Discuss Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset (64GB) Stock at Scan Computers

Discuss Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset (64GB) Stock @ Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset (64GB) at Scan Computers


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uyghuy 11/06/2020 12:46

so, i ordered mine on 30/05/2020, and well scan said it would be in stock 17 June, but now we received an email basically saying that even though they have received stock, however they have used that stock to fulfil other orders, as their preorder system is on a first buy first served basis, and who knows what i am in the queue, so they estimate that i will receive mine on the 22 of JULY!, i wouldn't necessarily say don't go with scan, if you do, your guaranteed to get one, but it may be a long time before you get one Sad, i hope mine does come on the 22 July though Smile

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Scottish Herb 04/06/2020 10:56

I had pre-ordered the quest and got an email advising of delay, was concerned with other mentions that way more pre-orders where taken than what they could handle. So I’ve cancelled the pre-order in hopes to pick up one from another retailer as I’ve had the chance but didn’t have the money due to pre-order. If it helps anyone who wants to cancel and has had the same problem as me Scan stated the money would be back in my account in 2-3 working days

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guest485786 07/05/2020 13:35

i preordered mine in early april it said it would come by the 28th then it was pushed to the 12 may which it got pushed back again only hearing this yesterday to 17th of june it is not reliable

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Sgt180 - 07/05/2020 15:30

I was in same position just paid extra for the 128g as they sed the preorders are a lot less. Si hopefully get it by next week

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Innserve 22/04/2020 08:46

Alternate still have stock of 64GB but £444

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azw412 16/04/2020 16:39

I tried to pre-order today and they now say delivery is pushed back to 3rd week in May (on phone)

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chelihung - 16/04/2020 20:32

for all orders?


guest497091 - 17/04/2020 10:40

I received an email this morning saying that they estimate my order being dispatched on 12th May. I placed the order on 15th.


azw412 - 22/04/2020 09:29

I'm so glad I didn't pre-order from Scan, mine arrives from Overclockers today. I also could have had one from Argos or Amazon in the last few days.


guest497091 15/04/2020 14:29

I have pre ordered from SCAN and asked them about stock. They say they cant guarantee which orders will be fulfilled with the stock arriving on 28/04 until they have it in as they have a large number of pre orders.

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shamahm 14/04/2020 18:13

How reliable is Scan?

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chelihung - 14/04/2020 20:46

not sure, but according to google, they are pretty reputable. I preordered mine from here. I'm more concerned about whether they are actually able to fulfil the order given how long their 'preorder' status been they must get so many


guest497091 - 15/04/2020 12:53

I have used them successfully in the past so no issues in that regard. As you said, the only concern will be whether they will have enough in...


guest463083 04/01/2020 01:12

I have just ordered from here and it is going to arrive on Jan 20, John Lewis have recently got it on stock and they can deliver within 5 business days , would it be faster refunding my order and receive and buy it from John lewis or should i leave it ?

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Administrator - 04/01/2020 08:23

Not sure of the cancellation process with Scan, but John Lewis includes a 2-year guarantee.


guest463083 - 06/01/2020 22:17

They gave now pushed the date to the 29th of January, im going to cancel my order and hope i can get it sooner from another retailer


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