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Discuss PlayStation Move Controller Stock at Amazon

Discuss PlayStation Move Controller Stock @ PlayStation Move Controller at Amazon
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Smithy365 Smithy365 - 06/01/2017 10:36 - Report
I pre ordered mine on xmas day, and it was dispatched by Amazon yesterday. Tracking it with Royal Mail who say it will be delivered today!

guest231933 guest231933 - 03/01/2017 11:49 - Report
Any sort of pattern to know when they will get stock? Don't want to pre order then it

Gooner AFC Gooner AFC - 22/12/2016 11:23 - Report
There has been a price increase and I ordered it on the 2nd of November and I received them today

sarahweiruk sarahweiruk - 03/12/2016 09:46 - Report
I had an email this morning telling me stock was due 15th December and should be with me before Christmas.
sarahweiruk sarahweiruk - 14/12/2016 11:22 - Report
Despatched this morning!

conorg conorg - 28/11/2016 16:18 - Report
Amazon US has this reduced to $85 today. Works out about £90 delivered to the UK after adding international shipping and import fees.
Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 28/11/2016 16:37 - Report
Thanks, I've added a listing to the PlayStation Move Stock checking page.

dabas dabas - 28/11/2016 18:28 - Report
No problem ,I am glad that I can help others to get the controllers before Xmas ,Sony europe have got a lot to answer for !

dabas dabas - 28/11/2016 18:31 - Report
Also it's great that the price has dropped even further ,at least peoploe who know about this site don't have to pay the rip off Ebay £140 prices that they have been selling for ,just a shame for those who don't !

Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 28/11/2016 18:59 - Report
Thanks dabas, please let us know when they arrive Big Grin

guest107719 guest107719 - 01/12/2016 15:16 - Report
Ordered mine on November 22nd from Amazon US for £95 and delivered today

dabas dabas - 01/12/2016 20:44 - Report
I have received mine today from Amazon US ,.as you can see from my comment below I ordered mine on 22nd ,the estimated delivery was 7th Dec but they arrived much quicker.If anyone is still thinking about ordering from the US site I would still put my order in now and go for the 5/9 day shipping for an extra £3 ,you will get them before xmas !

dabas dabas - 22/11/2016 01:28 - Report
I can't be bothered to mess about and wait to see if I can get them for retail price from GAME or any other UK supplier and don't want take a chance of not getting them for Xmas .I have just bought them from Amazon USA for £102, still cheaper than Ebay
guest68918 guest68918 - 22/11/2016 17:57 - Report
Did you get delivery date from amazon usa

dabas dabas - 23/11/2016 11:21 - Report
Hi ,yes I did .I paid £2 extra for priority shipping which means I get it in 5 to 9 working days rather than 9 to 15 with standard shipping.It was dispatched yesterday and I was sent an email and text message saying that I will receive the move controllers on 6th Dec,but I expect them to arrive sooner than that.I will update you when they arrive.

dabas dabas - 22/11/2016 01:26 - Report
Amazon has sold through our allocation of Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Twin Pack (PS4/PSVR) and will not have any more stock before Christmas.

dodgy123 dodgy123 - 16/11/2016 18:01 - Report
I know you don't know me from adam but I ordered mine from alza on the 15th oct (yes last month at the height of psvr fever), they came, didn't have english instructions(thats what the internet is for!) and i paid a little more for the with postage £72.27 never heard of that company before but i used paypal and got the pretty quickly for those that are desperate to have the Move experience in London Heist. They are showing stock
dodgy123 dodgy123 - 16/11/2016 18:20 - Report
Just thought they have a weird discription which make me think its just the foreign translation "Navigation Controller Playstation Move Twin Pack (2 drivers MOVE)" but they were the 2 controllers with balls on the end

dodgy123 dodgy123 - 16/11/2016 18:31 - Report
the ones they show in stock have a different code to the ones i ordered MSX1014B mine didn't have the B i guess its the bulk packaging so don't expect a nice box if getting them for a gift

G3tTheStuff G3tTheStuff - 16/11/2016 19:35 - Report
that looks fairly dodgy...

dodgy123 dodgy123 - 17/11/2016 16:49 - Report
thats why I used paypal as I was half expecting to have to claim

Dblue75 Dblue75 - 12/11/2016 14:48 - Report
No point in putting the price down when they have none in stock lol

Wowchillout Wowchillout - 10/11/2016 00:34 - Report
Anybody has an email to say when Amazon will get these back stock?
guest116722 guest116722 - 10/11/2016 10:21 - Report
I ordered about 4 days ago and not heard anything from them at all. No estimated dates, nothing....

dabas dabas - 10/11/2016 11:00 - Report
The last I heard Amazon is supposed to have them in stock on 19th November .

G3tTheStuff G3tTheStuff - 10/11/2016 16:02 - Report
i've had one on order since the 22nd Oct, emailed them this morning, they still wouldn't give any date at all.

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