal from Delivered already and cheaper even with postage and packing. Would never have got it without this site, my 4 year old will be so excited on Christmas Day. Also managed to track down a build a bear stuffing station hopefully delivered on 23rd. Very impressed. Hopefully next year she asks for something easy. "
Anne Anne
17/12/2016 20:31:44
"Thank you for your quick information with an email, I managed to get my little girls xmas gift "
Lisa Lisa
18/12/2016 10:38:59
"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'd given up on getting a NES in time for Christmas. Your site is fantastic - I was so pleased and excited when I got the notification and managed to click through to the Nintendo site and order one before they went out of stock again a few minutes later! I just got an email saying it'll be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas. I definitely wouldn't have got one if it wasn't for your website - thank you! "
Michelle Michelle
19/12/2016 13:26:38
"Thank u stock in former ive just received my hatchimal one happy girl xmas day "
Dean Dean
19/12/2016 15:12:11
"I just wanted to say thanks to stock informer, my daughter will be very happy as i manage to a hatchimal which i had previously come to terms with that i wasn't going to be able to get one. Thanks"
Sarah Parkin Sarah Parkin
19/12/2016 15:27:20
"Very good service. Thanks "
Mark Mark
19/12/2016 21:30:40
"This is the best website for finding stock. I was told by Game that no PSVR's would be in stock until 2017. Amazon also have the same message. Using Stock Informer I got one for me and my brother locally from Argos with absolute ease. This would not have been possible without you. Many Thanks."
David Pulford David Pulford
20/12/2016 07:32:38
"Very good service. My daughter will be very happy on Christmas morning with her build a bear workshop."
Mrs J Bradbury Mrs J Bradbury
21/12/2016 07:46:11
"Love you guys! You helped me get hold of the Nintendo Classic Mini in time for Xmas! I'd all but given up but you saved the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Declan Quinn Declan Quinn
24/12/2016 17:58:34
"I want to thank you so much for your site,& wish you & your family a very merry Christmas & happy new year, my niece is getting a hatchimal for Christmas, you are fantastic t,y,s,m stock informer, "
Simon Simon
26/12/2016 06:49:32
"Just a quick thank you to all the staff who gave me the best Christmas in years by informing me that had stock of PSVR and also that had stock of PSmove controllers. i wouldn't have even thought of importing these products from overseas and your simple explanation and price comparison gave me the confidence to use the international method... Many many thanks and I hope your Christmas was as merry as mine.......X "
Linda Linda
27/12/2016 10:14:09
"What can I say? Fab service you provide every year. Used your site twice this year for Sega Mega Drive and Build a Bear Stuffing Station. On both occasions the alerts never came as these items sold out within minutes but I sat religiously while watching TV with your page open and managed to "catch" an update on Argos and secured a Sega Mega Drive Build a Bear Stuffing Station. Thanks again. "

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