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Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock at Smyths

Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock @ Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES at Smyths
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krikey krikey - 24/04/2017 14:50 - Report
will just wait and see,they might just be changing listing to one per customer only, maybe a higher price,if you do manage to get one on their website do not order more than two or your order will more than likely get cancelled.

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 24/04/2017 13:14 - Report
Smyths have removed from their website
krikey krikey - 24/04/2017 13:21 - Report
yes been of their site for a few days now,Smyths staff have told me stock will be very limited most has been shipped to usa.

janet5656 janet5656 - 24/04/2017 14:15 - Report
so do u think that u wont be able to click and collect. u will just have to go randomly to stores each day to check its in. They probably doing this as its the last shipment they are ever likely to get and its even more limited with the shipments than last time. The thing is the smyths stores are spread quite far away compared to other retailers.

krikey krikey - 18/04/2017 14:43 - Report
if we are lucky there will be a last delivery in april for europe ,nintendo have said they might release some in 2018,but thats a pacifier for all the people who did not get one,this aPRIL is your last chance my sister works for Smyths reckons the June date is from this aprils delivery and they will wait for june to hike the price up £149.99 is the number she has heard.
janet5656 janet5656 - 18/04/2017 15:01 - Report
hi so u are aying that smyths will most likely have some stock in april but they are going to wait till june to sell it and put the price up. could u be a little clearer and elaborate please. why would smyths put the price up to 150.

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 18/04/2017 15:59 - Report
Because the can and they will obviously make more profit. Scalpers...wont ever buy anything from them again if thats the case!

janet5656 janet5656 - 18/04/2017 17:05 - Report
or maybe to make people buy even more from scalpers

krikey krikey - 18/04/2017 22:30 - Report
Nintendo are in the business of making money,why on earth would they bring back a low priced low profit item like the mini nes when they can make far more money selling something like the switch with all its accessories,think like a business man would.

janet5656 janet5656 - 19/04/2017 03:41 - Report
they should of sold it for 99.99 and made a lot more of them. also made more official accessories. They could of also sold the controllers for a lot more than 7.99. they could of sold them for at least 15 pounds. they sold this to cheap. they dont wont it effecting their virtual console to much. retro is very popular in all walks of life.

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 19/04/2017 11:13 - Report
Nintendo have failed to understand the market yet again. Most consumers looking to pick up a nes mini have no interest in buying a switch. Cheap production costs for the nes mini and high demand sounds like a good business oportunity to me lol

krikey krikey - 20/04/2017 13:15 - Report
latest update,if nintendo do re-release this in 2018 which to me is really far fetched,the unit will either be tweaked to limit it to 30 games and or receive a hefty price rise,but to me its very unlikely

Admin Administrator - 20/04/2017 16:36 - Report
Reports suggest Nintendo will release a SNES Mini for Christmas 2017. Just a rumour though! Wink

krikey krikey - 21/04/2017 14:37 - Report
yes definitely an SNES coming in November,so goodbye NES for good I would say.

janet5656 janet5656 - 23/03/2017 12:58 - Report
smyths states. Estimated stock date. june. Thats a joke right.
guest250621 guest250621 - 23/03/2017 17:27 - Report
June! cant be right.

guest250621 guest250621 - 23/03/2017 17:32 - Report
Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must be in stock somewhere!?

janet5656 janet5656 - 23/03/2017 19:04 - Report
Thats what it states for smyths. Other stores might get them sooner. The consoles were coming in at a quicker rate and then the past 3 weeks there has been practically nothing.

guest241524 guest241524 - 02/03/2017 07:15 - Report
Got them in wigan just got 2

Semaj Semaj - 01/03/2017 16:40 - Report
They have them in Thanet, Kent but a bit too far to go Sad

John Chapman John Chapman - 01/03/2017 12:43 - Report
They have them in Blackpool, I have just click and collected it, they said only a hand full left

Wife_hunting for classic mini Wife_hunting for classic mini - 01/03/2017 12:17 - Report
I've just managed to purchase at the Slough store, they have had a delivery this morning. Worth calling your local store!

nick20 nick20 - 28/02/2017 14:07 - Report
In stock now in few stores
janet5656 janet5656 - 28/02/2017 14:20 - Report
yes. Nick. I was jsu looking at the time and saw them. I magaed to get one. How come they did not show up on stock checker. is it because they dont have that many so they dont end up showing up.

