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Stock Informer Testimonials - Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES

Thanks for your messages of support relating to our Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Stock Checker.

If we have also helped you, please Contact Us and let us know.

Garry Gribbon Garry Gribbon - 21 September 2017 09:18:18
Great! Worked for me. I requested a re-shock alert from Tesco. I got an email from Stock Informer 20 mins before Tesco's email alert. I bought the product before i even got Tesco alert.

Lisa Lisa - 18 September 2017 17:20:41
Just managed to order a snes mini from Amazon France thanks to the stock informer. Thanks! 👍

Martinw Martinw - 14 September 2017 14:40:24
Great service, audio alert did its stuff and I got my SNES pre-order sorted within a few minutes.

James James - 14 September 2017 12:53:26
Hi - I visited the website for the first time ever today, ten minutes later the alarm went and I managed to get a mini snes, been trying for months. Thanks! Great service you run. James

Cyril Kakulu Cyril Kakulu - 06 September 2017 15:46:31
As soon as I received the email i was able to log onto Amazon France and make my pre-order for the SNES within 3-4 minutes tops. What i really liked was the details within the email which helped. I would recommend letting users know that they also ship to the U.S.A. as that's where I'm located and was worried for a moment that they didn't ship overseas. Thanks so much for the service. I'm happy I was able to see my phone just as the notification came in.!

Sam Sam - 09 July 2017 19:04:24
Thanks to this site I was recently able to secure a pre-order of the mini SNES at Game. Keep up the great work.

Sean Sean - 05 July 2017 16:18:52
After missing numerous opportunities and simply not being online at the right time, I signed up to your email alerts... and you came through just a couple of days later! I've been able to snag a Mini Classic SNES on pre-order, all thanks to you. A brilliant service I'd recommend to anyone.

David Stern David Stern - 05 July 2017 08:50:50
You run a excellent service received your stock alert for SNES mini clicked the link for Tesco 3 mins later had the preorder you even beat Tesco own stock alert which came up 20 mins after yours will use you again and recommend you to everyone I speak to. Sign me up for the alerts for the n64 mini cause you know it will be coming Many thanks

Smitgar Smitgar - 05 July 2017 05:29:22
Brilliant site, thanks for your help Stock Informer. Keep up the good work!

Lloyd Lloyd - 04 July 2017 22:19:36
Thanks to you I have a chance of getting one. Fingers crossed my preorder doesn't get cancelled.

Adrian Needs Adrian Needs - 04 July 2017 19:32:59
Hi, I just wanted to give you a big thank you for helping me find (by way of a prompt alert email) the item I was looking for. What a great service you are providing. Thanks again

Darren Snook Darren Snook - 04 July 2017 18:25:08
thanks to your site just got a pre order for snes mini from tesco

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