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Great website and updates that allowed me to preorder the main gift on my daughters list without trekking from store to store or monitoring lots of website. Brilliant service for busy people.

Sarah 18/12/2017

I signed up to this after really struggling to locate the LOL doll surprise ball. Out of stock everywhere! Two days later a notification came through to say Tesco had stock. Low and behold Tesco did in fact have stock after a quick call to them. If it wasn’t for signing up to this my daughter wouldn’t have gotten her dream for Christmas. So, thank you very much. A little girl will now be extremely happy on Christmas Day.

Ashli Watson 13/12/2017

Thank you for letting me know how to buy lol suprise pets. Has they’ve sold out mostly in the UK , or pay a huge price. Managed to order from France Amazon , I wouldn’t have known this without your website. As I buy from Amazon a lot and are a trusted seller, they were definitely cheaper. One happy little girl for Christmas. Thanks again Ness.

Vanessa 05/12/2017

Helped me get a LOL Big Surprise. very impressed.

Ian Jones 30/11/2017

Massive help! Thank you so much stock informer

Suzanne 29/11/2017

Thank you thank you thank you just ordered surprise lol doll exellent service you have made one little girl very happy (also parents)

Christine Scullion 29/11/2017

I love this service, I was able to locate 2 LOL Big Surprise Dolls for my 8 yrs old daughter and my 6yrs granddaughter who both LOVE lol dolls. I had been searching for a while before I came across your website, and found them at my local Argos 2 days later and was able to reserve them and collect the the next day, Then hide them away for Christmas!

Tracy Harrison 28/11/2017

Thank you very much for the lol big surprise doll. Managed to order one from Amazon France.

Louisa Lewis 27/11/2017

Many thanks! I have been able to get both the LOL Big Surpise and some LOL Surprise Pets for my 6 year old for Christmas.

Sarah Billingham 27/11/2017

Thank you so much for your help and efficient service. Within 4 hours of subscribing to your website, I received an email saying that an item that I couldn't source in Ireland or the UK was available from Amazon Italy. Half an hour later my order was placed. The item arrived within the stated time frame and I am extremely grateful to you for enabling a little girl to have a Christmas to remember.

Vivian O'brien 25/11/2017

Great service managed to pre-order through Smyths after getting notification from you about stock levels and collected today. Thank you!

Sue Wood 25/11/2017

Thanks to stock informer I managed to get a lol big surprise and 2 unicorn fingerlings. Just need them to come up trumps with lol pets and it's a triple whammy. Superb website.

Lisa Mills 25/11/2017

Hi, Just wanted to say a big thank you as your emails helped me get one of these just in time for my daughter's 6th birthday! She was over the moon and I would never have got one without the stock alerts! Many Thanks, Julie

Julie Aris 23/11/2017

Thank you soooooo much!!! .Thanks to your site n your stock informer you have saved me a lot of store visits drivibg round and time on my phone trying buy lol doll big have made a 7year old girls Christmas.thank you 😁😁😁

Andrea 23/11/2017

On the ball literally product found within a few hours... after days of searching

Lana Thomas 22/11/2017

I can't thank you enough for alerting me re the lol big surprise. I am absolutely delighted although not as delighted as my little girl on Christmas day. You've made my day xxx

Samantha Woodall 21/11/2017

This service has been amazing! I have managed to get all the toys for my little girls Christmas without the struggle of having to constantly check stock across all the individual websites and stores. I even managed to get the infamous Lol big surprise without even breaking a sweat! So thank you stock informer for making Christmas easy for me this year!

Kelsey O'hara 20/11/2017

Very impressed with stock informer.Got what I wanted with their help. Thankyou very much

Sarah Wilson 19/11/2017

Thanks to your service I’m going to have a very happy granddaughter on Christmas Day. I managed to get a lol big surprise on my second notification. I was a bit worried about signing up for the site as I thought I might get lots of irrelevant emails but it has been spot on. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks

Janine 18/11/2017

Thanks so much for you're service I now have a lol big surprise without you're site I don't think I would of found one I will now have one little girl happy at Christmas.

