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Hi I would just like to say thank you for your fantastic website. Thanks to you I have managed to purchase a hatchimal for my Son for Christmas. I spent yesterday watching your advice on argos stock and it paid off as we managed to get one at the Gateshead branch. My Son is 4 and it's top of his Christmas list this year so thank you very much, your website is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Alison

Alison Charlton 01/11/2016

Many thanks for the email just managed to order hatchimals from toy's R us. My son is so so so happy. Thank you

Ann Sprules 01/11/2016

Thanks or your advice just got a green one through toys r us gift list !

Emma 02/11/2016

Thank you so much! Thanks to the audio alert, I just got a PINK hatchimal from Tesco Direct. I'm so pleased, I've been trying to get one since they first appeared. This is the first day I've had Stock Informer running in the background while I worked and it was so easy. Thanks a million, once again

Fiona 02/11/2016

Fantastic site, I was worried I'd not be able to get hold of a hatchimal (teal) but the info you provided - the Toys R Us gift list is so accurate, detailed and up to date it made it relatively easy. Thank you

Ali 02/11/2016

Thank you! Pink hatchimal ordered from Tesco Direct. I used your site years ago when it was zhu zhu hamsters that were in demand, so I knew where to come first!

Emma 02/11/2016

Was able to buy a Hatchimal for my niece thanks to your audible alerts. She will be one happy little girl come Christmas morning. I will deffo use this site again and will let people know about it. Thanks!

Gill 02/11/2016

Managed to get my son the only thing on his Christmas list tanks to your site. Was over the moon when I was finally able to reserve a hatchimal on Sunday locally and even got a £5 voucher back for spending over £50. I'm so glad I haven't had to fork out £140 on eBay. Thank you so much.

Clare 02/11/2016

Had been looking for this particular game which was sold out everywhere. Used your services and managed to buy item on first day new stocks arrived. Great service thank you and have no problem in recommending you. Thanks again Regards

Terry Musk 02/11/2016

I seriously can't thank you enough. Just had my despatch note from toys r us about the hatchimal that you managed to help me get with your advice on using the gift list. I'm going to have a very happy step daughter at Xmas now. Thank you soooooooooooooo much Laura 😀

Laura Kennaugh 02/11/2016

Thankyou so much stock informer! Been checking your site since early october but never been lucky enough to get my hands on one before theyre all gone. However clicked on yesterday and managed to get the pink one from tesco. Picked it up today and even the staff couldnt believe it! Thankyou so much im going to have one very happy girl on christmas day and a stress free mum! Will be sure to recommend your site to family and friends.

Lisa 03/11/2016

Thanks - got two from checking your site and using the links. You have to be quick they can be sold out before you check out.

Veronica 04/11/2016

Hi I just wanted so say a huge thank you for your website. After phoning around at least 20 stores I was beginning to think I would have a very disapointed little girl come xmas day. As a mum I felt I would have failed to keep the santa magic alive. But after finding your website I now have a hatchimal for her, and it is the pink one she wants. Thank you for making xmas magic xxx

Steph 05/11/2016

Dont know what I would have done without stock informer. Use where a great help. Thanks

Donna 07/11/2016

Hi stock informer I think you do an amazing job I've managed to get the hatchimals my kids want for Christmas I am over the moon wouldn't of been able to do it without you!

Angela 07/11/2016

Thankyou so much I've managed to get my little girl her hatchimals even one she wanted pink . If it wasn't for you I def wouldn't have got One Many thanks Xxx

Charlene Garnham 07/11/2016

Thank you so much, I managed to get my daughter a hatchimal with your help!! I have recommended this site to lots of people

Michelle 07/11/2016

Brilliant service

Jemma Brind 10/11/2016

Thank you so much, I will have 2 very happy children on Christmas day. 2 Hatchimals, the colours they wanted. I have also been able to get them for friends too. In total have managed to make 9 children happy!!!! Great site, thank you so much.

Kelly 10/11/2016

Very good service

Jim Harrison 10/11/2016

Thank you for your stock checker on the Hatchimals. I have managed to get 3 for my children from Amazon France for only £10 each more than the uk RRP including postage. THANK YOU

Zara Roberts 10/11/2016

Thank you so much for helping me find a Hatchimal. If it weren't for your website giving immediate updates on new stock alert I don't know how I would've been able to be successful in getting one. Thank you so much. I will have one happy daughter on Christmas morning!

Tracey Finnigan 11/11/2016

Thanks so much for your stock alerts hopefully I now receive my hatchimals from tesco and have a very happy girl on Xmas day Xx

Alison King 14/11/2016

Thank u so much managed to get one through tesco so happy xx

Steph 14/11/2016

Brilliant!!! got your email and got onto tesco website right away,managed to get the hatchimal green egg i was looking for and i pick it up tomorrow. thank you

Marie Thomson 14/11/2016

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