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Discuss Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini Stock at Game

Discuss Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini Stock @ Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini at Game
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Admin Administrator (Twitter) - Sticky Forum Post - 28/06/2017 17:44 - Report


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or push notification alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.

Thanks, Admin


guest189981 guest189981 - Yesterday - 21/09/2017 18:14 - Report
Ordered from GAME last Thursday, I haven't heard anything since (which I'm taking as a good thing as no cancellation email) has anyone else heard anything? The status on my game account is ''unshipped"
simon9732 simon9732 - Yesterday - 21/09/2017 18:36 - Report
I have heard. I ordered 2 and they email me to say it should of just been 1 allowed but on this occassion they will hnour the 2 that I ordered so seems I am in the clear.

Kurbgear Kurbgear - 14/09/2017 18:57 - Report
have any of you who managed to bag a pre-order actually had the funds taken out of your account yet?....
Kurbgear Kurbgear - 14/09/2017 19:10 - Report
or am I missing something, do they take it when the item gets shipped out?

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 19:22 - Report
they take a pound out for security and then the rest up to 7 days before disptch

Kurbgear Kurbgear - 14/09/2017 19:23 - Report
okay, sweet. Cheers

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 19:51 - Report
Not sure they actually take the pound out of your account though. Think it just gets authorised by your bank and held as a charge against your card (kind of like if you ever have had to put a damage deposit down at a car rental place). It just proves your bank account details are legit. Money is then taken by GAME when they dispatch (according to their website).

dkwright77 dkwright77 - 14/09/2017 20:28 - Report
It said on the website that they take funds 7 days before release date. I checked my bank account and they added £1.00 to validate the account and later take it back

dkwright77 dkwright77 - 14/09/2017 20:30 - Report
Is there still chance the Game will cancel these pre-orders despite these physical bank checks and email confirmation of pre-orders? I'm still not convinced. I wouldn't be surprised if I later get an email of apology saying they cannot commit to all orders. Just a hunch, what do you guys think?

Lucianoc Lucianoc - 15/09/2017 11:03 - Report
why do you think that? would be really bad news if they do that as we can't keep "pre-ordering" every time right? I'm hopping they will keep this pre-orders and dispatch them on the release day... fingers crossed!

dkwright77 dkwright77 - 15/09/2017 11:20 - Report
Read 'DaveJRyan's' that starts with "Managed to get one too..." scroll further down this forum to read his post. He didnt have the best experience with Game when they confirmed his NES purchase. I think he's taking these confirmation emails with a pinch of salt.

Lucianoc Lucianoc - 15/09/2017 16:40 - Report
Oh, I see... so what do you - or anyone else, think would be the best approach? Pre-order from a different place? Think this could be an option but I'm assuming they will charge without notice right? Then, we'll need to pay for like 3 or 4 units... It's so annoying this situation... =(

guest273853 guest273853 - 15/09/2017 23:00 - Report
I'd give it a week. If you haven't had an email saying your order is cancelled then I reckon you're home and dry

dkwright77 dkwright77 - 18/09/2017 08:26 - Report
Well i have bought one from Game and one from Smyths to ensure that i get one. If an order does get cancelled then at least i've got one. I'd be bloody unlucky for both to be cancelled. If i happen to get both, i'm keeping one for myself and I'll use the 2nd as a Christmas present

Lucianoc Lucianoc - 19/09/2017 16:14 - Report
yes, I think this is the safest bet. trying to get another one too. no email cancelling so far. fingers crossed!

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 13:22 - Report
How nerve wracking is the ordering process when that foghorn alarm is going off through the whole thing?!? It's stressful enough as it is. Nintendo should take a long hard look at themselves, this happens time and time again with them. If it wasn't the fact they make such awesome stuff I might even be a bit cross with them...
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 13:24 - Report
you mean some people cant take the 1 second to tab to the other window and shut of the alarm, or just use a keybored short cut to mute the speaks, interesting

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 13:26 - Report
The last Smyth's stock was gone in 31 seconds! Every second counts (as the late great Paul Daniels would have said)

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 13:31 - Report
Ouch Internal server Error. That is what it states on Games website now. Seems they are out of stock and by the looks of it they have probably over sold. Plus the amount of people going to the website has also caused ti to crash. So it was stating that it was in stock for over an hour, I highly doubt it.

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 13:38 - Report
GAME website still works for me, but there is no add to basket button anymore

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 13:41 - Report
still both works for me and adds to basket, tho ya no doubt out of stock awhile ago, but ya, still less glitch of them *game* than argos is today, but ya many let down people due to not having a good stock real time tracker on they own web site

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 13:44 - Report
what do u mean about argos

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 13:51 - Report
something about a 89.99 xbox S (and many other product) ask google,

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 14:17 - Report
yes they will not honour them but people still try their look. They are buying like crasy. waste of time.

dkwright77 dkwright77 - 14/09/2017 13:15 - Report
!! Thank you Stock Informer !! Brilliant !!