Lorrained Holland 18/11/2017

Thanks again. I have now purchased the lol big surprise for my daughter, she is going to be so happy on Xmas day. Used stockinformer last year to help me purchase Hatchimals for my children and although it took a few weeks I eventually got them. 2 years I have been able to buy the presents my children would like thanks to stockinformer. Thanks 😁

Lyndse Steward 15/11/2017

Hi Fantastic! You notified me that Amazon Italy had stock. I was a bit wary at first not for long though! I ordered LOL surprise using my uk amazon account as you advised and a week later it arrived! Many thanks Sandra

Sandra Musson 15/11/2017

Thankyou so much as got stock informer I managed to get hold of snes,slime factory and LOL surprise all in 1 week

Michelle 03/11/2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you and well done for all the work you do. Thanks to you I have managed to purchase a LOL big surprise ball for my daughter after trying unsuccessfully to hunt one down myself before stumbling across your site and registering. You will literally be making a lot of little kids very happy on Christmas!

Veronica 30/10/2017

Keep up the good work guys! You’re doing a great job! 😉

Jon Trembath 28/10/2017

Thank you stock informer, received notification of lol big surprise at ordered and received today! Would never of got 1 without your service.

Alana 27/10/2017

I can't thank you enough I am now the proud owner of 2 lol big surprises that I reserved and picked up from argos for my 2 girls who will be so so happy my advice to anyone don't give up and pay silly money on eBay use stock informer they will do there best I would recommend to everyone!!!!!!!!

Me 15/10/2017

Great service made it possible to pre order much needed Christmas present many thanks

M Flaxman 12/10/2017

Thank you so much your email sent to me got me the item. Thank you very much.

Georgina Mahaffey 12/10/2017

Thank you so much for the alerts on stock of the lol big surprise. I managed to get one yesterday from Argos. Will have one very happy girl at Christmas. Thanks again

Alison 12/10/2017

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me track down the big LOL suprise ball for my daughter. I had registered for email alerts from all the sellers but you were the first ( and only) to get back to me. I saw your email, went online bought it and within 20 minutes they were all gone. I cannot thank you enough or recommend the service highly enough. Will certainly be using it again!

Louise Jenkins 07/10/2017

Thank you for the 2nd year running. Last year I was able to get a hatchimal because of the awesome work you do and today I have managed to order my daughter the L.O.L big suprise she desperately wanted. Thanks again.

Clare 06/10/2017

Thank u so much for informing me lol big surprise dolls. Will have one happy little girl at Christmas x

Suzanne Rhodes 06/10/2017

Subscribed for stock alert for lol big surprise. Got an alert this morning went straight on and oredered one. So happy. This is all my little girl asked for for christmas this year and was starting to worry i wouldn't be able to get one. Great service and thank you so much. Going to have one happy little girl.

Leanne Parker 06/10/2017

Thank you so much for alerting me for lol big surprise doll at Tesco direct this morning! Have placed my order and collect tomorrow! Two granddaughters will be extra delighted on xmas day! Excellent service ! Can't thank you enough!!

Angela Carrieri 06/10/2017

I just wanted to say a very big thank you. My Christmas is sorted thanks to SI...I have managed to get 2 Luvabella dolls,2 mega surprise LOL,Jo Jo Siwa doll...SNES mini...hatchimals and them funny little monkey thingys. I am so happy and you guys are awsome....CU again next year xx

Lindsey 04/10/2017

Managed to get 2 balls for my daughters. I''d never have managed if not for this site! Thank you so much!

Rachel Duncan 29/09/2017

Thank you so much for a great service. Thanks to your email I was able to pre order an Lol Big Surprise for my little girl for Christmas from Toys R US. She will be delighted on Christmas morning. Fabulous service! ☺️

Brenda 28/09/2017
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