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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thanks to your website I was able to get a PS5 for my nephew's Christmas! (From Santa of course!) It only took a few days of having your site open in the background and sure enough the alarm went off when John Lewis and I was able to order in the 4 minutes they had the stock! So, from somebody who rarely give feedback of any kind - Thank you!!

Samantha Morgan 03/08/2021

Hi, after weeks and weeks of trying I managed to get a PS5 from Amazon after getting a notification from you. Great service and much appreciated.

Simon Burrell 29/07/2021

Hi Cannot thank you enough! My son is a huge gamer and is autistic. We were disappointed to not deliver a PS5 sooner and am so impressed with your alerts! Today we bagged our PS5! The Amazon site wouldn't load it but had success through the amazon smile site. (Another tip I was given). Thanks again, keep up the great work 👍

Shani Reber 28/07/2021

I had all but forgotten about getting e-mail alerts from Stock Informer having signed up some time ago. I'd chosen to only receive confirmed re-stocks, and only by e-mail, so very rarely got an alert in any case. This morning, one came in, and I followed the link and bought a PS5 - simple as that. It was a very stress free way of making the purchase!

Richard 20/07/2021

My Grandson just sprung his request for a Playstation 5 Console for Christmas 2021 on me last week. I was absolutely dreading the hunt for one as my son-in-law took almost 7 months to secure his last year. I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Christmas but finding a ps5 has become the new Holy Grail and as most people have discovered it’s almost impossible to get one. I spent a week searching in various big online stores everyday logging on and off all hours of the day and night with no luck. Then during an internet search I discovered Stock Informer and within a week yes you read that right 7 days 😱😱I secured one on 14/07/2021 via Amazon. Thank you to Stock Informer for doing all the leg work and taking the stress and worry out of buying this years Christmas present for one very lucky little boy. He will be over the moon ❄️☃️🎅🏻🎄

Karen Donnelly 15/07/2021

Thanks to you guys I managed to pick up a series x and ps5 at RRP. Cheers :)

Tom 18/06/2021

Thank you stock informer purchased both my ps5 and series x great service

Ben Jackson 14/06/2021

Thanks so much for the stock alert. I had just been let down by Game after waiting in a queue for 50 minutes to pay for a non existent product. Great service. I will recommend.

Colin Harmer 09/06/2021

Hi guys. I’ve been trying to buy a ps5 in the uk for about 8 months now. Finally snagged one and it was thanks to your email. To be fair it’s the first time I caught the email as it came through!! Every time I missed it by a hour or so. I received my email at 9 and by 9.15 I had become the owner of a ps5 from Very. Thanks guys I got there in the end 👍

Lee Black 26/05/2021


John Hamill 25/03/2021

Huge thank to Stock Informer, With them I stood no chance of knowing when or where to try and make a purchase. I'm now happy to have a PS5 and an Xbox Series X for the family and at a retail prices. Be patient or use these guys, don't let the bots and scalpers win!

John 16/03/2021

I was trying for months to get a ps5 with constant queues and missing out every time. Set up this site and within one week of joining had got hold of a console. The alert came through and I was lucky enough to get onto the site. A must have and I’ll use it again.

Martin 13/03/2021

Thanks to your Telegram notification I managed to get a PS5 from Very today (despite being in the waiting room for over 30 minutes). Have spent hours (and days) trying to get this. Can't believe my luck. Thank you so much for the alert.

Sara Mcnickle 10/03/2021

My son had been saving every last bit of his money for the new PS5 console. With the help of Stock Informer we managed to order one and get it delivered on launch day. Following on from this you have also enabled us since then to purchase the PS5 headset. We are still using you now for the other accessories and hopefully, another console!

Christine Smith 05/03/2021

Got my XBox Series X from Very and PS5 from Game Collection, both thanks to the alerts from this site. Thanks for helping me compete with the scalpers.

Martin Hornsey 05/03/2021

If it wasn't for this site I would probably be still waiting to get a PS5. And not only the PS5, using this site I was also able to get the Headset and the Charging station. Awesome work!

Charlie 18/02/2021

You guys helped me massively in obtaining a PS5 Disc Edition back in December, and today you secured me a much-awaited Pulse 3D Headset, I will always use your site, and am always recommending it to people who are on the lookout for goods

Gareth 27/01/2021

I managed to get a PS5 because of your Amazon notification. Thank you very much for your service :)

Anon 27/01/2021

Managed to order a PS5 from a couple of days ago thanks to the alarm sounding; had it up and runing in a Firefox tab for a couple of months. Stock only lasted minutes so would never have gotten it otherwise, Many Thanks :)

N.Downham 27/01/2021

I was able to get a PS5 in time for Christmas for my dad, this would not have been as easy without the Stock Informer service. Thank you very much!

Steven Benson 08/12/2020

Just wanted to say thanks. I managed to get a PS5 order from Very on UK launch day all down to you (on Discord). I now have it and wanted to pass on my gratitude, given the current malaise around the PS5.