PeterRFlynn PeterRFlynn - 14/09/2017 13:05 - Report
Still in stock after 30 minutes.... I suspect it's either a load of stock (after Nintendo's recent announcement) or their website is broke...
simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 13:09 - Report
This might be the 3rd wave of ore orders that were supposed to come in a while ago. They have probably been delayed. A lot of retailers havent had a 3rd wave.

smoggiec smoggiec - 14/09/2017 13:10 - Report
Game announced the stock on twitter so assume they have had a load of stock.

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 13:10 - Report
Worrying indeed... Especially as it looks to be open to international delivery as well (thinking saw it as an option when I was flying through checkout). Just hope my order is early enough in the queue to count if that's the case! My confirmation came through at 12:30. I wonder how many are in front of me???....

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 13:11 - Report
Not necessarily. Twitter is used these days and they know a lot of people want these. I wouldn't read to much in to that.

smoggiec smoggiec - 14/09/2017 13:12 - Report
They wouldn't announce it on twitter if they were going to sell out in 10 seconds like Smyths have been lately. Must have been a big pile of stock coming in to warrant advertising it. Hearing people are adding to basket and getting out of stock when trying to pay now.

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 13:15 - Report
So are we now saying that we all have a nervous wait for the next week to see if our orders get cancelled? 😓😓😓

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 13:21 - Report
more or less ya, a preorder is never an order until its in your hands, and more so now its been live just under an hour, a lot of people will miss out, being low on it i would say its 3 orders a second (and the person that said they take worldwide orders is right to) so thats 10800 units now *and as they open to worldwide opens 3 orders a second is truly low* i see lots of copy and paste new storys about game cancelling orders in the next few days to weeks

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 13:23 - Report
Yes correct.

roberts_owen roberts_owen - 14/09/2017 12:57 - Report
All I get is this, which is rather annoying!!:
roberts_owen roberts_owen - 14/09/2017 12:57 - Report
You currently have 0 items in your basket We know you're super excited to get gaming, but unfortunately this product is either out of stock or has been limited to a certain number per customer. Please check on the appropriate Product Page to see how many you’re able to buy. To try checking out again, click here to go back to the home page. Sorry about that! The following items were removed from your basket: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

guest241974 guest241974 - 14/09/2017 12:58 - Report
It took me 4 or 5 attempts and it eventually went through.

guest274384 guest274384 - 14/09/2017 12:58 - Report
have you tried guest checkout instead?

roberts_owen roberts_owen - 14/09/2017 13:04 - Report
I've tried all sorts - debit, cr*dit card and Paypal, and also guest checkout - must have done it at least 20 times, but end up with the same stupid message each time!

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 13:04 - Report
I got that message too. Then I tried by PayPal instead and it went through.

guest255961 guest255961 - 14/09/2017 13:11 - Report
no joy for me tried 20 times too Sad

Wigsta78 Wigsta78 - 14/09/2017 13:13 - Report
yeah website is garbage. They have probably run out but it still allows you to add one into your basket.

roberts_owen roberts_owen - 14/09/2017 13:14 - Report
Balls to it, I give up....

guest241974 guest241974 - 14/09/2017 12:53 - Report
guest274155 guest274155 - 14/09/2017 12:56 - Like This Item Report

guest267184 guest267184 - 14/09/2017 12:58 - Like This Item Report
I got mine

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 12:49 - Report
For those interested in such matters, first alert I got was the desktop alarm buzzing. Then I started ordering, then 3 mins later an email from a different site to this and then 3 mins later the email from stockinformer. The desktop was far and away the fastest notification
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 13:05 - Report
pcs rule, thats been know for years, you have a point Smile

Kurbgear Kurbgear - 14/09/2017 12:49 - Report
Cheers stock informer!!!
Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 14/09/2017 13:07 - Report
No worries, glad you all found the website useful Wink

DaveJRyan DaveJRyan - 14/09/2017 12:45 - Report
Managed to get one too, but i'm not getting too excited yet, had a confirmation email from GAME last year too confirming NES mini. They emailed me a week later o tell me it had been cancelled because they had over sold them... They have a very bad checkout systemt doen't shut down when the stock runs out... But still.... Fingers Crossed
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 13:07 - Report
and ya i think that will be the case with atleast half of the orders, been live for 45 mins now, and no way game have that many in stock at a rate of 3 orders each second or higher, (8100 units)

Mattg79 Mattg79 - 14/09/2017 12:42 - Report
Yes got one!!! thanks stock informer

guest273853 guest273853 - 14/09/2017 12:37 - Report
OMG! Loving this website! Keep the faith folks I just bagged one at GAME after 2 months of trying 😁 so happy. Took a few minutes for the order confirmation email to come through, so a nervous wait was had! Now to explain to my wife why I'm so happy.... She just doesn't understand!

