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guest183985 guest183985 - 10/12/2016 00:05 - Report
There is no point in trying to "buy" from CurrysPcworld. Massive letdowns

Clare moore Clare moore - 07/12/2016 20:59 - Report
Same happ*end to me fuming isnt the word, and it can take 7 days for refund

Chris1341 Chris1341 - 07/12/2016 19:44 - Report
Today I received an email from PC World stating they had cancelled my order placed 10 days ago, IT issues caused it to show as stock. I note from this web site it was shown again in stock today several times, I guess that is again a fault probably as they cancel people's orders. So I dug deep and bought one from someone on Amazon paid an extra £120 but it is Christmas!, if it comes in stock somewhere I could always return it under the returns policy.
Admin Administrator - 07/12/2016 19:49 - Report
Sorry to hear that, We have now turned off the stock checking for Currys/PC World.

fire_ball fire_ball - 07/12/2016 20:36 - Report
Yep also the same for me! Couldn't believe within minutes of reciving the cancelled email they came back in stock! But obviously something's not right PC World end!

numbersix99 numbersix99 - 07/12/2016 15:38 - Report
Ordered from PC World - got email to say estimated date is wrong and will be contacted further. Hopgin this doesn't mean til after Xmas

Chris1341 Chris1341 - 02/12/2016 15:31 - Report
Latest from PC world, "We may have had issues with our web site causing it to show we had stock six times last Saturday" still no stock and still no idea when it's coming.

guest139086 guest139086 - 30/11/2016 14:06 - Report
bloke said there were 48 people charged without stock... I filed a claim in Paypal as I didn't think my refund was fast enough then got it staight away
fire_ball fire_ball - 07/12/2016 20:38 - Report
I was one of them. So frustrating having £350 out of my account for what will be about 2 weeks before the refund comes through!

fire_ball fire_ball - 07/12/2016 20:38 - Report
....for nothing!

Daniellelarge1991 Daniellelarge1991 - 27/11/2016 11:04 - Report
Don't get one when they come in stock ordered mine Friday to be told today they have no stock and more than likely won't till after Christmas yet there still taking people money
guest143298 guest143298 - 27/11/2016 11:06 - Report
Exactly! Absolute joke!!!

guest131371 guest131371 - 26/11/2016 09:53 - Report
Finally got one thanks, however this was only due to browser audio alerts,email alerts are still not working.
Admin Administrator - 26/11/2016 10:16 - Report
There is no point in sending thousands of emails when PC World only put a couple of units up for sale. We always only send emails on a case by case basis.

DB9506 DB9506 - 25/11/2016 17:21 - Report
Got one. Thanks SI.

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