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Discuss Pokemon GO Plus Stock at Nintendo

Discuss Pokemon GO Plus Stock @ Pokemon GO Plus at Nintendo
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Guest130321 Guest130321 - 08/12/2016 11:36 - Report
Nintendo cancelled my order! I accidently ordered twice on my mobile as I thought the first one didn't go through and they cancelled both! Devastated!
Keys Keys - 13/12/2016 13:15 - Report
Pmd you x

guest81252 guest81252 - 05/12/2016 14:01 - Report
Hi just ordered one off Nintendo site but delivery is saying stock will be dispatched when received from supplier anyone any idea on how long it might be?
deadend81 deadend81 - 05/12/2016 14:30 - Report
well i ordered one on black friday and it still hasnt been dispatched, the other items i ordered from nintendo came within a day or so

guest81252 guest81252 - 05/12/2016 14:37 - Report
Oh no hope it comes for you soon! Just been on the phone to them and they've said it should definitely be here by next week at the latest so here's hoping

odhranlynch odhranlynch - 05/12/2016 15:53 - Report
Thanks for details good to know Smile

guest140079 guest140079 - 05/12/2016 17:48 - Report
I ordered one in the last stock only took a few days also they send you a email with tracking via royal mail 😃

guest81252 guest81252 - 05/12/2016 18:26 - Report
Yeah the emails at the moment are not giving tracking details yet just says dispatch when they get stock from supplier hopefully get the tracking one soon tho Smile thanks

guest140079 guest140079 - 05/12/2016 19:24 - Report
I meant to say with the dispatch email 🙈

MandyN MandyN - 07/12/2016 18:23 - Report
I got an email today saying it had been dispatched & delivered by 12th December Big Grin

Mason Mason - 28/11/2016 11:45 - Report
Anyone know when these will be back in stock please?
khalifa khalifa - 28/11/2016 22:38 - Report
no idea mate just matter of keeping a eye on it

odhranlynch odhranlynch - 05/12/2016 12:55 - Report
Unless you haven't got an email... They are their now!

odhranlynch odhranlynch - 05/12/2016 12:56 - Report
I meant to type there and not their lol

Mason Mason - 05/12/2016 13:22 - Report
Yes thanks, I did get the email but I ended up ordering from amazon France so all is good

guest81252 guest81252 - 05/12/2016 14:04 - Report
Hi just ordered one off Nintendo site but delivery is saying stock will be dispatched when received from supplier anyone any idea on how long it might be?

khalifa khalifa - 28/11/2016 11:24 - Report
anybody got a dispatch email yet?
guest89052 guest89052 - 28/11/2016 21:13 - Report
Managed to order one had a confirmation email from Nintendo but no money left PayPal yet just pending. Anyone had theirs dispatched yet?

guest89052 guest89052 - 28/11/2016 21:15 - Report
Sorry PayPal says order received, not pending as I wrote above

khalifa khalifa - 28/11/2016 22:39 - Report
mines been stuck on processing althought payment gone from paypal on friday

guest89052 guest89052 - 29/11/2016 19:43 - Report
Payment just went through and Nintendo dispatch email with tracking Royal Mail , very happy😄

carzy77 carzy77 - 26/11/2016 00:01 - Report
I never received an email, gutted?
carzy77 carzy77 - 26/11/2016 08:47 - Report
Sorry email was in spam, frustrating!

guest107841 guest107841 - 25/11/2016 18:16 - Report
Got one, many thanks.

dodgy123 dodgy123 - 25/11/2016 11:58 - Report
Pre orders are live on the Nintendo website, it's not updated on here though. Good luck

guest86949 guest86949 - 27/10/2016 08:00 - Report
I keep missing the item coming back in stock, I check each day but always at the wrong times!

Neo Neo - 26/10/2016 13:00 - Report
Been waiting for this for a month now. The most annoying thing is my son will actually us this. Unlike people buying them then selling them for double the price...

Toy huntress Toy huntress - 17/10/2016 19:20 - Report
Still oos but says due late October now.

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