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thanks again for helping me get another hard to get present the nintendo classic mini your site is brilliant and im recommending all my friends n family use it to get the things they want keep up the good work

Elaine Stewart 02/12/2016

Did not think I would get one of these as sold everywhere and ridiculous prices three times the cost... then I came across your website and after a week of watching managed to get one! Brilliant site highly recommended! Thank you keep up the great work

Tim 03/12/2016

I would just like to thank you for all your hard work. I got two items for Christmas from this site and will have happy people this Christmas! Great job guys

Jay 03/12/2016

Thanks for running a great and really helpful site. I managed to get what I wanted with a lot of perseverance thanks to you!

Alan Carroll 04/12/2016

Order confirmed, thank you so much!!!!

Nadine 05/12/2016

Amazing. Got a hatchimal for a niece on behalf of my dad who is sleeping as he's on nights. You've just made a kid's Christmas. She's away from her family this year as she's very unwell. Thank you very much.

Cassie Stanford 05/12/2016

Want to say a BIG thank you recieved an email about hatchimals in stock at very clicked on the link and managed to get one, so I'll have one very happy little girl on Christmas thanks again x

Sharon 05/12/2016

I managed to purchase a mini Nintendo for my son on Thursday after receiving a stock alert. Thanks a lot for this. Great help.

Diane Edwards 05/12/2016

Thankyou for providing a super service. I managed to get a Nintendo Classic Mini from Game using your website which is very clear and easy to use. I wouldn't have got hold of one without your website.

Ap1 05/12/2016

Finally managed to get a Mini NES for my boyfriend. Couldn't have done it without this site. Thanks!

Jade 05/12/2016

thankyou if it was not for this site and advice given I would never of found a hatchimal, been constantly searching now for a couple of weeks and just missed out a few times but Saturday I managed to fast track one in argos, picked up today so thankyou stock informer keep up your hard work|

Jenny 05/12/2016

thank you so much you bagged me two hatchimal now to try for a Nintendo

David Quinlan 05/12/2016

Just wanted to thank you, without your website I wouldn't have been able to find my son the My Friend Pikachu in stock! Pikachu arrived this morning!!! Thanks for the help locating him!

Sharon Rose 06/12/2016

Thanks to your site I've been able to order a Playstation VR from Amazon.es and haven't had to resort to paying an extortionate price. The instructions about signing up for the Premium trial and using Chrome to translate the site were all spot on! Thank you!!

Bill Strachan 07/12/2016

Thank you so much! I now will have one happy little girl christmas day, brillant web site !!

Kelly 07/12/2016

Thank you .just purchased ps 4 vr from tesco direct collect tommorow .at my nearest store .thanks for your help

Sue 08/12/2016

Just to say thanks so much for your wonderful site and service. I have just managed to purchase the PlayStation VR, seeing on your site first it was available and also receiving the notification email. It's saved me such a headache repeatedly searching between now and Christmas to get this which I had my heart set on for a present and is sold out everywhere. Thank You guys!!

Maxine 08/12/2016

amazing service - thank you !

Corinne Panton-Reynolds 08/12/2016

Your site works great and is very accurate. Thanks!

Rj 08/12/2016

Got speak out from Tesco the last time u notified me thank u also got 4 hatchimals from smyths on pre order thanks to ur help great service thank u so much x

Jean Mcmanus 08/12/2016

I've been looking for the last month for PlayStation move controller. I did end up ordering one but delivery was after Christmas,as this was a Xmas present that wasn't good. I joined stock informer and they alerted me when it was available. I ordered one and I can pick it up in a couple of days. So thank you all for your work,I can guarantee some lad is going to have a very happy Christmas!!

Denise 09/12/2016

Ledge site! Managed to get myself and my brother a mini NES early last week from Tesco. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks. 👊

Gary Smith 10/12/2016

Was beginning to think my daughter wasn't going to get her top toy. As soon as I received the email from stock informer got straight onto argos website and made a reservation. Thanks again took the pain out the constant searching

Jay 11/12/2016

Just a HUGE thabk you. This amazing site, and a fair amount of checking it at work, allowed me to secure a Mini NES for Christmas!

Adam K 11/12/2016

Great service and got product I needed thanks

Angela Warren 12/12/2016

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