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Discord Stock Notification Alerts

22 May 2020 - By Mike Green

We have pleased to announce we have now implemented stock notifications via Discord. This will only be for the most popular products we are currently tracking.

This will be of particular interest to iPhone and iPads users who currently struggle to receive push notifications due to Apple restrictions.

There is a Discord app for both iOS and Android. You will need to allow permissions for the app to send notifications to your device.

The Stock Informer (UK) invite link:-

Once you have the app setup and you have joined the "Stock Informer UK" server, click the "stock-alert-setup" channel and follow the instructions to subscribe to the alerts you require. You may also need to 'mute' notification on other channels if you are receiving alerts you do not require.

As this is a new feature your feedback is always welcome, so please free to Contact Us and let us know how you are getting on with this.


Stock Informer Top 2019 Christmas Toys

04 September 2019 - By Mike Green

With the kids back at school we feel it's now safe to start talking about Christmas without being shouted at and have compiled our list of what we think will be the hottest toys this Christmas.

As with every Christmas, stock shortages are likely with any product depending on the unpredictable supply and demand. This is where Stock Informer helps out by constantly tracking UK retailers for stock and notifying you immediately when stock is found by either email, push notification to your mobile and audible alerts on our webpage (Registration required). We constantly check for stock so you don't have to.

So without further ado and in no particular order here are the Stock Informer Hot Christmas toys for 2019.

LOL Surprise! Winter Disco Chalet

The LOL Surprise Chalet with Snow Bus is one of this year’s must haves following on from the LOL Surprise House. Based on the new Winter Disco Series, it's big measuring approx 3ft wide and 2.85ft tall and again made from wood. Release date and price not yet known.

LOL Surprise! OMG Crystal Star Collector’s Edition Doll

This Limited Edition Crystal Star doll is part of the LOL Surprise! 2019 O.M.G. Winter Disco series. No UK release date has yet been confirmed. Stock sortages are likely given its limited edition status and appeal. Release date and price not yet known. Register for the usual up to the minute alerts.


New Stock Informer Website Features

04 February 2019 - By Mike Green

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we haven't had our feet our up relaxing at Stock Informer HQ, we have been working on numerous backend improvements and have developed two new significant features for the website.

All Live Products Stock Checker

You now have the ability to receive audible stock alerts for all our active products on a single desktop tracking webpage.

This solves a previous issue that many people reported of wanting to receive audible alerts for multiple products which meant they had to have different multiple webpages open at the same time.

To use the webpage, a desktop PC/MAC is recommended for the audible alerts feature, firstly select and tick whether you require the audible alerts or not and then select the product/s you require the alerts for (all are selected by default).

This new feature is available here or via the top bar menu dropdown list "Products Tracked"-->"All Live Products".

Argos Click & Collect Stock Push Notifications

In addition to emails, you can now also receive Push Notifications when your local Argos store has stock of your chosen product/s ready for click and collect.

This can now be setup at My Profile (Section 5).


NES Classic returns 29th June 2018

15 May 2018 - By Mike Green

Nintendo have now confirmed via Twitter that the NES Classic Edition will make its European comeback on Friday 29th June 2018 and "expected to be available throughout the year".

We have known for around a year that a summer 2018 release was imminent but it's only now we have an exact date.

Pre-Orders are yet to commence on the official Nintendo UK website or other UK retailers, however you can be sure that Stock Informer will be the first update you when this situation changes. Initial demand is expected to be high again, we therefore highly recommend pre-ordering when available to give yourself the best chance of bagging a console early on. You can track the latest pre-orders and register for alerts on our NES Classic Mini stock checking webpage.

This iconic 80's classic console was first re-released as a retro gaming console in November 2016 with extremely limited stock available. However, demand was very high which left many disappointed gamers who just couldn't get their hands on a NES Classic.

Production of the existing widely available SNES Classic is expected to continue into early 2018.


Want to receive quicker stock notifications?

18 October 2017 - By Mike Green

We have today launched a new option whereby you can receive a Push Notification Stock Alert immediately when our servers detect potential stock.

Previously a member of the Stock Informer team would quickly evaluate any stock and send push notifications if the retailer has a definate number of units for sale. This was introduced to prevent users being bombarded with alerts that sometimes were false alarms or the retailer only had an odd unit in stock which got snapped up immediately. However, you now have the option of receiving immediate alerts sent by our servers the second potential stock is detected.

