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Discuss PlayStation VR Stock at Amazon Spain

Discuss PlayStation VR Stock @ PlayStation VR at Amazon Spain
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vandvr vandvr - 29/12/2016 15:21 - Report
Just ordered of, just google a spanish address any one use that then when u add the headset to the basket at checkout just use your UK address

Nick Sherman Nick Sherman - 29/12/2016 11:02 - Report
You need a Spanish billing address to sign up for Amazon Prime on
Guest229727 Guest229727 - 29/12/2016 11:16 - Report
So if you live in the UK you can't order one?

Nick Sherman Nick Sherman - 29/12/2016 12:00 - Report
I'm afraid it seems that way, I tried to sign up and it wouldn't let me.

Vader Vader - 27/12/2016 10:48 - Report
Got mine and works no problem and instructions in English also. To make things even better it's brilliant 😀
Admin Administrator - 27/12/2016 14:18 - Report
Great, glad you are enjoying it! Big Grin

Anucis Anucis - 23/12/2016 19:55 - Report
I placed pre order with Game end of November but 2 weeks later and no update. So I started looking again and luckily found it here. Ordered on Spanish Amazon with delivery between 21-23rd of December and it came today!! You saved my Christmas as this was the main gift. Thank You

guest109999 guest109999 - 21/12/2016 18:47 - Report
YES!!! Mine just arrived!! Thank you so much!! Smile

matn911 matn911 - 20/12/2016 22:49 - Report
asda have in stock now - ***********/Sony-Playstation-VR/050107330,default,pd.html just ordered mine for collection on thursday Smile
guest182871 guest182871 - 20/12/2016 23:35 - Report
same here,just hope it doesnt get cancelled

guest109999 guest109999 - 20/12/2016 08:24 - Report
Ordered on the 14th and today they have taken my money! How long after money taken have others had theirs delivered? thanks
John Philip McHale John Philip McHale - 20/12/2016 11:16 - Report
mine was delivered on 16th and the only took payment on 17th

guest109999 guest109999 - 20/12/2016 11:51 - Report
Oh thats a bit backwards! lol! I have just had update and it says it will be delivered on Friday!!! i really hope so!

Rampy Rampy - 19/12/2016 10:31 - Report
Still not dispatched yet:-( , ordered on 5th although invoice says 6th, was first meant to be here 15th, then got email saying now 23rd. Hoping gets sent today, people who have ordered after me have got theres, i am guessing those who ordered on 5-6th got allocated stock that did not exist. Those who ordered after got allocated new stock not realising people before had no stock, and we had to wait for next batch rather than shift everyone along. If it dont get dispatched this week i will cancel.
Rampy Rampy - 20/12/2016 23:22 - Report
Update, dispatched today at noon :-) says delivery 22 but just checked with dhl and there saying 21st, sent express.

Chelseapaul Chelseapaul - 19/12/2016 10:10 - Report
so i ordered on the 14th.. was dispatched on the 17th at 5pm.. is now out for delivery on the morning of 19th! that is some great service thank you for leading the way stockinformer!
guest109999 guest109999 - 19/12/2016 17:37 - Report
I ordered on 14th as well but no dispatch notice yet Sad

Vader Vader - 17/12/2016 00:50 - Report
Hi, got all I need except the PS4 uk cable, doe it have to be 13v as loads are not, thanks
Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 19/12/2016 19:27 - Report
Its just a common IEC-320 type C7 moulded 'figure-of-8 Plug you will have one in a drawer somewhere if your like me.

John Philip McHale John Philip McHale - 16/12/2016 11:55 - Report
Viva Espana and huge thanks to stock informer! He is my story. I ordered on the 8th and was told it would arrive between 20-22 Dec. Then a few hours later they moved the date forward to 16-17th Dec. Since then I had been on the site daily checking if they had shipped it and they hadn't as of yesterday (the 15th) but it kept saying it was "a tiempo" (on time!) - I was worried! However, this morning I saw that it had shipped from Fife in Scotland and has now arrived in Newcastle on route to me (I live just outside Newcastle) Hope this brings some Xmas cheer to this wondering why order updates are worryingly vague.
Chelseapaul Chelseapaul - 16/12/2016 18:45 - Report
what date did they take payment?

