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Discuss PS4 Console 500GB Stock at Tesco

Discuss PS4 Console 500GB Stock @ PS4 Console 500GB at Tesco
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BC95 BC95 - 27/02/2014 20:30 - Report
i know this is nothing to do with tesco, but does anyone know how long sony would take to collect my defected console and send me a new one? i was told 5-7 for them to email you to let you knlw they will collect it from your home address and a few days after for the replacement to be delivered. i rang them 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing at all, nothingabout when they will pick it up or anything like that
BC95 BC95 - 27/02/2014 20:31 - Report
5-7 days*

aszi78 aszi78 - 31/01/2014 14:24 - Report
hi has any one got there ps4 today in the north west burnley area

aszi78 aszi78 - 30/01/2014 17:07 - Report
can any one help me with how the tracking stuff works with tesco i cant track my order at the mo when will be able to track it pls help

aszi78 aszi78 - 21/01/2014 15:32 - Report
hi i order a ps4 just the console from tesco direct how long does it take to get home delivery its says its in stock pls help
Admin Administrator - 21/01/2014 17:48 - Report
The Tesco Direct website states 14 to 17 days.

aszi78 aszi78 - 22/01/2014 11:12 - Report
now it tell me 2 to 5 days dont now whats going on Confused

sully1311 sully1311 - 20/01/2014 17:29 - Report
Tesco Direct have it IN STOCK on their website, but says out of stock here. Why doesn't Stock Informer change it?
Admin Administrator - 20/01/2014 17:55 - Report
Tesco Direct DO NOT currently have stock. Their website shows 'In Stock', however it also states delivery within 14-17 days, which it has done for the last 3 weeks! You can therefore pre-order if you like.

sully1311 sully1311 - 20/01/2014 19:13 - Report
My bad, didn't see that part!!

Vrush Vrush - 18/01/2014 19:36 - Report
Fed up waiting for currys to get stock so canceled order last week, got one within 2 days from tescos click & collect Lowestoft

jai345 jai345 - 08/01/2014 12:02 - Report
Does anyones order still say "ready to Dispatch"?
aszi78 aszi78 - 30/01/2014 15:09 - Report
have you got ur tracking stuff

funkydino funkydino - 02/01/2014 17:10 - Report
Anyone work in any of the Essex area stores and have any insider idea of when they will be getting more. My store i work at doesnt have them

Mixson Mixson - 30/12/2013 19:22 - Report
Anyone know when it might be a new delivery to TESCO in Antrim?

hellyg7270 hellyg7270 - 19/12/2013 22:28 - Report
I've just had a stock alert from tesco direct to say they have the console back in stock. Console only
daddybear29 daddybear29 - 19/12/2013 22:33 - Report
Same here but says delivery is 29-32 days away. Thank goodness a got mine from argos yesterday

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 14:01 - Report
I don't think I've got any chance of getting the £349 PS4 before Christmas. Asda direct don't seem to be selling it anymore and Tesco is pre-order only. Any tips?
Aman123 Aman123 - 19/12/2013 15:46 - Report
Tesco in stock now 349

Aman123 Aman123 - 19/12/2013 15:46 - Report

Aman123 Aman123 - 19/12/2013 15:57 - Report
On mobile website it is in stock...on desktop site it is for pre order?

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 15:57 - Report
I don't think there are. I ordered one earlier today from Tesco but it said it would arrive in Feb so I cancelled the order.

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 16:02 - Report
It said it was in stock on desktop when I ordered it but that wasn't true so I emailed them to ask for it sooner or I would cancel. They phoned me later and the tesco guy said they won't be able to get me one this year.

Aman123 Aman123 - 19/12/2013 16:09 - Report
That sucks...odd on mobile site how it says in stock

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 16:13 - Report
I think they're doing it on purpose to get more sales. I didn't realise until I checked the purchase confirmation email and saw it would arrive on th 19th of Feb.

Butler Butler - 19/12/2013 10:42 - Report
yo listen go get 1 of amason
Butler Butler - 19/12/2013 11:38 - Report
go to amasonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 10:40 - Report
How do you know when its in stock at asda? stock informer has stopped tracking it.
jacobdyjas jacobdyjas - 19/12/2013 10:43 - Report
Oh yeah. That's weird. Why would they? Confused Luckily I ordered mine yesterday when it was still tracked. I would suggest to go to asda direct website and check if it's avilable around 9am-11am every day.

