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Brilliant service! I've been trying to get hold of a hot tub for ages. I now have one within two weeks of signing up to the service, AMAZING results, no constant travelling through sites to find in stock items! Highly recommended!

Carol Starkey 19/05/2021

The push notification is quicker than receipt of the email which gives you an edge if the item is in very high demand. Excellent little utility that I will regularly use from now on.

M Meah 15/07/2020

many thanks on the hot tub information - will recommend and use again if applicable

Nigel Gower 03/07/2020

Been looking for a lay-z-spa for weeks and never managed to get one. Then i remembered about stock informer & after 3 days iv managed to order one for delivery in a cpl of days! Love this site always helps me find stock of what i want perfect

Nicola Kelly 25/05/2020

Great service really impressed , can’t wait for my delivery of Vegas lay z hot tub which I couldn’t get anywhere, as all sold out. Thank you. I have already recommended the service to all my friends.

Lisa 24/05/2020

THANK YOU! Wouldn't have been able to order without this website, it was really frustrating to get the alert and then not manage to get there in time to be the first to get one (it was an alert for only a small number of the items available) I put quite a bit of effort into sitting next to the computer ready to grab one, but after maybe a day and a half I have one on order! Would never have got it otherwise and really grateful thank you! :)

Rebecca 04/05/2020

A very efficient website which delivers fast and accurate stock checks. Signed up in the morning to find a Lay-Z Spa Paris hot tub and before lunch I had purchased one thanks to the notifications from this site. Particularly impressive given the shortage of these products amidst Corona Virus lockdown. Great website - thanks to all that run and support this. Definitely recommending to all friends and family. Best, Jon

Jon Ritchie 20/04/2020
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