PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Sold Out

Posted 19 May 2016 - By Mike Green

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Sold Out

Two waves of PlayStation VR pre-orders have already come and gone with the initial stock allocation already a sell out.

Anyone pre-ordering on after 11.45am on the 16th March is not guaranteed a unit on launch day, just an email nearer the time for an estimated delivery date. The initial PlayStation VR stock on sold out in literally minutes.

It was a similar story at whereby they are currently selling their "Phase 2" allocation of stock.

The only retailer currently still claiming launch stock is with their website at the time of writing stating "Order now for delivery on day of launch".

All retailers are limiting pre-orders of the PlayStation VR to one per customer as stock shortages are looking inevitable after launch in October 2016.

If you are interested in getting a PlayStation VR for your PS4 console then our recommendation is to pre-order as soon as possible with maybe more than one retailer. If one order gets delivered before the other you can always cancel other orders. However, if your multiple orders are delivered at the same time, you can get a full refund by taking it or sending back to the retailer within 14 days unopened (or be evil and sell on eBay for a profit!)

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