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Thank you so much for offering this amazing service. I’ve found all my children’s gifts through you. The toys I thought I’d never get and saved me so much time looking for them.

Heulwen Jenkins 22/11/2017

Thank you so much for taking the stress out of trying to source hard to find items. Thanks to stock informer my daughter will be very happy on christmas day with the hard to find Hatchimals 12 pack egg carton and nursery.

Emma Deighton 10/11/2017

Thank you stockinformer you have helped me yet again. I’m so greatful a friend recommended your website to me & I too have passed that recommendation on. There will be lots of happy children at Christmas thanks to you. There is no way I would have been able to get these must have toys without your help. You have also helped me to get 2 giant lol surprises this year & a hatchimals last year too. Just a JoJo doll to get get now 😊

Claire Latham 08/11/2017

You've done it again!! One hatchimals 12 pack successfully purchased. Despite being on every stock Informer service yours was the only one to let me know! Thank you. I'm hoping this is the last impossible to get toy I will need you for but will certainly be using you again if I have to! 2 out of 2 thank you!

Louise Jenkins 30/10/2017
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