Mark Forrester 06/12/2020

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you! Have had your site open on my work laptop for the last couple of weeks and have just managed to pick up a Pulse 3d Headset and Charger for my PS5. Really useful site, and will definitely use it again in the future! Danny

Danny 04/12/2020

Hi, thanks to your service I was able to order a PS5 on launch day. I downloaded and followed you on discord and immediately jumped on the link when you sent the notification that stock was available from I appear to have been one of the lucky few that ordered one before they sold out again and I am certain I wouldn't have done so without your service. Thank you very much for you help. The console was delivered at the weekend.

Colin Minty 01/12/2020

Thanks with out you and the other users on the site would never have got the PS5 on launch, keep up the great work!

Harvy 20/11/2020

Can't thank you guys enough. P5 on Very wasn't showing on the site under search or categories (and never did), only the digital edition. Then, in comes a stock informer alert with a direct link and I managed to snag one. Absolutely epic service, especially the load it was under at the time.

Dave Andrews 19/11/2020

I just wanted to thank you for your help today. I tried to buy a PS5. One website had nothing, another crashed, another froze and the last one actually removed the product from its site while I was trying to buy it. It was a harassing start to the day. At one point there were nearly a quarter of a million people in front of me in the queue to even access a website. Then you sent me a rest message, I clicked the link and bought one. It was all very straightforward! Thank you. You are on Santa’s good list. 🙂

Anthony Gallagher 19/11/2020

Thank you so much! I found this site when the PS4 launched and used it to get a launch day console back then.......Next Gen rolls around and you guys are still here! AMAZING! This time I managed to order a PS5 for myself on 25/09 which arrived today and a second PS5 on 19/11 for a friend who had missed out previously. Keep up the amazing work!

Anthony 19/11/2020

Got one of the things I wanted thanks to this service! Thanks!

Danish Khan 13/11/2020

Great service kept me informed straight away with PS5 new headset and managed to purchase one Excellent service

Andrew Parkes 11/11/2020

Just a very big Thank you for your help finding a PlayStation 5 for my son. I would not have been able to get one if it wasn’t for your notifications. Thank you Mrs Shewring

Paula Shewring 29/10/2020

Thanks you for helping me find a PS5! My son was saving up all year and now he should be able to enjoy it on launch day!

James Varley 25/09/2020

Thanks very much, your site is awesome!!!!!! Just bagged myself a PS5 digital through thanks to your site!!!!

Kevin Young 25/09/2020

Thanks so much. I received email to say amazon were selling ps5 so i immediatly went to my app and got it ! If it wasnt for stock informer i would not have got the ps5 as amazon said they were selling it at 12 so im well pleased

Deirdre Baxter 25/09/2020

Quite happy with your service thank you keep it up

Jon Fokkema 25/09/2020

Used this service for the first time. I found it very handy, it's a shame some companies don't support the alert feature but fortunately i was at my desk when I saw a store got new stock in.

Luke 25/09/2020

Excellent service! Only signed up two days ago and got alerted today..managed to pre order my shiny new, rocking horse poo!! 😀😀😀 very pleased and thank you very much once again!!

Jason Stringer 23/09/2020

Great help and helped me find stock for the PS5 when it was almost impossible to get one so very thankful!! Would use and recommend to anyone.

Kai 19/09/2020

This is brilliant, missed out on the ps5 pre order until I found this and managed to order one

Jord 18/09/2020

Wouldnt have a pre-order if it wasn't for this site. Had to sit on for a while and keep checking but within 2 hours I had myself a preorder through very. Thanks again.

Cd 18/09/2020

Brilliant, thanks to your company I have been able to pre order a ps5, happy days, thanks.

Darren Redmond 18/09/2020

Thanks a million you notified me of preorder stock for the PlayStation5 was having a bad time trying to one but you notified me and yes pleased to say I have successfully purchased one what a great service many many thanks.

Gary Whittingslow 18/09/2020

Your service was very helpful. I got notified of PS5 stock on Very and managed to place an order successfully.

David Ashton 18/09/2020

Thankyou very much for your excellent service. I was able to preorder a playstation 5 from john lewis before they ran out. Thankyou

Daniel Wells 18/09/2020

Great service helped me find a PS5.

Ben 18/09/2020

Thank you for helping me get the PS5, fantastic service I have already recommended you to friends!

Mr Luke D G Piddock 18/09/2020

I want to thank you so so much for helping me getting my ps5 pre order today, I really do appreciate it

Ahmed Adel 18/09/2020

Excellent service. Keep up the good work. Because of you I managed to order exactly what I wanted

Stella Kirkpatrick 18/09/2020

Thanks I got the playstation 5 ordered with the help of your email thanks again

Susannah Mclaughlin 18/09/2020

Absolutely brilliant signed up to u and u let me know soon as ps5 stock was available now ordered one thanku

Annette 17/09/2020

Hay guys! Joined your website about two weeks ago and have to admit, at the time I thought ‘no, this isn’t going to work, just another attempt at getting my email address, never to hear back’. But I was oh so wrong, apologies! You just came through big style, by providing the heads-up on Amazon’s Pre-order of the long awaited PS5 machine. Your information alert arrived just one minute after it appeared to go live on Amazon, within two minutes of that, I’d ordered and secured my machine ... you’ve got a fan here! Many thanks for a great job, or should that be great algorithm! Whatever it is thanks a million. David

David O'connor 17/09/2020
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