Within My Profile there are two new options under Push Notifications:-

  • Full Alerts are all stock notifications which are sent automatically by our servers when stock is detected. These alerts are the quickest notification service we offer. IMPORTANT - With this option you may well receive LOTS of notifications throughout the day which have NOT been verified by a member of the Stock Informer team. Please do not treat this notification as gospel that there is definitely stock, but an indication that there maybe stock. You may also receive more than one notification of the same stock or multiple notifications if the stock is constantly coming and going. Open to errors.
  • Moderated Alerts are stock notifications which have been checked and verified by a member of the Stock Informer team before sending. We will try and send a notification if we feel the retailer has a definite stock with reasonable number of units up for grabs. We will not send notifications if the retailer may have only put an odd unit on sale which gets snapped up immediately as this just leads to further frustration.

At present all users will default to Moderated Alerts (which has always been the case), however you now have the option of switching to full immediate alerts.


Buying tips for the SNES Classic Mini

31 August 2017 - By Mike Green

Demand for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Mini is massive. In over 11 years of tracking hard to find items we have never seen demand so high for pre-orders. This includes the USA where pre-orders went live only last week and sold out in minutes.

Nintendo have promised to produce 'considerably' more units than the NES Mini console last year, however based on the current demand we predict there WILL BE major stock shortages. Nintendo have also stated that their priority is production of the Switch console and the SNES Mini is also a limited time production with no more units being produced after 2017. Nintendo have probably decided to manufacture a set amount with some reports suggesting double that of the NES Mini in 2016, however if this is true, this will still not be enough to satisfy demand.

So, what can you do if you want one? Firstly, you need to realise that when stock does appear on a retailer website it will likely sell out in minutes! You need to be lightning quick. However with a bit of dedication and using our tips below, we hope to help buy your SNES Classic Mini without too much drama or stress.

1 - Use our desktop stock checking webpage with alarm

Leave our SNES Mini stock checker webpage open with the alarm option ticked, the webpage will auto refresh itself and sound a loud alarm if stock is found. It's advisable to test the alarm before hand with the link provided. Registered users receive a quicker refresh rate giving an advantage. This will not work on a mobile or tablet.


Retailers limit one SNES per customer

05 July 2017 - By Mike Green

People trying to order in bulk the forthcoming retro Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) are facing a more difficult task following a number of online retailers limiting orders to just one per customer.

Both Amazon and Tesco have clamped down on the practice with reports that Tesco are completely cancelling orders of over 1 unit and Amazon automatically reducing customers orders to just 1 unit. GAME and the Official Nintendo Store are also imposing the same limit on their websites.

This obviously affects eBay scalpers (the buying of hard to find items to re-sell for a profit) who will now find it more difficult to source multiple consoles. During the Hatchimals stock shortages in December 2017, eBay also introduced a policy of sellers only being able to sell a maximum of one per week to deter the practice. It remains to be seen if this sort of restriction is imposed again this Christmas period if SNES stock shortages persist. This week has already seen numerous eBay listings of pre-orders for up to £190 (RRP of the SNES is £69.99).

Nintendo have confirmed that they will be manufacturing "significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition", whether this will prevent the previous stock shortages of the NES Classic remains to be seen. Based on the demand seen in the last week for pre-orders, don't be surprised if stock shortages continue throughout the Christmas period.


Nintendo Classic Mini NES to be discontinued

20 April 2017 - By Mike Green

Nintendo have now officially confirmed the Classic Mini NES is to be discontinued worldwide. This follows chronic stock shortages since its release in November 2016.

The reasoning behind this move isn't 100% clear, however reports suggest that Nintendo are now planning a SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Mini for release in time for Christmas 2017 and requires the manufacturing facilities for this new device.

Nintendo also stated that the last shipments of the NES Mini are due throughout April (this probably means just one shipment for the UK). As per previous stock, these are sure to sell very quickly with the console now becoming a collector’s item. Remember to keep the Stock Informer Classic Mini NES stock checker open and register for stock alerts to ensure you are the first to know when availability is found, be warned though that you will need to be quick as this stock is likely to sell out in literally minutes.

It transpires the NES Classic Mini was always only meant to be a cool novelty item for Christmas 2016 and Nintendo never intended to manufacture many more units beyond 2016 (although they have done).

eBay prices are currently over £200 which are likely to increase even further after the last stock hits the shelves.


