Discuss Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Stock at Currys

Discuss Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Stock @ Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 at Currys


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Jimjamran 09/01/2021 21:39

I received the code after 1 week from purchase! Don't worry it's coming.

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guest1218752 25/12/2020 14:02

Where can I find the redemption code for cod16

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Nazemo - 26/12/2020 10:54

I didn't get a code either. I assumed we would get an email or something


guest1383491 - 26/12/2020 15:56

REDEEM YOUR COUPON THROUGH GEFORCE EXPERIENCE 1. Install your qualified graphics card. 2. Update or install the latest version of GeForce Experience (Version 3.18 or higher). ***********geforce****/geforce-experience/download 3. Open and log in to GeForce Experience. 4. Go to the Account drop-down menu in the top-right and s*elect “REDEEM”. 5. Enter your bundle code from your qualifying bundle purchase. 6. Follow the remaining instructions on screen to sign in through your Battle.net account. 7. Select “REDEEM” to redeem Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to your Battle.net account. 8. Select “LAUNCH BATTLE.NET” to complete redemption and begin installation.


Nazemo - 29/12/2020 00:28

All that is useless without the code lol


guest1218752 - 29/12/2020 12:28

yes, we need a CODE! Currys online chat is unavailable now, so does anyone know Currys email address.


Nazemo - 29/12/2020 22:38

When i ordered my 5900x I got code for far cry 6 sent to email about 3 to 5 days later


guest1383491 - 30/12/2020 11:23

it says bundle code... so why not try your order numbers and stuff like that...


WizgianZoda 24/12/2020 19:11

One of these available right now

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guest1383491 22/12/2020 19:42

so i have one ordered but the stock went dead, just thought id leave a little tip of what i did, i had the stock discord open with alerts and website on at all times, the moment it went into stock i went to currys, wouldnt let me add to basket so i found that if you spam the add to basket then head over to the bundles with the card add that to basket then view and youll then see the card there, remove the bundle then continue to add, even if stock goes as long as payment goes through they will send you one within days, im due on to be sent by xmas da, hope this help Smile

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robredz 19/12/2020 22:58

I checked stock, looks like are available in Llandudno, Rhyl & bangor stores for collect as of 22:55 I'm in North Wales so could add one to a cart. Picked up a Ventus that had been sitting in Bangor, didn't want the Trio as needs 3 x 8 pin.

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guest1300687 18/12/2020 04:16

Has anyone been able to complete a coventional purchase of stock?

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robredz - 19/12/2020 15:33

I was watching this one and I thought see if I could get it into a basket. it came up, delivery unavailable abvailable to gollect , in a store 20 miles away, I kept looking for 5 days no one bought it so i grabbed it today. Asked in the store Currys PC World in Bangor Gwynedd, if they had any more, theyt said was only one they had, they had a couple of 3070, and 3080, but they had gone.


guest1305032 15/12/2020 00:13

But it’s not even in stock.

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guest1218752 12/12/2020 02:20

When is rtx 3090 strix oc available in currys?? 😭

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robredz 30/11/2020 16:29

Same price oops a penny less pre order on OverClocker's prices are crazy wonderr what will happen with the 3060TI, as that one is supposed to be better than 3080 & 3090 for miners.and that should be a sub £400 card.

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Bud 13/11/2020 12:28

Nice card, crazy price

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kojakxx - 13/11/2020 19:03

Currys have been pretty good with their prices compared to the rest of them (OC, Nova, Amazon, ebay (of course) )


Mitzophrenic - 30/11/2020 13:21

Why has this one seen such an increase? The others seem reasonable but i never see them in stock? Do they jack them up when they get the supply in?


robredz - 30/11/2020 16:31

That card is at the stock 350 watt, so only needs the 2 x 8 pin connectors, but deffo 750 watt PSU minimum.



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