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guest422186 26/02/2019 23:04

w*****s....whacking up the price when these are in such short supply. That said,sony really needs to pull it's head out is arse and sort out these supply issues. When you look at other threads and forums this seems to have been an on going issue since the vr was released .

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guest422186 18/02/2019 22:28

Piss takers 😡😡😡

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guest419660 23/01/2019 15:57

Wow, that price dude. £30 over the RRP. Looks like it's back to waiting. Sony needs to sort there sh#t out.

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Aaroncity 09/01/2017 19:11

Disgusting price! Current stock on ShopTo for retail price try them Smile

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guest218145 - 09/01/2017 19:31

I agree on the disgusting price


BryndenUK - 11/01/2017 16:40

Yeah taking advantage of the situation, I got mine at GameSeek £78:54 tenner above average which I didn't mind paying, wouldn't pay above £80.


guest223484 20/12/2016 19:25

Just ordered the last one thank you stock informer - you life savers xx

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guest218145 19/12/2016 16:46

Sold out now

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guest218145 19/12/2016 16:44

Glad to see it's in stock. But I won't pay anything other than RRP or less

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