New Mini Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

08 February 2017 - By Mike Green

A new range of collectible mini Hatchimals are seemingly on the way.

Named Hatchimal CollEGGtibles, we initially spotted them on Amazon Germany which advises a release date of 1st May 2017.

With no official press release from the manufacturer Spinmaster it's still not clear what exactly a Colleggtible is, but it looks like some kind of battery operated mini Hatchimal which can be used for playing or collecting. 70 different varieties are promised in the first "Season".

So far, we have identified 4 different types of packages:-

  • 2-pack with 2 Colleggtibles, 1 Nest and 1 overview map.
  • 4-pack with 4 Colleggtibles and Bonus(?)
  • 1-pack of 1 Colleggtible
  • Mystery 2-pack with 2 Colleggtibles and Nest

The Eggs measure 4.2cm (Height) x 3.17cm (Width) and require an LR44 battery (included which is a small coin watch type battery).

The 2 pack with nest and map is priced at around £11 which would indicate a price point of £5 each.

There are no sign as yet of Colleggtibles on any UK retailer websites.

As soon as we have more information on UK pre-orders we will add listings to our Hatchimal webpage.


Nintendo to Increase NES Mini Classic Production

02 February 2017 - By Mike Green

It has been reported that Nintendo are now finally increasing production of the NES Mini Classic console.

This will be music to the ears of eager buyers who have been hunting for availability. Worldwide demand for the retro console has been sky high since its launch in November 2016 which has resulted in constant stock shortages.

Thankfully reports in early January from retailers that Nintendo were to completely stop production now look completely unfounded.

Last week saw brief stock availability on both the official Nintendo UK Store website and which were quickly snapped up in minutes.

Prices on eBay UK have recently averaged around the £100 mark which is double the recommended retail price.

Remember to keep an eye on our Nintendo NES Stock Checker for immediate stock alerts.


Hatchimal Push Notification Stock Alerts

11 November 2016 - By Mike Green

A few of you have been asking where our App is for sending instant stock notifications? Well, unfortunately due to personal circumstances it's been delayed a few months.

However, in the meantime we have an alternative that a few of you can use. We can now send instant notifications to:-

  • Android Devices using the Google Chrome Browser (which can be downloaded Free from the Play Store) OR
  • A desktop PC/MAC using the browsers Apple Safari, Google Chrome Web or Mozilla Firefox

A Push Notification on a Android mobile device is a message that instantly flashes up (just like other app messages you probably receive). It's similar on a desktop PC/MAC but flashes up in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can then Tap/Click the message to be taken directly to the retailer website.

Like the email notifications, please do not rely on this service to find you stock. We will send Push Notifications on a case by case basis where we can. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.

To get started you need to be registered and logged into the Stock Informer website and then click the 'My Profile' link at the top of the webpage. Look at section 2 and read all the notes. The bottom of section 2 you should see a YES/NO button. Flip the button below to 'YES' to start receiving notifications (obviously flip to 'NO' to stop!) If you cannot see the button, then it’s likely your browser/device is not currently compatible. You will also need to accept any pop messages your browser may display for you to give permission. No need to click the 'Save' button at the bottom of this page afterwards. That's it!


Hatchimal Online Buying Tips

05 November 2016 - By Mike Green

Successfully ordering a Hatchimal online has become a tricky business the last few weeks. However, with a bit of dedication and help from Stock Informer we can get you over the line.

Stock can often sell out in literally minutes. To stand the best chance of successfully ordering it is beneficial to be organised beforehand.

Use our Loud Alarm feature

Our Hatchimal Stock Checking webpage auto refreshes itself every minute or so and will display stock when we find it. Leave the webpage open and tick the 'Audible Alerts' option for a loud alarm when new stock is found. A desktop PC is best for this. Please note this will NOT work on a mobile or tablet. Test the alarm works beforehand by using the link on the right hand side of the webpage. if you are in a position to use it, this is the quickest and best way to be alerted to stock.

Pre-Register with Retailers

Setup accounts with various retailers beforehand. This will save valuable time typing in your name and address and other details when you want to order quickly before everyone else.