John Philip McHale John Philip McHale - 20/12/2016 11:15 - Report
Hi Chelsea Paul I was billed on 17th (one day after I received it)

guest222561 guest222561 - 15/12/2016 17:04 - Report
I'm a bit worried now I'm thinking they didn't have any in stock said they did just to sign up for prime and pay the 19 euros they asked for mine Amazon tacking says delivery 21 to 23 December but that's all the information there giving me.
Colin Meiklem Colin Meiklem - 15/12/2016 22:18 - Report
i complained mine was due on 14th and didnt come then they replied saying that it was a error on the website and they come back instock on the 17th and will be here on 26th (UK)

Colin Meiklem Colin Meiklem - 15/12/2016 23:07 - Report
take that back it just got dispatched

Notman360 Notman360 - 16/12/2016 13:56 - Report
you shouldnt have to pay for prime you should get a 30 free trial same as here in the uk, just log in with your amazon uk details

BenUK BenUK - 15/12/2016 08:03 - Report
It says I can only sign up for Prime with a Spanish inovice address - so cant order Sad
chilly64 chilly64 - 15/12/2016 13:32 - Report
Google fake Spanish address generator and put that address in as your billing address on Amazon. Then get your free prime trial. Just make sure you put in your UK shipping address at checkout. And that's it

Notman360 Notman360 - 16/12/2016 13:54 - Report
Just sign in with your UK amazon account

chilly64 chilly64 - 16/12/2016 13:56 - Report
That doesn't work. You need a Spanish address for prime

Rampy Rampy - 17/12/2016 13:32 - Report
I used uk login and signed up to prime ok.

Notman360 Notman360 - 19/12/2016 12:46 - Report
Yeah same here i had no issues but i did cancel the order as i managed to get one from shop to .net

chilly64 chilly64 - 19/12/2016 13:14 - Report
That's weird, it wouldn't for me.

chilly64 chilly64 - 15/12/2016 07:46 - Report
It seems it takes longer to deliver to the uk. I ordered one to go to Ireland and another to go to the UK and the delivery is estimated 23rd Dec for the Irish address and not til January for the UK address? So I canceled that one.

S2wade S2wade - 15/12/2016 07:13 - Report
Hi I ordered my PS VR from this site on 5 December. It was supposed to arrive today. However I have been informed that there is a delay and it is not known when my item will arrive
Colin Meiklem Colin Meiklem - 15/12/2016 13:58 - Report
happened to me to was error on the website, and i got told it will come on the 26th (UK)

MariaG123456 MariaG123456 - 15/12/2016 18:02 - Report
Mine said there was a delay too but there actually wasnt and it arrived earlier than estimated date.

Rampy Rampy - 17/12/2016 13:34 - Report
Yh same problem with delay, ordered 5th for 15th delivery but got rnail on 15th that will now be 22-23rd, strange people who ordered 7th or 8th already got theres.

Russ Hall Russ Hall - 14/12/2016 22:53 - Report
Ordered but received an email saying estimated delivery was Jan 7th - 10th. I guess the 'In stock' isn't so accurate currently!

guest109999 guest109999 - 14/12/2016 19:04 - Report
just ordered one! Pray it comes in time now!! est. 21st-23rd Shocked
guest222561 guest222561 - 14/12/2016 19:34 - Report
Me to praying it arrives before crimbo

MariaG123456 MariaG123456 - 14/12/2016 19:39 - Report
Mine arrived earlier than expected so theres a good chance it will, keep tracking it using the amazon app too it helpsSmile

guest222561 guest222561 - 14/12/2016 19:43 - Report
Thank you Wink

guest109999 guest109999 - 14/12/2016 21:03 - Report
I hope so MariaG! Thanks!

Susan41981 Susan41981 - 14/12/2016 18:10 - Report
Received mine today from Amazon ES but comes with a Spanish ac lead. I'm assuming it will work if I just get a plug converter?? Anyone else had this?
Chelseapaul Chelseapaul - 14/12/2016 18:32 - Report
just use a uk plug with the same fitting. many playstation products use one

guest203378 guest203378 - 14/12/2016 17:02 - Report
Got mine today having ordered it on the 5th December.

