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I have now got an xbox series X so can you take me off the email subscription list please, I would like to thank you for your help in finding me an xboxM2B

Jason Degroot 01/03/2022

Dear SI Thank you for your great website and service! Your service has allowed me to obtain an XBox X and a wireless controller over the last 12 months - both items would have been very difficult to locate otherwise. Thanks again. Regards Andrew Edinburgh

Andrew Feltoe 27/01/2022

Thank you so much Stock Informer, you have alerted me through Discord once the Xbox Series X was back in stock, and I rushed to buy it and it arrived! All because of your help. Again, thank you so much!

Micxster 06/01/2022

Thank you so much guys, your notifications got me in the queue for a series X and it's arrived in time for Christmas. Actually didn't believe that I'd manage to get one, and I wouldn't have if I hadn't found you. You're actually amazing!!

Carl Medlin 24/12/2021

A million thanks to you. Found an XBOX Series X on Microsoft online store yesterday after clicking on the link you sent. Order placed and it is getting delivered tomorrow - in time for Christmas. My children are going to be over the moon. All because of your service. Thanks a million.

Venu Vedam 22/12/2021

Fantastic service. Got my xbox this way.

Quddus Rahman 21/12/2021

Hello - I wanted to thank you for your service - I just succeeded in buying one of those Xbox series x consoles that are as rare as hens teeth, all due to your service! I’d missed out by minutes on the Amazon notification a couple of days ago (they’d sold out within 20 mins!) but picked one up from Argus today on your guidance. Thanks, I’m very impressed!

Gareth 17/12/2021

Hi guys. Brilliant system. Managed to get an Xbox for my son within 8 hours of joining. Amazing. Thanks so much.

Andy Lang 14/12/2021

Thanks Guys! Got an email saying Xbox series X stock in very, I follow the link and in 5 mins I had an Xbox ordered, really good service and handy at keeping back the scalpers!

Jake Dodds 14/12/2021

I have been trying to buy X-Box X Series for 21 months and you gave made my Christmas! I received email advising Argos had stock and I was lucky enough to buy one. To be honest was sceptical regarding your service but DELIGHTED to be proved wrong. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU

Lorraine 13/12/2021

Just want to say big thank you for being there and saving my bacon. Getting the Series X today after seeing one of your notifications the other day and was able to yet it very quickly. Highly recommend this site as it saves you hours 9f scouring web sites trying to search for products when they come up on here moments after release. Thanks again

Ashworth Burn 09/12/2021

I ordered the Xbox series x from Very on the 9th of November and it arrived yesterday on the 8th of December, 10 days earlier than expected. I would never have gotten it without you guys so thank you so much!

Jenny 09/12/2021

Thank you so much for helping me find the xbox product and alerting me in plenty of time to purchase one on which I gladly say I now have you was quick amd very efficient and sue to your quick timing you have now made my son have a happy Xmas amd again thank you such for your help

Tracy Toms 08/12/2021

Brilliant and fast at notification managed to get item (xbox x ) definitely sign up for elerts , thankyou

Pauline Dawson 07/12/2021

Used you last year for an xbox series s and thank you again as i have managed to get the xbox series x this year, I would recommend to anyone there is no way I would have got these items without your help.

Linda 01/12/2021

Got your stock alert and was able to source a Series X through Very. Thanks

Richard James Crane 01/12/2021

Amazing service, helped me to cop an Xbox Series X after wanting one for ages

Joe Housham 01/12/2021

Just got the Forza bundle on Argos. Thank you!!!

Rob Reynolds 01/12/2021

After many failed attempts at trying to bag a Series X, I finally succeeded this morning. Huge thanks on providing a great service !

Andy 09/11/2021

I found that your service given excellent. I went to curry's as was stated and ordered the item. within minutes I recieved notification that the item was being prepared. today 30/10/21 i received a message from curry's that the item was being dispatched and would be delivered on monday 1st Nov 2021. Thank you for your prompt service I will definately used you again.

