Discuss PS5 Console Stock at Hughes Direct

Discuss PS5 Console Stock @ PS5 Console at Hughes Direct


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Administrator 28/09/2021 16:29


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving a stock alert alert. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • For very high demand products, don't be surprised if stock sells out in seconds. An online store may have only made a single unit available.
  • Any irregular page refreshing or bot activity will result in an automatic permanent block from our server.
  • Please DO NOT attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.
  • Please DO NOT refer to or promote rival services.
  • Please DO NOT abuse, troll or insult other users or Stock Informer.
  • Please refer to our FAQs for further answers to common questions.

Thanks, Admin

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guest1462418 13/01/2021 17:15

Good evening, Please can you alert me when you have stock of PS5 as my son is desperate to buy one with his Christmas money? Thanks in advance, Michelle.

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FFS sony give us some info - 13/01/2021 18:25

Im not gonna fib but when i see stock i will be more focused on buying it then letting others now but i wish you well in ur endeavour and hope your son gets his ps5

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Chelby4714 17/12/2020 00:59

GameByte has devised a system to ensure only its real fans can buy the PS5 from them A £1 raffle ticket system will ensure that bots can’t interfere, while all ticket proceeds will go to mental health charity Safe In Our World Gamers hoping to get their hands on a PS5 bundle at RRP for Christmas can sign up to GameByte’s newsletter to register their interest From the website

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NXTGEN - 17/12/2020 10:09

Posting once would have been enough. 🙄

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Anthony95 16/12/2020 11:57

Just ordered through BT, the emailed my a unique code and I ended up second in queue. I believe you have to a be a BT customer to get this deal and the code can be found if you log in to your broadband account, go to MY BT and scroll down to offers to unveil your code. Hopefully there is still stock for you!

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Paulwhite1980 - 16/12/2020 20:13

Your full of s***

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Anthony95 - 16/12/2020 21:45

Thanks but if you look on other pages you'll see I wasn't the only one to order one Sir... Seems you just don't know where to look or what to believe.


Paulwhite1980 - 16/12/2020 23:09

Allnn my I’ve seen is you post the same thing on every shop page on here💩


Raymond07 - 17/12/2020 14:26

BT haven’t had stock since the beginning of December, not even staff have been able to get hold of one, you are full of $h!t


Anthony95 - 19/12/2020 12:44

Multiple discussions that not everyone reads so I share to multiple. They have had stock, you clearly haven't looked hard enough plus if you're not a customer then you won't be getting one from them.


Anthony95 - 19/12/2020 12:46

If I could show you that I have it set up in my games room then I would, theres no need to be sour about it just because you can't get one.


Vgrady76 14/12/2020 16:22

Hughes, I hope u drop tomorrow, this is a nightmare.

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Paulwhite1980 - 15/12/2020 11:23



Anthony95 - 15/12/2020 11:25

There was never going to be anything, people are just working off any kind of rumour. I don't blame them but if the store themselves say there is nothing coming before Christmas and they have completely removed everything to do with PS5, I'd imagine they were telling the truth.


Kellis76 12/12/2020 10:33

Ps5 page gone completely, maybe doing something?

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Anthony95 - 12/12/2020 23:19

I noticed this, it's been down all day today. When I spoke to someone on the chat they said they won't be getting more in before Christmas.


z0Mby - 14/12/2020 16:50

Imagine being a company that sells all sorts of things but is currently getting 6000 phonecalls a day asking about PS5.


Anthony95 - 15/12/2020 10:25

I know, I imagine everywhere that has anything to do with PS5 and XSX is the same. Still no movement on the Hughes website though, they still haven't brought back their PS5 page.


Shazinderjit 08/12/2020 08:51

My son has saved all year for one of these bless him, everytime we are out of time when any get released. Do you have any help tips at all, on how to get in fast and where? This is a genuine request and not someone digging for gold at all. Thank you

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EmmaC1989 - 12/12/2020 17:58

I highly doubt he will get hold of one now until first quarter into the new year, most retailers have been saying March to April time now.


Anthony95 07/12/2020 13:02

I have spoken to two different people at Hughes who say that they won't have any PS5's this side of the new year and this is the reason why they have no removed the ribbon saying they have more due in December.

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Vgrady76 05/12/2020 10:56

I've read somewhere that Hughes next drop is 15th Dec, that's what I'm holding out for.😢

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guest1285137 04/12/2020 21:39

When will this be back in stock please

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Wicked_drummer77 04/12/2020 13:03

Anyone got any idea when they might drop stock? I asked their customer service and they basically said that they're not tell customers anything and they're just gunna drop it one day in December. Feel like Hughes is my last chance to get one before Christmas Sad

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Kellis76 - 04/12/2020 14:13

Spoke to a ex manger this morning no idea I’m afraid


Wicked_drummer77 - 04/12/2020 14:16

I tried to make an account for a faster checkout but it's asking me for a rental number? any ideas?


Kellis76 - 04/12/2020 14:52

Need to phone your local store and make a rental account


Kellis76 04/12/2020 11:05

Going to rental customers first no idea of when stock coming in and how many units

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guest881556 29/11/2020 13:55

When will you have PS5 console in stock

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guest925663 28/11/2020 23:11

Follow UKPS5Notify on twitter and turn notifications on incase this site fails to send alerts 👍

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Ritamaher 26/11/2020 10:04

Will u be having more ps5 consoles in

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Irish1973 - 27/11/2020 21:40


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YuSam1987 23/11/2020 02:19

Please could you restock more on the ps5 consoles.

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guest769032 - 24/11/2020 18:02

Theyre hoping to get more stock by first week of december

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guest1020027 18/11/2020 19:42

Hi I am looking for 2 PS5 consoles.

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guest769032 - 24/11/2020 18:02

only 1 per person


guest1234251 - 05/12/2020 00:28

Ofcourse you can have 2! LOL


guest1095957 18/11/2020 19:39

Please can I reserve 2 ps5 digital I am currently in hospital following a bleed on my brain therefore cannot get out. It is a Xmas present for my 2 young sons

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guest1278391 - 04/12/2020 09:38

Only 1 per person on a lot of sites now


Itsdquincy 19/09/2020 16:05

I managed to get my confirmation email at 09:13am fingers crossed they didn’t over sell. I got disappointed with Very as they cancelled my order from yesterday

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Guest825865 19/09/2020 11:55

Hello when will ps5 be on sale?

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ThechosenJuan - 19/09/2020 13:44

They had them this morning and had to stop because they had over 600 pre orders. They may go back on sale May not but they want to deal with the ones already placed first.

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ThechosenJuan - 19/09/2020 13:47

Digital that was so perhaps still hope for some of the disc ones? Just going on what the service assistant told me as I was enquiring for a friend who needs one.



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