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Discuss Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) Stock at Very

Discuss Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) Stock @ Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) at Very
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Admin Administrator - Sticky Forum Post - 02/03/2017 11:05 - Report


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or app alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.

Thanks, Admin


Indy89 Indy89 - 02/05/2017 15:42 - Report
Ordered on the 14th April with a by 27th May delivery date. Anyone had theirs delivered yet that ordered around the same time as mine? Heres hoping I don't have to wait till the end of May for it.
guest240323 guest240323 - 03/05/2017 19:59 - Report
Ordered mine on the 13th with a date of 30/5 on mine. Tried to contact them to find out what's happening but no luck.

Indy89 Indy89 - 03/05/2017 21:28 - Report
The more time passes the more I reckon that is when they will be dispatched. Can hope that it comes quicker. Starting to wish I'd gone with the grey as sounds like more have been dispatched by Very.

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 06/05/2017 18:52 - Report
Ordered on 29th April with delivery estimate of 27th May. Guessing once it's arrived people don't come back to say it's here. Any of you early April orders received their device yet?

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 06/05/2017 18:55 - Report
First time I've ever had software ahead of the hardware. Zelda is just sat in the box staring at me.

Indy89 Indy89 - 06/05/2017 19:34 - Report
Same here got Zelda, Mario Kart both sat on my shelf staring at me. Didn't get the your order is on track email this week though.

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 10/05/2017 15:59 - Report
NO change as of yet :-(

Indy89 Indy89 - 10/05/2017 16:05 - Report
Yeah no changes here yet either. I believe Very's supplier is Nintendo direct for the switch and Nintendo are listing next stock as late May. Looks like the wait continues. Still haven't had the update email stating my order is on track though. Had this come through every week until now. Will have had the games over a month by the time it comes. Its no wonder Nintendo have reported more game sales than consoles sold.

guest240323 guest240323 - 10/05/2017 17:49 - Report
I emailed them and they said the supplier """could""" be having stock issues. So I guess it will be the 30th for me or around then.

Indy89 Indy89 - 11/05/2017 09:30 - Report
I noticed the date on new orders has been pushed to 30/6 now. I guess even if it isn't until the end of the month should hopefully still be in time for the bank holiday at the end of the month.

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 13/05/2017 14:09 - Report
So as I'm understanding it everyone seems to get their stock towards the end of the month which then fulfills any backorders. Hopefully Very haven't oversold their May allocation and we should all get them.

Indy89 Indy89 - 14/05/2017 12:35 - Report
So far it does seem like Very can handle the back order to cover those with end of May estimates. I received an email yesterday stating my order was on track still. So on the plus side it looks like the end of May will be the latest we should receive them. Sadly however I don't see it moving any sooner. I'll be happy though as long as it doesn't get pushed out.

Indy89 Indy89 - 18/05/2017 14:02 - Report
Hi guest240323 have you received dispatch notification? Just asking as I have just now had the email and I notice you ordered a day before me.

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 18/05/2017 14:04 - Report
*Squeal* excitement rising, enjoy your switch :-)

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 18/05/2017 14:34 - Report
Got my dispatching. Delivery tomorrow \o/ yay

Indy89 Indy89 - 18/05/2017 15:07 - Report
Whoop great news. I know what I will be occupied with this weekend. Enjoy your Switch too, Im sure its been worth the wait. Big Grin

guest240323 guest240323 - 18/05/2017 17:11 - Report
Hey Indy89 I got an email today saying it's been dispatched. But no tracking information or email from very saying it's been sent. Might be getting sent from Nintendo to very? Who knows but I hope it comes tomorrow

PatientlySwitching PatientlySwitching - 18/05/2017 20:51 - Report
I also got an email today saying it has despatched, but no tracking or courier details..

Indy89 Indy89 - 19/05/2017 06:46 - Report
Looks like mine is via Royal Mail.

Indy89 Indy89 - 19/05/2017 07:52 - Report
Just had the email from Royal Mail that it is out for delivery today. Smile

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 19/05/2017 08:47 - Report
Ive been tracking mine via Very order history but I've finally received email from Royal Mail

PatientlySwitching PatientlySwitching - 19/05/2017 10:05 - Report
Mine has been delivered at last!

Indy89 Indy89 - 19/05/2017 12:55 - Report
Sounds like everyone should be getting theirs today for those who've have the dispatch note. Mines arrived now, had a look at it on my lunch break. Can't wait to get using it. Hope everyone enjoys it Smile

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 19/05/2017 15:18 - Report
Fingers crossed. According to the tracker mine is still on a van somewhere....

crashvoodoo crashvoodoo - 19/05/2017 16:34 - Report
It's arrived. Now to get home and try it, already had a call from son that is desperate to open and play it

Indy89 Indy89 - 19/05/2017 18:04 - Report
Great news enjoy it Smile

guest240323 guest240323 - 19/05/2017 19:23 - Report
Got mine today and it's great! Hope you all are enjoying your switch! Now just need to wait for my case!!

Indy89 Indy89 - 20/05/2017 01:15 - Report
Can't put it down, it's amazing. Case and a USB C cable will be my next purchases for it.

Morgz Morgz - 18/04/2017 00:57 - Report
Anyone received their console sooner than their delivery date? I've just ordered mine on the 14th april with an estimated delivery of 27th may (my friend ordered her's on the 5th april with the same delivery date as me, then received it on the 8th april??). Have you guys had the same experience? Has anyone else ordered around the same time as me?

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