Admin Administrator - 28/02/2017 14:30 - Report
With Smyths we only track stock for home delivery, not in individual stores.

janet5656 janet5656 - 28/02/2017 14:40 - Report
ok. amazon came on for home delivery but it did not show up. is it because it is a combination of how long its on the website for and how many they had available.

guest240477 guest240477 - 19/02/2017 16:59 - Report
I spoke to someone at the bolton store who claims theres going to be 1 more delivery, but it could be very small, as in 2! They seem to think that will be the last of them. Hope not. Game also said there ceasing production :-(
janet5656 janet5656 - 19/02/2017 21:24 - Report
Hi when did game say that they are ceasing production. I asked and they said that they dont think they are going to get them in stock but did they make it very clear to you that either they are not going to be selling anymore or nintendo are stopping production soon. so have you actually bought one yet. There are all sorts of things going on. Yes we dont know how much longer they will be making it for. i am not sure that they will fill demand because that will make more people go out and buy the switch and keep divert interest on to that. I think that with the other consoles like the nes mini they will make sure that they are mainstreamed and there is plenty of supply there. They will make a bigger thing of it.

janet5656 janet5656 - 19/02/2017 21:26 - Report
i meant snes mini will be mainstream and supply will be met.

guest240477 guest240477 - 20/02/2017 11:24 - Report
I spoke to game on a webchat on friday. They checked with a store who stated nintendo are stopping making them. Smyths also said the same thing. However sources online state nintendo UK have confirmed there increasing production. No i haven't been able to get one yet. Let's hope there continuing to make them. What you say makes sense about the switch! A snes mini would be very popular!

guest237528 guest237528 - 31/01/2017 13:04 - Report
Beckton - Gallions Reach apparently has Low Stock atm....
guest237528 guest237528 - 31/01/2017 13:44 - Report
aaaaaaaaand it's gone

Robin64 Robin64 - 30/01/2017 15:44 - Report
They now say in stock in Feb 2017

guest204698 guest204698 - 27/01/2017 15:28 - Report
They have them in Farnham and Belfast at the moment.. gogogogo
guest204698 guest204698 - 27/01/2017 15:28 - Report
Sorry-- it's click and collect only though Sad

Sgtbeefmeat Sgtbeefmeat - 11/01/2017 23:48 - Report
Had a look at Smyths' Twitter feed today - they're saying Nintendo has told them no more NES Minis are being manufactured. Haven't seen any official confirmation of this, but is interesting that it's also been removed from their website. I also had an e-mail from Tesco saying it had been removed from its site. Sob!
janet5656 janet5656 - 13/01/2017 22:34 - Report
Thats it there is no confirmation. So all it can be confirmed by is rumours. I have asked game today and they said that it has not be discontinued and argos also said that it hasnt. Smyths might not be receiving any more for various reasons but the others are.

Sgtbeefmeat Sgtbeefmeat - 13/01/2017 23:06 - Report
That's good to know, thank you.

guest215071 guest215071 - 06/01/2017 18:38 - Report
Smyths have took it off there website. The adapter is still on though 🙄

matt925b matt925b - 09/12/2016 12:03 - Report
The very nice lady in Slough has just told me that they are expecting stock in dribs and drabs but that a full delivery could be as late as March 2017. I do wonder why Nintendo are so slow to address this. We keep hearing the deliveries will be prior to Christmas but then nothing concrete. That said, this site is amazing, thanks Admins!
Goss_2 Goss_2 - 09/12/2016 14:29 - Report
They want to build excitement so more people buy them, unfortunately this means people buy them purely to sell them on for more money

Samlouise Samlouise - 09/12/2016 15:54 - Report
I wouldnt pay more than double the price for someone else to benefit, its not worth it id rather wait.

littlemissjoker littlemissjoker - 06/12/2016 23:42 - Report
Smyths website now says Home Delivery TBC 2017!!!!!! Doesn't seem like they're expecting any stock before Christmas Sad
guest171651 guest171651 - 07/12/2016 18:42 - Report
I can confirm this too, told the same

guest196004 guest196004 - 03/12/2016 11:02 - Report
Just received mines, less than 24 hrs after ordering. Thank you so much stock informer. Good luck to everyone else, really hope the shops manage to get more in before Christmas.

R19KLC R19KLC - 02/12/2016 20:45 - Report
Thankfully my order was dispatched around 4.30pm from Smyths. Defo have auto fill turned on and checkout as guest so it's quicker! Good luck everyone! Be patient with this site and please don't buy on eBay and line some other idiots pockets! Thanks StockInformer!!

