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Your service is great your email advising me of availability of the item within a couple of days and the vender is delivering it tomorrow. The same time as eBay emailed me that sales of the same item were ending shortly but the price was much more. Well done.

Mike Tindall 16/07/2020

Amazing. I was able to purchase Ring Fit Adventure within minutes of Very getting it back in stock. What a good service 10/10!

Jason De Vine 16/07/2020

Excellent service. I had been after Nintendo ring fit adventure for some time without having to pay rip off prices on amazon and eBay. Thanks to stock informer it should be delivered soon from Very for the regular retail price.

Dennis Mcgrath 02/06/2020

I have to admit I was suspicious of this service as it seemed too good to be true, but it works and I've now got Ring Fit Adventure thanks to you.

Tim 13/05/2020

Only 2 Days after registering, managed to get from Amazon after email from you. Many thanks.

Jc 17/04/2020

Helped me buy ring fit 2 days after signing up, very thankful!!

Mason King 17/04/2020

I am so amazed. Been looking for this item for weeks and it’s been out of stock everywhere, but the day after I sign up to your website I managed to buy one. Many many many many thanks!! 10/10 for your service!

Holly 16/04/2020

I managed to purchase Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, which has been difficult to trace during this pandemic, thanks to this service. Will use again.

Rhys Evans 14/04/2020

Today is a good day, managed to check my emails at the right time to see your Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure in Stock at Amazon email of 11.31, by 11.36am I had my order confirmation email. Thank you!!

Pippa Baddeley 09/04/2020

I have ordered Ring Fit Adventure through Amazon France, so thanks for your alert service on your website, it worked a charm!

Dom 08/04/2020

This site is the chef's kiss of alert sites. Silky smooth interface, quick as a rabbit and it was the catalyst for my first happy heart attack (one which called my body into action instead of, you know, killing me). If God sent a swarm of locusts to devour all stocks, I could be sure that Stock Informer would be the first to tell me when everything came back in - take that, God!

James Sinclair 02/04/2020

Email helped me purchase a product I have been trying to get for a while. Would use this website again, thank you.

Kyle Hadrill 01/04/2020

Amazing worked really well!!!

Rhea Sahib 01/04/2020

Thanks to this I managed to get a order in for Ring Fit Adventure. Thanks

Marissa 15/03/2020
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