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Thank you , the email service finally tipped me off for stock ,of the Nexus at John Lewis. Great result

Malcolm Metcalfe 08/01/2013

thanks very much for letting me know about John Lewis Nexus 7. I have just bought one and had a good experience with you and John Lewis

Jillmartyn 08/01/2013

Thank you so much! My old tablet is dying and I had just decided to replace it with a Nexus 7 - only to find everyone was out of stock. Thanks to you, I've just ordered it from John Lewis (they told me it would be back in stock next week). Joy!

Lizziet 08/01/2013

Hi, Thanks for providing this service. It was easy to use and worked just when I needed it. My order for Nexus 7 32gb is on its way from John Lewis, but I'll keep my fingers crossed until it arrives!

Joe Wilson 08/01/2013

Thanks for locating the nexus7, I have just picked it up from argos and its on charge. I will reco you and if required use you again, thanks Roy

Roy 30/12/2012

Hi, Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I've been trying to find a Nexus everywhere and thanks to you I managed to get my hands on one. Best website for tracking stock, really helpful and accurate. Even updated while I was on the website so I can see exactly where the best place to go is. Really pleased!!!

Frankie 29/08/2012

Got nexus 7 pc world all because of you thanks

Ian Mckay 09/08/2012
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