Chelseapaul Chelseapaul - 14/12/2016 02:15 - Report
how do i create a spanish prime trial? it keeps saying i need to have a invoice address that is in spain

MariaG123456 MariaG123456 - 13/12/2016 20:02 - Report
Thanks stock informer Smile!

MariaG123456 MariaG123456 - 13/12/2016 20:02 - Report
My vr arrived 2 days ago😁 finally!

xSCDx xSCDx - 13/12/2016 13:30 - Report
Just received mine from spain. Plugged it all in, and have a faulty extension cable, headset works when directly connected to the processor unit Sad Sony not interested in helping. now have to try and get a refund...what a sodding nightmare!!!!!!
Ali Harris Ali Harris - 14/12/2016 09:25 - Report
Surely Sony should send a replacement...its under guarantee??

xSCDx xSCDx - 14/12/2016 09:53 - Report
Exactly! this was my point to them, brand new out the box. I spoke to two separate operators after talking with Amazon, they were not interested it sending a replacement cable and stated I had to send it back to the retailer...flabbergasted!! I do now have it working, by not plugging in the extension in all the way. i'll be on to SONY again later!

Badgerbadger74 Badgerbadger74 - 13/12/2016 09:38 - Report
Ordered on 8th Dec from and my vr headset delivered yesterday! Thanks!

Vader Vader - 12/12/2016 20:44 - Report
Hoorah, my .es delivery which I ordered on the 6th arrived today. Thanks for the help.

Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 12/12/2016 18:10 - Report
Just noticed that Amazon Spain have them back in stock but price is now 459 euros against 394 euros from last week?
Admin Administrator - 12/12/2016 18:35 - Report
It's currently a third party seller, not Amazon Spain.

Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 12/12/2016 19:39 - Report
ah I thought it was unusual to see Amazon jump on the price hike band wagon, hope they get some stock themselves so people are not paying through the nose for the PSVR leading up to Xmas.

Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 11/12/2016 16:55 - Report
Ordered from Amazon Spain on the 7th it arrived today Sunday 11th, delivered by Yodel didn't even know they made deliveries on Sundays? anyway very impressed with speed of delivery , Amazon Spain showing new stock expected on the 16th, if your not sure about ordering from abroad I hope my experience will help you with the decision.
Admin Administrator - 11/12/2016 18:54 - Report
Thanks Dale, we appreciate you sharing your good experience Big Grin

Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 12/12/2016 03:56 - Like This Item Report
Stock informer admin, could not have done it without your great little website, Thank you. Smile

DocP DocP - 12/12/2016 18:02 - Report
Ordered mine on the 5th and not arrived yet :/

Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 12/12/2016 18:05 - Report
Docp you ordered before I did and still have not received it? how did you fund the payment for it? must be something holding up the dispatch.

DocP DocP - 12/12/2016 19:31 - Report
It's landed in the U.K. Today. just used my regular card

Dale Ryan Dale Ryan - 12/12/2016 22:25 - Report
Docp, maybe just went a different route that's why it took a little longer?

Ali Harris Ali Harris - 13/12/2016 09:45 - Report
ordered mine on the 7th and still not here....arrrghghghghh fingers crossed

yidarmy1979 yidarmy1979 - 09/12/2016 19:32 - Report
had one last night then got email asking me to fax picture of card and balance details or they would not send it, they locked my account. Rang to complian and they shut my account so will need new email address to open new one!
Deano55 Deano55 - 10/12/2016 08:50 - Report
Sounds well dodgey.

Notman360 Notman360 - 08/12/2016 16:34 - Report
i have just canceled my order on amazonES so they may have one more in stock, my order for Shop 2 apparently has gone through even thou my bank canceled it and its been dispatched just a heads up if someone wants to try amazon es

guest214820 guest214820 - 08/12/2016 14:04 - Report
Can you pay monthly on the Spain site? Couldn't find the option

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