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Discuss My Friend Pikachu Stock at Tesco

Discuss My Friend Pikachu Stock @ My Friend Pikachu at Tesco
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guest67039 guest67039 - 04/12/2016 16:30 - Report
Think tesco had 1 in stock lol. Tried to buy about 10 secs after they went up for sale but no luck

guest88017 guest88017 - 04/12/2016 16:25 - Report
This went so quickly. I have one due for pick up at Argos tomorrow but would have preferred this one as it's cheaper. I was just online by chance and saw it in stock. Anyone manage to get one?

MandyN MandyN - 03/12/2016 07:48 - Report
Was sold out by the time I got to checkout, yet still shows as in stock on front page
Keys Keys - 03/12/2016 07:49 - Report
Done that with build a bear for me then finally let me go thriugh x

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