Leon Tallis Leon Tallis - 14/09/2017 12:36 - Report
Ordered. Great website. Thank you.

smoggiec smoggiec - 14/09/2017 12:31 - Report
Keep getting billing address not valid with card or paypal
smoggiec smoggiec - 14/09/2017 12:37 - Report
Had to check out as guest but worked Big Grin happy!

Lucianoc Lucianoc - 14/09/2017 12:42 - Report
I've done both and worked with paypal! At least you managed to get one after all! Smile

fire_ball fire_ball - 14/09/2017 13:52 - Report
Yeah have this problem too! Earlier in year this website caused HSBC to shut down my card completely due to fraudulent activity!

Andrew1501 Andrew1501 - 14/09/2017 12:30 - Report
Just got one. Love this website.

asrangers asrangers - 14/09/2017 12:29 - Report
finally got one!

Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 14/09/2017 12:29 - Report
Who has managed to bag a SNES order!? Greet Big Grin
asrangers asrangers - 14/09/2017 12:29 - Report

Lucianoc Lucianoc - 14/09/2017 12:30 - Report
YES!!! Thanks very much!!! I've got one and my sister managed to get one too!!!

Andrew1501 Andrew1501 - 14/09/2017 12:31 - Report
yeah just got one.!!!!!!!!!!

guest279090 guest279090 - 14/09/2017 12:33 - Report
managed to get one!!!! I'm actually quite suprised that the stock on GAME is lasting this long

guest272689 guest272689 - 14/09/2017 12:33 - Report
At last I got one thanks just happened to check my email and came on straight away

ej90 ej90 - 14/09/2017 12:34 - Report
Got one. Thank you!

Laurabee81 Laurabee81 - 14/09/2017 12:35 - Report
Yes me too! So happy Big Grin thanks stock informer! Dance

guest261169 guest261169 - 14/09/2017 12:35 - Like This Item Report
Just ordered - woohoo!

guest203339 guest203339 - 14/09/2017 12:36 - Report
Got one too, thanks Wink

guest278086 guest278086 - 14/09/2017 12:40 - Report
Got one too. F you scalpers!!!! Smile

Obrobs Obrobs - 14/09/2017 12:43 - Report
woo!! got one too!!

Jamston Jamston - 14/09/2017 12:49 - Report
Holy s**t! Add to basket, sign in, wrong password, reset password, check email, choose new password, sign in, card expired, add new card, invalid details try again, update address, submit, please tick terms & conditions, ok, card failed, try again, now setup 3dsecure card details FFS!, sorry it looks like you dont have anything in your basket! Do it again, try, paypal, fails, gonna have a heart attack at this stage! Tried a further 3 times and all failed as if they thought i'd already ordered one, thought I was doomed!!!! Got my colleague to try, checked out as guest no problem! BOOOM!! While all that was going on I still had the stock alert buzzer blazing in the back ground! Thanks Stock Informer you little beauty Smile

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 12:50 - Report
oh thats alright, us scalpers got many more Smile , and will still not be enough stock to go round, so will profit in the end (even tho the same amount in CC debt i now have of snes minis could of been worth alot more in other things for the profit margins, but oh well, its more done for boredom than profit) and will more than likely only sell the bulk of mine for £20 - £40 each at cex, or low vaule margins to people on gumtree, as i value my ebay 100% to much to sell there for a real profit margin, as buyers than feel ret**ded that they gave in and paid what they did and destroy your feed back, much much safer and easier ways to make a higher margin that can be done nearly every hour of every day

dkwright77 dkwright77 - 14/09/2017 12:52 - Report
Hahaha!!! Laughing at Jamston cos that's exactly what i was doing Confused

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 14/09/2017 12:52 - Report
and due to the amount of time games page has been live, i see cancels coming for quite a lot of the late comes, (why ever game like tescos and the other bad ones, cant track stock in real time) as no where they stock lasted 20 mins +

johnrc johnrc - 14/09/2017 12:54 - Report
Yes finally got hold of one after gluing my eyes to Stock Informer for months! Very Happy D Thanks for the notification Stock Informer!!!

guest274155 guest274155 - 14/09/2017 12:58 - Report
Got one too was so tempted to get one from eBay

Leon Tallis Leon Tallis - 14/09/2017 13:02 - Report
chrisking66 - Seems like a lot of effort for a few quid...

simon9732 simon9732 - 14/09/2017 13:07 - Report
He should just sell on amazon or ebay. He could always get the feedback removed. People cant leave u bad feedback if they paid to much for some thing. It was their choice. U could get the feedback removed. Poeple and their morals. They get in their way.