989b 989b - 02/12/2016 18:22 - Report
A little startled to get a dispatch confirmation at 4:24pm. Actually thought it would've been cancelled given how my luck usually works with these things. Hope the rest of you get yours soon, Nintendo would do well to ramp up production ahead of Christmas, if nothing else to spite the resellers making this such a miserable experience.
989b 989b - 02/12/2016 18:23 - Report
Also FWIW, those using Safari would benefit from having autofill turned on. Managed to checkout as a guest within a minute because it filled out the fields for me.

guest196004 guest196004 - 02/12/2016 20:14 - Report
Will 2nd the suggestion on the autofill. All my details were auto filled using chrome on android meaning i didnt have to fill in my address it did it all for me.

989b 989b - 03/12/2016 10:57 - Report
Whoa Smyths is fast! Even with free shipping they managed to deliver mine today Big Grin

sirblacknewt sirblacknewt - 02/12/2016 16:43 - Report
thank you stock informer!!, mine has been dispatched, i got my order aknowledgment 11.51, which some people are saying theres has been cancelled around then, i duont know if this is any help but mine was guest check out and i chose next day delivery, i literally 16.41 just got my dispatch email, good luck everyone i really hope you all manage to get one!

guest131627 guest131627 - 02/12/2016 16:33 - Report
Hi all, I've been one of the lucky ones, I've just had my dispatch confirmation sent through. I wish everyone the very best of luck in purchasing an Nintendo Classic. I'd completely given up hope to be honest, I've been trying since launch day to get one. Many thanks to Stock Informer, couldn't have done it without them. Best advice I can give is to use their full desktop website and have the audible notification set up. Best of luck again everyone

guest202306 guest202306 - 02/12/2016 16:28 - Report
Finally got my dispatch confirmation from Smyths - thank you Stock Informer!!

guest115286 guest115286 - 02/12/2016 15:59 - Report
Not happy that mine has been cancelled when the order went through and was confirmed before someone else's yet theirs has been honoured and dispatched!
gues543 gues543 - 02/12/2016 16:15 - Report
I completely agree because I have experienced the same! Not happy

pinkchick86 pinkchick86 - 02/12/2016 15:34 - Report
just had another email from Smyths apologising for having to cancel order and they stated this "We have made a request for the pre-authorised funds in your account to be released as promptly as possible, this will occur within 24 - 48 hours depending on your bank or card provider." so hopefully get money back quicker than 5-8days.
Fazal Fazal - 02/12/2016 15:58 - Report
Had the same. At least they bothered apologising

Fazal Fazal - 02/12/2016 14:39 - Report
I had mine cancelled. Just wondering for those that had their order confirmed or cancelled did you log in as a guest or create/use your Smyths account?
guest196004 guest196004 - 02/12/2016 15:34 - Report
I used the guest checkout option as i didnt have a smyths account. Got email to say mines has been dispatched.

guest202306 guest202306 - 02/12/2016 15:39 - Report
I used guest checkout - I have a confirmation e-mail, but as yet no cancellation or dispatch notice

Fazal Fazal - 02/12/2016 15:57 - Report
Thanks. I used guest check out and it was cancelled. Just thought that an account might make the difference

guest182905 guest182905 - 02/12/2016 14:04 - Report
Cancelled an hour later as not stock I'm given up and to tell a child we have cancelled your order they don't understand

guest196004 guest196004 - 02/12/2016 13:43 - Report
Just got a dispatch email from symths: We can confirm that your order has been dispatched from our warehouse. Thanks Stock Informer :-)

Rebecca Louise Hall Rebecca Louise Hall - 02/12/2016 13:38 - Report
Just phoned Smyths as ordered 1 and went back in for another for a friend . I got a message to cancel the 2nd order and payment taken for both but their CS just confirmed that the 1st order was completed . '
guest197328 guest197328 - 02/12/2016 14:03 - Report
Sorry do you have the smyths number I can't find it on there system

Rebecca Louise Hall Rebecca Louise Hall - 02/12/2016 14:19 - Report
Hi ! Their number is 0333 344 1157. X

Zena Ellison Zena Ellison - 02/12/2016 14:29 - Report
SMYTHS TOYS PHONE NUMBER – 0844 739 0384 Smyths Toys Phone NumberSmyths Toys phone number directly on 0203 3285 038.

odhranlynch odhranlynch - 02/12/2016 13:36 - Report
Smyths order confirmation at 11:54, dispatch confirmation at 13:10. Thank goodness it went through. Good luck to everyone else

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