David Wrightson 30/10/2021

Massive thank you Stock Informer had a alert tonight stock in argos ordered and paid for one collect Tuesday 26th October my grandson will be so.pleased I'm delighted thank you

Olwen 21/10/2021

Thank you so so very much, been chasing a series X for weeks. 3 days with your help I've got one, very happy grandson Xmas morning, excellent service would award 10 star's never mind 5. thanks again

Mark Tomkins 21/10/2021

Amazing thank you I got the Xbox series x and I wouldn’t have without you

Maxine Pepper 19/10/2021

Worked perfectly to get my son an Xbox X. thanks

D.Rowley 19/10/2021

Thank you, fantastic awesome and amazing! Signed up and within a few days received a notification from you guys via telegram saying Smyths had series x in stock and I managed to order! Thank you 😊

Geoff 15/10/2021

Hi. I just managed to get x series in my basket on Monday 20th after your alert, arrived last night 21st and Im set up to game. Big Big THANK YOU. Ian

I Edwards 22/09/2021

Fantastic company and very reliable and accurate. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for top of the range consoles. I give the company 5 *******

Paul Hincks 20/09/2021

Hi there, Just want to say a big thanks for providing such a good service to the public in these hard times, if it wasn’t for companies like you, then getting high demand items would be close to impossible! Amazing job guys!!!

Simon Wauchope 10/09/2021

Wanted an xbox series one for some time but the stock shortages had made it impossible. Was monitoring main retailers websites but was never lucky enough to be on when stock landed. Signed up to the stock informer telegram service and a few weeks later got an update that amazon had stock. Immediately clicked the link and bought the console. It arrived the next day. Great service. I genuinely think the only people getting xbox series x are those signed up to these alerts or scalpers with bots. Cheers for the free service.

Sean 10/09/2021

Just ordered Xbox Series X from Currys this morning. Been using stock informer for a few months now, and while the notifications are reliable, I've been unlucky on a few occasions. Finally got one though so thank you so, so much. Dom

Dom Richardson 07/09/2021

Great service, works exactly as it should. Just bought a Series X from Currys, which was in stock for 1min, thanks to this site.

Ashley Karunaratne 07/09/2021

Brilliant, helped me get both a Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5. Thanks

Alan 28/07/2021

Ordered from Very after receiving your notification, one happy daughter!

Dale 20/07/2021

Ordered xbox series x from Very thanks to you,cheers

Frank Mckenzie 23/06/2021

Thank you very much for your service . Managed to get an X Box from Curry’s after your alert.

Julie Collins 23/06/2021

Thanks for a brilliant service, I managed to buy an Xbox series X before my sons 18th birthday because of your email alerts 😃😃. Just waiting for an elusive PS5 now

Steve Fisher 22/06/2021

Only started using stockinformer on Saturday 19th, after constantly missing stock drops by only minutes, I woke up to a 10min old email on the 22nd, hopped straight on amazon and placed my order. I would have been incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon the opportunity without the email notification.

Ryan 22/06/2021

Just to let you know the service was great. Got a notification Currys had stock of the XBox Series X, even though their website was not showing any. Followed the link in your text, ordered, paid, delivered next day. Brilliant.

Steve Smith 18/06/2021

Very Good Service. But as you know its first come first served. Finally got my XBOX at the right price too. Thank you

Mr Tovey 18/06/2021

Brilliant! I was after an xbox x for my son for months with no luck, heard about this and signed up. I got a few emails but always saw them too late so saved as VIP in my hotmail then when i got an email I went straight into it and took me to Currys where there were a few in stock and got one straight away! So happy! Wish i had found this earlier! Would have saved hours of scrolling ! Thank you!!!!

Kerry Cook 18/06/2021

Thanks, I managed to get an Xbox series X console by using your website !!!! I will no longer need emails from you guys, but a BIG THANKYOU !!

Ian Walker 17/06/2021

Within 4 days of signing up i had an Xbox Series X bought and delivered. Great service

Stevie 15/06/2021

Just want to say thank you for helping us all out, you guys are awesome 👊🏻💪🏼

Adam 15/06/2021

Thank you for informing me when xbox series x console stock becomes available.I have now managed to get one from Microsoft, after trying for 7 months. Great service!

Karen Pearce 11/06/2021

Great service. Without you guys, who knows when I'd get my hands on a Series X.

Danny Wray 11/06/2021

Great idea to stop having to check for stock all the time. I was able to finally purchase an XBox Series X after months of waiting. This service saved me loads of time and effort!

Paul Skinner 09/06/2021

Thank you for helping me to get my Grandson his Xbox. Your site is brilliant.

Peter Leighton 02/06/2021

Thank you so much. Thanks to your emails, I finally managed to get an XBox Series X console yesterday from Curries. I got the email at 07.13 on the 20th May, but didn't see it until 08.35 so felt sure the stock would have gone. However I still tried anyway and we received the console today! One happy 13 year old at home today! I would advise anyone to persevere! Thank you all.

Lisa Penny 21/05/2021

Received your notification today re curry’s stock. Was successful hooray, one happy grandson

Laurence Pattinson 20/05/2021

Thanks to this site I got myself and my son one

Joe 20/05/2021
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