guest268381 guest268381 - 14/09/2017 13:31 - Like This Item Report
Thank you!!

guest278931 guest278931 - 14/09/2017 12:29 - Report
yessss got one

guest276659 guest276659 - 01/09/2017 21:24 - Report
I hope my nearest game (glasgow) will have one left for pre order becaise there isnt even a listing on game****** for the snes classic
guest276659 guest276659 - 01/09/2017 21:25 - Report
Sorry there were tags i mean the game website

simon9732 simon9732 - 01/09/2017 22:22 - Report
Yes some websites seem to take the listing off then put it back on again once it is back in stock. Argos, tesco and game did this last time with the nes mini and they are doing the exact same thing this time with the snes mini. This is because it is an extremely popular item with very limited supply. So its a common theme. This item is massively popular.

guest276659 guest276659 - 02/09/2017 12:13 - Report
Thank you for being helpful

thelichgod thelichgod - 23/07/2017 13:36 - Report
Basically every game is supplied a few preorders every week or two all you need to do is go in store and ask if they have any Mini SNES preorders available. It's a £50 deposit upfront and on release you have 48hrs before they just sell it in store even though the £50 is non refundable.

thelichgod thelichgod - 22/07/2017 23:02 - Report
Copped the last one at Game Clydebank and I got it at like 5pm I reckon one of the last in Glasgow.
NickL78 NickL78 - 22/07/2017 23:17 - Report
I'm canny happy

thelichgod thelichgod - 23/07/2017 00:21 - Report

guest269076 guest269076 - 21/07/2017 20:38 - Report
Got the last one at Game store Reading!

NickL78 NickL78 - 20/07/2017 16:36 - Report
Just been into my local game and pre ordered one.
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 20/07/2017 17:21 - Report
have a cookie, or least try to provide more useful info, where is your local store, did that have stock left at the time, if not its just a very pointless post,

NickL78 NickL78 - 20/07/2017 17:53 - Report
Cookies are fattening. Was the Newcastle store. Had 7 left at 3:00

janet5656 janet5656 - 20/07/2017 21:22 - Report
cookies are nice.

FidFighter FidFighter - 21/07/2017 19:16 - Report
Cookies are delicious. I eat them and thats coming from a dude that goes to a gym regulary Big Grin

janet5656 janet5656 - 21/07/2017 21:05 - Report
Yes I go to the gym as well. I need them carbs.

janet5656 janet5656 - 21/07/2017 21:25 - Report
Also I saw you're previous meesage about argos. I think that it will most likely be next week. That will be their 3rd batch.

FidFighter FidFighter - 22/07/2017 19:58 - Report
Awesome. Would be great for the people that missed out Smile

stockman123 stockman123 - 23/07/2017 16:29 - Report
I'd rather spend the money on cookies, imagine how many cookies you could get for the price if the snes mini!

AJK1986 AJK1986 - 20/07/2017 00:36 - Report
Just to concur with some other posts below, that it is definitely worth checking out your local GAME stores. Managed to grab one yesterday morning, much to my surprise. At least that's one more unit those scummy scalpers can't get their filthy hands on.

guest268805 guest268805 - 17/07/2017 13:02 - Report
I managed to pop in to my local Game and pick up a pre order again same as others you have to put down a £50 deposit the stock was advertised going from 9am onwards
FidFighter FidFighter - 17/07/2017 23:31 - Like This Item Report
Its surprising that we dont get any email alerts or any notifications from Game. I was lucky i preordered from argos on 10/07/17 on time Big Grin

Quasi Quasi - 17/07/2017 11:13 - Report
Waked into my local GAME and believe they had 2 left! They guy told me they receive very small amounts of stock during the week so worth going in, in person!
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 17/07/2017 12:00 - Like This Item Report
well good for those that do want to put the time in and the £50 up front, just sounds like to much effort for me, when i can just wait until asda/pc world/john list list they first batch, and the other online retailers list more IF they do, plus my way i can shop in my PJ's and no one thinks im nuts, but im sure those that it does help (and want to make sure they get a perorder in / dont mind the effort of going in to the real world) will be grateful

blondielass blondielass - 14/07/2017 10:43 - Report
Try calling up your local store and seeing if they have any - I did on the off chance and my local GAME had a few preorders remaining! It's a high deposit and you have to collect it from the store, but that's totally fine for me, just happy to have one!
guest266148 guest266148 - 15/07/2017 13:34 - Report
Did exactly this today and after a mad dash to the city centre I GOT THE LAST ONE!!!

blondielass blondielass - 15/07/2017 13:42 - Report
Yay! So happy for you!

gavin82 gavin82 - 06/07/2017 18:17 - Report
i just got one by doing that

gavin82 gavin82 - 06/07/2017 18:17 - Report
keep refreshing, i just got noe

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