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 10:54 - Report
Will do. Thanks

hendax hendax - 19/12/2013 10:32 - Report
I got mine from Asda. Collected next day. Like I said, it looks like Tesco arent happy at missing out to rivals so are selling pre-orders rather than actual stock.
guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 10:38 - Report
It's pretty cheeky of them cos they are selling it as "stock" and not "pre-order" like amazon are. Surely it's false advertising?

hendax hendax - 19/12/2013 10:41 - Report
I called my local Tesco yesterday and they got a delivery last night and are holding me another with COD. That's for my brother. People might have more look speaking to the stores instead.

hendax hendax - 19/12/2013 10:41 - Report

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 10:25 - Report
Is it telling anyone else, "these items can only be delivered" and saying delivery will take 42-45 days?
jacobdyjas jacobdyjas - 19/12/2013 10:28 - Report
I would cancel the order and wait for ps4's to be in stock in ASDA. It's back in stock everyday.

guest49837 guest49837 - 19/12/2013 10:29 - Report
same for me yeah

chaffers chaffers - 19/12/2013 10:30 - Report
yep was just about to order but saw delivery only NOT COLLECT IN STORE like it says on here and it does say in stock what a load of cobblers

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 10:36 - Report
Thanks for the advice. I've emailed them to ask if I can pick it up instead but I think I'm gonna have to cancel the order and wait for asda like you suggested. It's annoying though cos i've seen plenty of people on here taliking about how they ordered it and picked up the same day.

Cruncher75 Cruncher75 - 19/12/2013 10:18 - Report
Does say PlayStation 4 is extremely popular. Order now and we'll deliver when available. Orders will not be received prior to Christmas.

hendax hendax - 19/12/2013 10:15 - Report
17 February 2014? Sounds like a pre-order, not in stock.

guest50489 guest50489 - 19/12/2013 10:07 - Report
Just ordered mine but it didnt give me the option of picking up from a local store. It said it should arrive by the 17th of Feb. Did anyone else have to wait that long cos I was under the impression that they had stock and it wasn't a pre-order?

Wildrider68 Wildrider68 - 19/12/2013 10:06 - Report
Tesco will allow me to buy, but no option to pick up from store - delivery only, with a minimum wait time of 42 days.....WTF?

hendax hendax - 18/12/2013 16:20 - Report
I wonder why Asda seem to be getting stock daily but not Tesco.

Guest45871 Guest45871 - 18/12/2013 06:54 - Report
Really happy with this site - i had the Tesco alert at 7:20 on saturday morning, went straight on line, ordered and paid for it for delivery to my local store. Picked it up on Monday - thanks so much, i didnt think that i would get one! i will now have a very happy 13 year old this time next week!

carpetkev carpetkev - 17/12/2013 16:22 - Report
Very happy with this site, just been and collected mine, which i ordered via this site, keep trying people, Good Luck!

RageKage25 RageKage25 - 17/12/2013 15:18 - Report
Just picked up my console from my local tesco! I was wakened by the stock informer email alert on my phone on Saturday morning, ordered at 8am, no problems. Many many thanks to stock informer! A week of constantly being logged onto the site paid off Smile

Boomboom1888 Boomboom1888 - 17/12/2013 01:00 - Report
After my post earlier tesco e-mailed me at 4pm with a return of payment and and £20 compensation! I then received an e-mail at 11pm saying my console has now been dispatched! Have not got a clue what is going on. Will have to phone in the morning to find out. This hunting for a ps4 is pretty stressful!lol
BC95 BC95 - 17/12/2013 02:05 - Report
Your not the only one stressing out lol! i nearly snagged one earlier but wasnt quick enough... its ridiculous how hard it is to get one!!

Jb91 Jb91 - 17/12/2013 14:07 - Report
That kinda happ*end to me it turned up unexpected and unpaid for

Boomboom1888 Boomboom1888 - 17/12/2013 16:50 - Report
Thats exactly whats happened to me now, got an e-mail saying its been dispatched that was 7 hours after the order had been cancelled. Just picked it up there but had to give my card details again! Thought a was gonna get a free console but no such luck. This is a great sight n am sure if you really want one then you will get one. There seems to be alot more available than people were expecting. I had ordered one on amazon this morning just incase, now cancelled.

Jb91 Jb91 - 17/12/2013 17:16 - Report
I orerded mine for next day delivery

guest43654 guest43654 - 17/12/2013 00:36 - Report
Tesco in Gatwick at stock earlier. I picked up a stand alone console at around 2-3pm.

Guest49892 Guest49892 - 16/12/2013 20:57 - Report
Please can some one help me I bin missing on the ps4 , soon as I go to buy it just says not in stock, any advice guys many thanks
BC95 BC95 - 16/12/2013 22:52 - Report
look at the history and see when they are in stock and out of stock and just be ready to go for on when it becomes in stock, thts what ill do tomorrow morn.

Butler Butler - 17/12/2013 12:00 - Report
listen see the times ther in doesint mean ats the time they will be bk in doesint work like at

guest41971 guest41971 - 16/12/2013 20:20 - Report
Thanks Stock Informer! Ordered my ps4 Saturday morning at 7am did click and collect collected my ps4 couple of hours ago. thanks stock informer

guest47555 guest47555 - 16/12/2013 20:14 - Report
hi my order said ready for collection - I contacted tesco to double check and it is in store ! gonna have one very happy husband !

Guest49606 Guest49606 - 16/12/2013 19:27 - Report
Hi guys i ordered saturday got email saying despatched this morning and havent heard anything since when i track on tesco website it says ready for collection, im at work so cant collect untill tomorrow does this all sound ok?

rjkell23 rjkell23 - 16/12/2013 17:31 - Report
Tesco in irvine (did) have a few in when I picked up the bundle today

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