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Discuss PlayStation VR Stock at John Lewis

Discuss PlayStation VR Stock @ PlayStation VR at John Lewis
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guest236431 guest236431 - 27/01/2017 07:24 - Report
Thahk you SI. Got your email alert and went straight to the store placed my order and i am picking it up tonight. JL got their first 52 units in stock from 3:30pm and were out of stock by 4:30pm

guest228016 guest228016 - 20/01/2017 19:16 - Report
Ordered 18th picked it up 19th. Ty JL

doone128 doone128 - 19/01/2017 17:16 - Report
Darn you John Lewis! Looks like they're posting 1 at a time. Got one in my basket but went out of stock before I could check out. How frustrating!

guest230518 guest230518 - 19/01/2017 06:07 - Report
Woo hoo ! Got it . Click and collect for tomorrow ! Great stuff Stock Informer !!!!!
doone128 doone128 - 19/01/2017 13:10 - Report
Good stuff. I wish SI would work on mobile. Every time I step away from my laptop for 2 minutes there's a stock alert!

Iwantapsvrplease Iwantapsvrplease - 18/01/2017 12:38 - Report
Thank you! Ordered mine today and should arrive tomorrow. I've been searching for ages. This website helped a lot! So excited 😝

Daveg1982 Daveg1982 - 18/01/2017 10:02 - Report
Just ordered looking forward to pick up tomorrow. Thanks stock informer 👍👍👍👍
Admin Administrator - 19/01/2017 17:48 - Report
No worries, glad you found the website useful

JulesX JulesX - 18/01/2017 09:51 - Report
Just ordered and delivery arranged for tomorrow, just in time for a birthday (one day later). Thank you stock informer you have one very happy user (and partner soon) Dance

Alexis83 Alexis83 - 19/12/2016 10:20 - Report
Please inform me if there is any stock

guest146898 guest146898 - 19/11/2016 14:31 - Report
Got some. Thanks stock informer. Great site as with os4)xbox release in 2013. Beat the crowd.
Admin Administrator - 19/11/2016 15:00 - Report
Great!!! Glad to be of assistance again! Big Grin

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