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I am thrilled with your service. Can’t believe it worked! There was no stock whatsoever anywhere of the item I was looking for. I received an email saying a certain company has stock, and it’s ordered! So happy, thanks very much! I will tell everyone about you!

Helen Joyce 05/11/2021

Super pleased I found your site to buy my Dyson airwrap long. I also signed up to the Dyson site to inform me of stock but they never sent me an email! You guys were straight in there and I ordered one straight away. Really impressed - thank you!!

Laura Brown 12/05/2021

Fantastic service thank you.

Sheila Claydon 28/04/2021

Brilliant, able to get the product I wanted - thanks!

Hannah 31/03/2021

Been looking for a Dyson air wrap for months and they never seem to be in stock, signed up to this and bought one less than 1 week later! It’s arrived today! Really handy service and saves you time by not checking for stock constantly! Thanks! Xx

Lauren Yates 26/03/2021

I have been trying to get a Dyson airwrap for weeks! Signed up to receive alerts on your website about 10 minutes ago and 5 minutes later I receive an alert and managed to get one!! Thank you!! This is such a cool website. :)

Sally Roberts 09/03/2021

Was able to get the Dyson air wrap, very happy with the service!

Priya Mistry 05/02/2021

Received the email yesterday afternoon, ordered the Airwrap from Dyson early evening and received it this morning at 7.45. Excellent service from Stock Informer (and Dyson). Many thanks.

Carol Mccrystal 05/02/2021

Thank you so much in my quest to track down a dyson airwrap complete. I did receive notification from you within days ...much to my delight thanking you again for such prompt and efficient service

Diane Hessey 29/01/2021

Great service that took away the need for me to constantly check websites for stock. Alerts were prompt and correct and allowed me to purchased the Dyson Airwrap Complete.

A 28/05/2019

Fantastic website.Managed to buy everything I wanted : Dyson Airwrap styler ,PS4 Move controllers.Thank you very much for your effort. Keep up a good work. :)))

Dmitrijs Popovs 26/05/2019

Thank you to your notification I manage to purchase my item that is so hard to find.

Ana 02/04/2019

I have been trying to buy a Dyson Airwrap Volume and Shape since January. I signed up to Stock Informer on Sunday and today (Wednesday), thanks to an alert I have just purchased the item. Thank you.

Cecilia 27/03/2019

Fantastic service would highly recommend. Trying to obtain the dyson air wrap complete set was a nightmare this service made it all that easier although it was 4th time lucky on the purchase via the stock updates this was purely as I was slow off the mark. Would definitely use it again.

Claire 27/03/2019

So helpful helping me get the dyson airwrap, had been looking for it for weeks then found this website and got it within a week of subscribing to emails

Paige 22/03/2019

I had been trying to get hold of the Dyson Airwrap since January but everywhere was out of stock - including Dyson. Three days ago a friend introduced me to Stockinformer. I signed up and within two days was informed Boots have my product in stock. I ordered it instantly and it will be delivered in a couple of days. I am so impressed with stockinformer and will be definitely recommending it to friends and family.

Debbie Brookes 22/03/2019

Just bought a Dyson Airwrap from Curry’s thanks to STOCK INFORMER. First rate service. RECOMMEND!! Cheers.

Tim 18/03/2019

Fantastic help. Finally got the item I’ve been after for ages. Thanks.

Jennie Whiting 25/02/2019

Worked great and was able to purchase what I needed. Thank youH

Catherine Johnson 02/02/2019

Great service - thank you

Rachael Green 31/01/2019

Fantastic! What more can I say!

Mrs M Turner 31/01/2019

I thought your updates were brilliant, thank you so much! Will sign up again if I need a product that is in demand. Thanks again, Sarah

Sarah Brautigam 25/01/2019

Thank you for your emails alerts - I finally got the airwrap! It did take lots of trying as I always missed out but perseverance paid off!

Sandra 22/01/2019

At first I was very sceptical about the site and quiried wether or not it was reliable. However I gave it a chance and signed up too receive notifications for the Dyson Airwrap. To my amazement I started too receive push notifications and emails and they where very accurate and have me a very early response too thing coming in stock. Unfortunately at the start, businesses where advertising stock at 04:00 and I was in bed. But eventually I was in the right place at the right time and if it wasn't for the stock informer I would have never known. Very reliable and I will definitely use again.

Christopher Morris 16/01/2019

I only signed up for for alerts last night and got one this morning so was able to order what I wanted straight away. This sight is very helpful, will definitely use again

Molly 22/12/2018
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