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Joanne Joanne
01/12/2015 13:17:42
"I just wanted to say a massive thank you! Your website has literally saved my arse! In particular the stock alerts for my local Argos stores. I only registered with you at the weekend and less than 24 hours later, in the early hours, I received a notification of stock, which I immediately reserved. Collected this morning, I can now relax! Brilliant!"
Joanne Joanne
02/12/2015 16:34:34
"Absolutely fantastic well done for an excellent site. Just collected my Xbox one elite controller from Argos so very very happy. Cheers guys"
Hils Hils
02/12/2015 19:31:10
"Can't thank you enough stock alert for paw patroller means that my grandson will have best Xmas was only present he'd asked for I can't wait to see his face on Xmas day. Thank you so much x"
Brad Brad
03/12/2015 09:50:47
"Hi there, I'd just like to say thank you so much for creating this website and offering the service free of charge. I have been desperately trying to get the Xbox One Elite Controller when I came across your site. The stock history tool was super useful, once the item started getting restocked I noticed straight away that it was selling out within a minute. So I set up a stock alert and managed to grab one from Amazon thanks to my phone going off, otherwise I would have had to sit on the Amazon page pressing F5 for God knows how long. So again, one big thank you, its gonna make my Christmas!"
Brad Brad
03/12/2015 09:52:45
"Thanks to this fantastic site, I managed to purchase the Xbox One Elite Controller which I have desperately wanted for Christmas. If I hadn't set up a stock alert and kept track of stock times, it would have been impossible, it was selling out online within 60 seconds of a restock!!"
Jo Jo
04/12/2015 14:12:36
"love this site got my 13yr old the xbox elite controller. I will have a very happy boy on xmas morning .these are like gold dust trying to get one but thanks to this website i got alerts as soon as any was in stock xx"
Shelley Shelley
04/12/2015 20:41:16
"Hi just to say thankyou for keeping me updated with stores stocking the item I wanted, eventually got a paw patroller so huge thanks"
Amanda Amanda
04/12/2015 23:57:03
"Thank you so much. Have been trying to find Beatbo for my niece for weeks. Without Stock Informer, I would still be looking. You made a frantic auntie and an indifferent wee girl very happy! "
Shona Monahan Shona Monahan
05/12/2015 03:10:04
"You have made a little bit very happy! Now just to get the lookout play set x"
Patricia Swire Patricia Swire
05/12/2015 06:33:07
"Thanks a million for your email, reporting stock of the Fisher Price beatbo in ELC. I ordered one right away, and am now awaiting delivery. Your service is excellent, A+++, ad infinitum, and I now will have one very happy little grandson on Christmas morning. I can't thank you enough. One very happy Grandmother Paddy Swire"
Claudia Claudia
05/12/2015 06:54:07
"I've trying to get the fisher price beat bo for weeks and that's to your site I have finally found one ,I'm over the moon ,great stuff stock informer "
Susan Reeves Susan Reeves
05/12/2015 07:10:26
"Received email at 5.47am by 6.10am had reserved and paid for Fisher Price BeatBo. Brilliant service has saved me hours of trawling the net and I probably would have missed this stock. I will recommend Stock informer and use in future to save time."
Sarah Fairservice Sarah Fairservice
05/12/2015 08:44:31
"I Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. I have been trying for weeks to get my son a Paw Patrol Paw Patroller and thanks to you I have succeeded!!! I was able to find an Argos store that I wouldn't have dreamed of checking the stock at and order the toy. My son will be over the moon on Christmas morning and it is all thanks to you!!! Keep up the good work."
Carrie Carrie
09/12/2015 07:52:30
"Without stock informer I wouldn't have been able to get the items I needed for my 3yr old. With the sites help I've got all three things he wants from Santa 😊 Thank you ! "
Rachel Rachel
09/12/2015 10:16:39
"Finally got one of the unicorns thanks to your website letting me know who had it in stock as soon as it came in. Thank you!!"
Lorna Mcfadyen Lorna Mcfadyen
09/12/2015 22:46:40
"Thank you so much for helping me source this for my daughters Christmas! Would have been impossible without your stock checker. "
Ineeze Ladyka Ineeze Ladyka
10/12/2015 11:02:56
"Stock Informer! You rock! Never used your service before but I will highly recommend you! Got an email to inform of stock and was lucky to order. Thanks for helping me with my santa duties! Merry Christmas!"
Catherine Catherine
10/12/2015 16:30:56
"Fab, loads of contacts for tracking down the dastardly elusive Pie Face Game. Was planning various missions to farflung parts each time a new location mentioned But always "out of stock". Until the magic window this week, perfect timing, now secured & wrapped for lucky grandson! Brilliant service. Well Done & thank you."
10/12/2015 22:53:49
"Fantastic! You sent me an alert which was accurate for amazon this evening. Unfortunately, I've got to be honest I caved in yesterday and bought one from Germany-I checked with Hasbro and the Starlily's are all exactly the same. I was worried that I wouldn't get one but if I'd stuck with it I would have got one this evening with your email alert. Thanks"
Anita Anita
11/12/2015 22:39:15
"Thank u so much 4 this service!!!!! Ur amazing, don't know how u manage it but ur going to help make sure Santa delivers what he's been asked 4! Just managed to get Pie Face, can't thank u enough!! #stillbelieve"
Chris Kingswell Chris Kingswell
12/12/2015 08:13:49
"Would definitely use again, received stock alerts for an Xbox elite controller that was difficult to find and had one purchased within 24 hours. Thoroughly recommend site. Thank you"
Lee Lee
12/12/2015 16:34:53
"Thanks to your info I have managed to get my little boy the illusive xbox elite controller at a good price thank you so much,I'm going to have a very happy boy on Xmas day."
Kathryn Stewart Kathryn Stewart
16/12/2015 13:26:27
"Thankyou so much! Great site, very useful. We were successful in getting this for our little girl for Christmas at a sensible Argos price not a ridiculous eBay price! "
Naomi Naomi
16/12/2015 18:50:04
"Thanks to this website I will now have a happy 2 year old on Christmas Day after managing to reserve and collect a foam factory at Argos. Thanks"
Richard Turton Richard Turton
16/12/2015 22:54:09
"Just wanted to say thanks to your fantastic website I've been able to keep an eye out for stock of this item and have now reserved one for collection from an Argos store which I'd have never have known had one as they are some distance from where I live. Much appreciated service of yours has enabled me to get the present my daughter wanted for Christmas."

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