Use Amazon '1-Click' Ordering

If you have an Amazon account, you can login and turn on '1-Click' ordering. This means you can immediately order without having to enter all your login details etc. When stock appears on the Amazon website, you just have to click the "Buy now with 1-Click" button on the right-hand side of the page. Warning - Ensure Amazon actually have stock at the time (i.e. £59.99 dispatched and sold by, otherwise you could end up ordering from a 3rd Party Seller at a higher price. If this happens, you can always login to your account details and immediately cancel the order anyway.


Hatchimal Stock Round Up

05 November 2016 - By Mike Green

It's been a rollercoaster ride for UK Hatchimal hunters in the last few weeks and also a crazy one here at Stock Informer HQ with late nights and early mornings now the norm.

Stock has been at a premium and we have sometimes seen joy turning to despair with orders placed and then cancelled by retailers. Demand is extremely high with online stock selling out in literally minutes and reports of early morning queues at stores with buyers hoping to bag a Hatchimal.

The manufacturers, Spin Master, have stated that the response to Hatchimals has been "extraordinary, exceeding all expectations". The good news is that production has been increased and more stock is due throughout November.

Below is a run down of what we have currently experienced with online retailers:-

Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct have had large amounts of stock available online especially the Pink and Bearakeet Hatchimals which sold out very quickly. Not many complaints once you have a completed order. Of all the retailers we list, Tesco have probably been the most productive for stock availability. Unfortunately the product webpage on the Tesco website is sometimes slow to update. It will show as 'In Stock' and allow you to 'Add to Basket' but then inform you the item is out of stock! This is obviously very frustrating and we try to update the Stock Informer listings accordingly where we can.

Tesco have an exclusive Bearakeet Hatchimal which they sold considerable stock of a couple of weeks ago. We are not sure if they will be getting any more before Christmas.


Low PlayStation VR Launch Stock

28 September 2016 - By Mike Green

With the PlayStation VR launch just a couple of weeks away, it's looking increasingly likely it could be in short supply in the run up to Christmas.

Amazon have recently added a message to their website advising they are now expecting to fulfil customer pre-orders by 12th December 2016. Good news if you need one for a Christmas present, but only if you pre-order now.

It's a similar story at Very, where pre-orders are now being advised to expect delivery on 16th December.

Argos completely stopped taking pre-orders on the 24th August 2016, whilst Tesco Direct cannot guarantee a launch day delivery.

The only online retailer who are stating they can still deliver for launch on 13th October is GAME. Their website is still taking pre-orders and advising:-

"Pre-order now to guarantee your PlayStation VR product for launch. All customers who have already pre-ordered will receive on launch day."

Great news if you haven't ordered yet but don't leave it too long expecting stock will be in plentiful supply, it probably won't be.


Speak Out Game Fake Counterfeit Alert

26 September 2016 - By Mike Green

Beware! Fake versions of the currently hugely popular Speak Out game are in UK circulation.

Produced in China, these convincing copies are currently selling very well in the UK due to the current popularity of the game and scarcity of stock of the official game.

How do you spot a Speak Out game fake?

Look out for the following:-

  • They are generally sold online on eBay, Gumtree or Amazon Marketplace (Third party sellers NOT Amazon themselves).
  • The selling price is normally £19.99 or below. The official selling price is £19.99, however due to Speak Out currently being Out of Stock at all major UK online retailers, sales of genuine official games on eBay fetch a much higher price. Therefore, be suspicious of a seller that seems happy to be selling at a cheaper price than many other sellers. Ask yourself, why would someone sell a product for £15 when they are flying off the shelf at a higher price? Sellers are not selling these for the love out it, they are doing this to make as much profit as they can.
  • The eBay seller is from China or other products they sell show as "dispatched from China". Don't just check the Speak Out game eBay listing, which will often show "Item location: UK, United Kingdom", check the sellers other listed products, if they come from China the likelihood is that it's a fake. Don't take any notice of images of the Union Jack flag and "UK Stock" text within it.

Last year fake Pie Face games were also in circulation in the run up to Christmas 2015. Like now, stock was in short supply and Chinese counterfeiters were easily able to copy the game quickly and get to the UK market to make a nice profit. The discount store B&M even got caught out selling fake Pie Face games and were ordered by the manufacturer Hasbro to immediately remove the stock from it's shelves.


Hatchimals Pre-Order Update

26 September 2016 - By Mike Green

Last week a few UK retailers starting taking pre-orders for the forthcoming Hatchimal egg toy from Spin Master, however few of these opportunities now remain for delivery on launch day (or "hatch day") 7th October 2016.

