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Thank you so much. Thought I was never going to get a Lucy the Dog for my little girl's Xmas and thanks to you I managed to order one in a really small window of opportunity. So thrilled - thanks again.

Kelly Laskiewicz 10/12/2013

You're a life saver. Having searched endlessly for hours upon end, I registered my details with you in the hope that you could help. I'm so impressed. I got an alert this morning at 5.05am, and rushed downstairs to order the Xbox One Console from John Lewis. They had various package options available. My son will be so surprised on Christmas morning! I'm picking it up tomorrow. Thank you so much for this wonderful service you provide. Will definitely use you again.

Z Patel 10/12/2013

Fantastic Service, worked a treat in helping me get an Xbox One from John Lewis.

Tony N 10/12/2013

Thank you for all the updates I have secured the x box one from john lewis the site is to be commended. Thank you

Brenda Monaghan 10/12/2013

Thanks guys! I managed to get the killzone mega bundle from Game thanks to you. According to the store they weren't getting any more in this side of Christmas. I had even preordered a console, but ther no bundles available! Thanks once again!

David Roberts 10/12/2013

Many, many thanks to you for helping me get an xbox one after I have spent many days trawling the net. My son will be a very happy boy on Christmas Day. I will definately use you again and recommend you to my friends! Merry Xmas

Julie Hickman 11/12/2013

Read other testimonials about stock location and availability for PS4 and was not convinced it worked,so I registered to advise me when the PS4s were available either online or in a store close to me.Monday morning I had an email to say there were available through Asda much to my surprise it was ordered and delivered to my local Asda 48hrs later!!!! One happy customer and hopefully one happy son on Xmas day!

Justine Evans 11/12/2013

Thank you so much Stock Informer. Having not preordered a PS4, I doubted very much I'd be able to get one this side of Christmas. Thanks to Stock Informer, I almost bagged one from Asda, but they later advised they were out of stock! A few days later my continued persistence paid off and I grabbed one from Game yesterday, which has been delivered this afternoon. I've tested it to make sure it works as I heard that some have shipped as bricks, and all fine... now it has to go back in its box as my Christmas pressie to myself - willpower required!! So I thank the lovely people behind this site, for making the impossible, possible. I never dreamed I'd have a PS4 before Christmas, and I'd never have got one without stock informer.co.uk Cheers, and Merry Christmas :-)

Peter Benson 12/12/2013

thanks to you I finally got my xbox one today so pleased will have a very happy boy on Christmas day

Nichola Craig 12/12/2013

Just like to say thank you. Just picked up a Lucy the Dog thanks to your website.

Helen 13/12/2013

Great service, managed to order an Xbox one through PC World and it's just arrived! :)

Andy Simms 13/12/2013

Thank you so much. One of the best websites there is. I would not have been able to purchase my PS4 as a Santa present without your help. I know there are many people like me. Thank you... thank you ... thank you!!

Hazel Deans 13/12/2013

Fantastic service helped me get a much needed gift or my niece which has been out if stock across the whole country!! Saved me constantly having to check everywhere and made it so easy!!!

Louise 13/12/2013

Thanks for helping me get a PS4, there's no way I'd have got it otherwise.

Jon Handlovics 13/12/2013

Excellent service, got exactly what I wanted from stock informer sending me an email that amazon had what I wanted. Brilliant !!

Cara 13/12/2013

thank you so much for helping me find lucy the dog for my daughter for christmas.

Lee Martinali 13/12/2013

Thank you ever so much.I managed to purchase a lucy dog last night from white rose argos and its entirely because of your sight.I'm so incredibly thankful as been trying to get one for weeks. My daughter will be thrilled.Thank you for making her Christmas.

Lisa Jane Marshall 13/12/2013

Excellent service

Peter Dawson 14/12/2013

Thank you so much. Stock informer has enabled santa to bring a ps4 as requested!

Paul 14/12/2013

Thank you for stock update on ps4. Now got one for Christmas present. Great website. Will definitely use again. Cheers.

Liz Allen 14/12/2013

I've only just received this email regarding the ps4 in stock at Tescos, however I just on the off chance checked ure website around 7:45 to find tescos had them in stock, thanks to this website I now have a ps4 on the way before xmas, brilliant site thankyou very much , :) :) :)

Wez 14/12/2013

Hi I had to let u know that it was fantastic getting a message from u early today, so I could finally get a PS4! Thank u!!!

Michelle Silver 14/12/2013

Brilliant service. Many thanks

Ddsw 14/12/2013

Thanks to Stock Informer I purchased a PS4 this week which I would never have got before Christmas without your help. This is a really great service which I have already told people about.Keep up the good work. THANK YOU.

Deb66 14/12/2013

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get a playstation 4 for my sons Xmas present without any luck. I joined your website a few days ago and this morning had an email from you that there was stock in Tesco. I followed the link through to Tesco and successfully purchased a Playstation 4. Thanks for helping make my son a happy boy in Xmas day.

Lesley 14/12/2013

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