White PS4 Console UK Stock Update

Posted 12 September 2014 - By Mike Green

PS4 Console WhiteThe new PS4 White Console Destiny bundle, which the UK retailer GAME currently has exclusive rights to sale, has been pretty well sold out since its launch earlier this week.

Small pockets of stock have appeared on the GAME website throughout the week however it's been tricky to secure this package either online or in local stores.

However, if it's definitely a PlayStation 4 console of the white variety you are after, you shouldn't have to wait too much long before a solus version is launched in the UK (well before Christmas anyway!)

Amazon France and Germany have already listed these shiny white PS4's and are currently taking preorders with the German site advising a release date of 7th November and the French site much earlier on 2nd October. Nothing has yet appeared on Amazon UK which is probably due to Sony UK's current exclusive tie up with GAME. After this period has ended we suspect we will see these preorders being taken at a number of popular UK retailers and we will have a better idea as to when gamers can get their hands on the white console.

It's currently not clear as to whether we will see further stock shortages of the console in the run up to Christmas 2014, however based on past history this is always a distinct possibility. Sony recently announced that they have now sold over 1 million consoles in the UK alone making it the country’s second fastest selling console of all-time (behind the Wii).

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