For the latest deals, prices and stock updates see our Hatchimal Stock Checker webpage.

Argos has an attractive 3 for 2 toys offer (ends tomorrow 27th Sept) and are currently still taking preorders for the Hatchimals Draggles Green Egg, with the Purple, Teal and Pink colours being sold out in the last few days.

Amazon, who are normally quickest off the mark for new releases, have been slow to even list all the Hatchimals properly on their website and are currently only taking pre-orders for the Draggles Purple Egg.

Other retailers such as Toys R Us, Tesco, Smyths and Bargain Max have not taken any online pre-orders that we know of. Part of the strange reluctance of these retailers to grab as many sales as possible before launch maybe something to do with the manufacturer’s secretive marketing campaign. Presently, Spin Master have only publicly shown the Hatchimals egg exterior but not the mysterious creature that is about to be born to the world. Set to be unveiled on the 7th October, coined "Hatch Day", we are told advanced technology will allow a new magical and bonding experience for the child.


Speak Out Game Launch Sell Out

20 September 2016 - By Mike Green

After a relatively slow sales during it's launch in August 2016, the Speak Out game from Hasbro is now completely sold out at major UK online retailers.

Last week saw a massive rush of sales as videos of the game went viral over social media and coverage on various TV programs like The Late Show. This resulted in Argos and Amazon selling out of their current allocations last Thursday (15/9). The Argos website has since been releasing odd units of Speak Out Stock throughout it's UK stores which are being snapped up in literally minutes.

Demand is currently sky high with the Stock Informer website seeing a large influx of visitors eager to get their hands on the must have game for Christmas 2016.

Ebay has seen it's usual raft of sellers with prices varying considerably day by day. Currently average selling price is around the £35 mark, however we did see one auction on Saturday finishing at £78 including delivery!

We have word from some retailers that further stock is on its way but not necessarily for another week or two (It's probably currently sat on a container ship in the middle of the ocean!)


Pokemon GO Plus Pre-Order Sell Out

13 September 2016 - By Mike Green

The official Nintendo UK store has now stopped taking pre-orders for the Pokemon GO Plus wearable device. The release on 16th September is now increasingly looking like a sell out.

After the initial release delay, Nintendo started taking pre-orders again at on 8th September at 2.10PM and stopped just after 9.30am 13th September, giving buyers only a 5 day window to purchase.

As predicted, the number eBay listings have spiked in the last few days with average prices around the £60 mark together with a third party seller on Amazon selling for £79.99. That is a large mark up on the recommended retail price of £34.99, however it gives buyers an option if they would like one quickly.

Nintendo maybe holding back a small amount stock for this Friday’s release, however you will need to be on the ball as it's unlikely to last long. We recommend you use our desktop stock checker (with alarm turned on) to alert you when stock next appears.


Pokemon GO Plus UK Release 16th September

09 September 2016 - By Mike Green

Nintendo has finally confirmed that the Pokemon GO Plus wearable wrist device will go on sale in the UK on Friday 16th September 2016.

The device was originally due to be released in July however rumoured technical issues forced a delayed launch. The developers Niantic and Nintendo potentially have lost out on considerable sales as there were 45 million worldwide Pokemon GO users in mid-July compared to 30 million in August and probably even less during September at it's launch.

The official Nintendo UK website are currently taking pre-orders for £34.99 including delivery. If you would like this device we highly recommend you pre-order Pokémon GO Plus as soon as possible before any potential stock shortages take hold. eBay prices are currently ranging between £59.99 and £94.00!

The device is only currently officially compatible with Apple's iPhone, however an Android version is apparently under development.

As with all products only time will tell if stock shortages become an issue in the approach to Christmas depending on how much the game has lost its appeal with its users.


PlayStation VR 13th October UK Launch Date

15 June 2016 - By Mike Green

Sony has confirmed at the E3 gaming Conference that the Playstation VR will be released in the UK on Thursday 13th October 2016 (Same date as the United States).

The other countries included with the same release date are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates.

Also detailed were the line-up of launch titles:-

  • Tumble VR
  • Super Stardust
  • Rigs
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  • VR Worlds
  • Hustle Kings

Meanwhile, Sony CEO Andrew House confirmed in an interview with CNBC channel that he believed the the PlayStation VR will initally be "supply constrained" with stock shortages very likely.


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