Google Nexus 7 3G Planned

Posted 04 September 2012 - By Mike Green

Nexus 7 3G Cellular

The Nexus 7 tablet is currently only available with WiFi only, however that could shortly change with rumours suggesting that Google are working on a new model with 3G incorporated.

The reports also claim that ASUS are reported to be ramping up production with Google officially announcing the new model in a couple of weeks time. The actual launch would be around 6 weeks time which would be roughly the same time as the iPad Mini and new Kindle devices go on sale.

The price would obviously be higher than the current £199.99 WiFi only model, however mobile operators will have the option of tying users into a monthly contract and therefore possibly offer the new tablet for free.

Since it's release in July, the Nexus 7 has received glowing reviews from industry experts with the only criticism that it lacked 3G connectivity.

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