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Thank you sooo much! Managed to place an order for ps5 console and some accesories on Very this morning! Thanks for the alert! Super excited as its a bday gift for someone! Thanks, Salma

Salma 20/04/2022

Great service…would def recommend to others..thanks for your help..keep up the great work.

Nicole 12/04/2022

Hi Stock Informers, Thank you so much for helping me get hold of a PS5 so quickly! I only signed up last week and I now have a new PS5 for my son, delivered this morning from Currys! Just a note, the Currys site didn't seem to have the button to add to basket and only when I compared 2 bundles did it let me add the items to my basket, which is maybe why the stock didn't sell out too quickly. Thanks, Raj

Raj 31/01/2022

After a lot a disappointments in trying to find a PlayStation 5, I got one through Stock Informer within 3 weeks. So we'll done, I would throughly recommend anyone else to use your excellent service

Paul Dyson 08/01/2022

I would like to commend Stock Informer for there amazing service. My children's mother is dying from cancer and they both are very sad. A PS 5 is not going to solve all of our problems but it did make both kids very happy and they for s brief moment thought Dad was the greatest man alive for there Christmas present. As much as I took the praise I can only say Stock Informer you made two children happy this christmas.

Jamie Mccarthy 06/01/2022

Amazing! Woke up early, had an email regarding PS5 in stock, clicked on links and bought delivered and now wrapped! It was a good price as well non of these astronomical markups. I will have a very happy boy this Christmas Thank you

Laura 23/12/2021

Thank you so much!!! P S 5 bought, wrapped and ready to make a 26 year old son very happy this Christmas!!! You are amazing!

Nikki 22/12/2021

Just bought my ps5 from Amazon, best price, thanks for the service guys hope it pays well.

Dale Edwards 15/12/2021

Your alerts helped me get a ps5 at ShopTo. Definitely wouldn't have known if it weren't for your work. Thanks very much.

Joseph Morrin 14/12/2021

Very very good service once I signed up I had a PlayStation 5 within a day will be recommending to use this service Thanks Ben

Ben 13/12/2021

My kids aren't getting alot but theyve got a ps5 thanks to you. One sincerely grateful mum 😁

Carol Lewis 08/12/2021

Thanks to stockinformer I got my ps5 many thanks

Jonathan Glendenning 07/12/2021

Fantastic service, was finally able to grab a PS5 thanks to the alerts! Thank you :)

Rebecca Grant 07/12/2021

Stock informer was excellent, managed to get one from Argos which sadly had to go back as kept crashing! Persevered and got one from BT which works perfectly. So the system works just need to be patient. Thank you

Mrs Sandra Wagner 06/12/2021

Helped me get a ps5 with shopto. Many thanks

Darryl Green 06/12/2021

Thank you so much I got one of direct playstation today ..... So happy my kids will be so happy this Christmas ... All thanks to you for the telegraph you sent me . Forever grateful .

Dawn Scott 22/11/2021

Excellent! Thanks to your alerts I managed to buy a PS5 for my son for Christmas! Thank you

Sara 22/11/2021

Brilliant service! Got email to tell me Amazon Prime had stock. 5 mins later it was purchased! Couldn't be happier!

Selina Beasley 22/11/2021

Thank you so much Stock Informer!I had managed to buy one PS5 for me and one for my son with your help.You are awesome!

Octavian 18/11/2021

Brilliant. Found me a ps5 in a couple of days

Neil Parkin 17/11/2021

Thanks for your help. I've been trying to get my hands on a PS5 for my wife's birthday and was beginning to think I'd have to get her something else. Every time I heard there was stock available somewhere it was sold out by the time I got there. With the alert about Very having stock I was able to get in quick and by one. Thanks Again Andy

Andrew Porter 10/11/2021

THANKS A MILLION - without the site I wouldnt of got a ps5 for my sons christmas gift

Elaine Rooney 10/11/2021

Brilliant service! Managed to get a PS5 yesterday as a result of the emails. It has taken 6 or 7 attempts following several emails - but I wouldn’t even have been aware of the availability if not for stockinformer. There is no way I would have got a PS5 for Christmas without you.

Neil Lees 10/11/2021

Thank you for your help

Steve Green 09/11/2021

Thank you have now managed to obtain a PS5 for my son-in-laws birthday.

Stephen Armstrong 09/11/2021

I am certain that there is no way, barring incredible luck or succumbing to scammers, that I would have been able to get a ps5 without this service. Brilliant stuff.

Ben Moore 09/11/2021

Had a nail biting wait as shops site got swamped, but then I was in and secured my PS5 disc with extras. I wish I had done this in November 2020 and saved myself a year of waiting and missed chances. Stock informer is the way for me from now on. Thanks guys.

David Martin 09/11/2021

Just to say thank you for your brilliant service. Managed to get my ps5 from argos after your email this morning. Thank you so much for your help. Paul Gann

Paul Gann 27/10/2021

Thank you Stock Informer, I've managed to get a ps5 for my husband's 40th. We've been trying to get our hands on one since last November without joy. First email from you and I managed to get one! Thanks so much. My husband, who doesn't know I've got one, will be thrilled.

Nataloe 27/10/2021

Thanks to this website I was able to get a PlayStation 5 after only 1 week of trying as work allowed, Thanks!

James 25/10/2021

Brilliant service! I was helped 3 times before I was successful in buying a PS5 from Game. Thank you Stock Informer my son is one happy boy!!

Simone 20/10/2021

Brilliant service, I only just started using your service and have managed to buy a ps5 after a year of trying hard to get one. Thank you 😊

Nicci 20/10/2021

Think this is a great idea to let us know who’s got stock and that thank you so much my son now as a PS5 for Xmas thanks to u guys for giving me the heads up ye brilliant keep goin Mrs j Trelfa. PS HAPPY NEW YEAR 🤣🤣👍

Mrs J Trelfa 20/10/2021

Fantastic up to date search results- eased the pressure of looking on loads of different sites and helped me secure a PS5 for Christmas 2021! Cannot recommend enough... and eased the worry of 🎅🏻 Not delivering!! Thank you 🙏

Lauren 19/10/2021

Only a couple of days after signing up on your webpage and setting the stock alerts to audible I have ordered and paid for a PS5 plus extra controller through Very with delivery due in just a few days. Thank you very much!

D.Clisham 19/10/2021

Great service ps5 ordered today from Amazon thank you top job 👍👍👍

Chris Horsley 29/09/2021

I just wanted to say thank you as I received notification that PS5's were in stock with Amazon. I jumped online straight away after receiving your notification and managed to get one.

Kasheena 24/09/2021

Wouldn't have been able to get one without your help. Was let down so many times by other websites but managed to get one of amazon this morning thanks to you

Macdara 22/09/2021

Been looking for a ps5 since release , signed up for alerts and was sent an alert within a few days , straight to the website and managed to buy .. great easy link and defo helped to be the first in the queue.

Simon Probyn 14/09/2021

Excellent service, pinged me quickly when stock appeared and I was able to get the item I'd long been searching for.

Mark Hoyle 14/09/2021

Got an order in with very this morning thanks for the update

Bill 14/09/2021

Thank you for your help, managed to get a ps5 this morning with Very

Daniel Ducasse 14/09/2021

Excellent service. Recieved my Ps5 from Very quickly. Thank you. D

John Armstrong 14/09/2021

Thanks to Stock Informer I have been able to purchase a PS5 for my Grandsons Xmas present

Alan Parkin 13/09/2021

Brilliant service

Daren 13/09/2021

Thank you very much I have managed to pre order a ps5 from very after receiving an email from you u. Hopefully will have a happy boy this Christmas.👍

Samantha Waller 25/08/2021

Received an email from you yesterday informing me that very had stock. I’ve been trying since release day to get my two sons and my ps5. And because of your email I have been able to secure all three. Thank you all very much, really happy with your service

Greg Mitchell 25/08/2021

Great service. I had been trying to get the ps5 console for months. I joined you a day or two ago and I was alerted today. My ps5 will be with me on the 10th September 2021. Thank you!

Sheila St Catherine 24/08/2021

You legends. Just managed to bag myself a PS5 on today's Very drop. Been waiting for so long, thanks a lot! :)

Louis 24/08/2021

Thank you . Finally got a ps5. Don't think I'd have got one without you. Been trying for ages before I used your service . Brilliant thank you w

Anthony Mahon 24/08/2021
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