Discuss LeapFrog LeapPad (Green) Stock at Argos

Discuss LeapFrog LeapPad (Green) Stock @ LeapFrog LeapPad (Green) at Argos


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lennie 25/11/2011 11:43

I have a spare resvervation code for a green one if anyone wants it in cannock orbital retail park x

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Guest9861 24/11/2011 17:13

few in stock in sheffield

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Amanda Anderson 24/11/2011 13:31

looking for green leappad Glasgow please x

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Kay Clark 23/11/2011 19:39

just managed to reserve a pink one to collect in store from monday-wednesday im in colchester, essex

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savingupforchristmas 23/11/2011 18:55

I have a spare reservation for a pink one at Argos Dewsbury that ends tomorrow (Thursday night) if anyone wants it.

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Charlene 23/11/2011 09:18

argos have both pink and green for home delivery !!!

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guest7594 22/11/2011 22:42

does anyone know where i can purchase a green leapfrog leappad in blackpool or preston

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allisonmc5 22/11/2011 16:45

Does anyone know anywhere i can purchase a green leappad in liverpool

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lisab 22/11/2011 16:26

Reserved a pink tablet from Bilston Store in Wolverhampton this afternoon. The website says the green and pink tablets are due in end of November.

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gem83 22/11/2011 10:28

Keep trying i got a green one yesterday Cribbs Causeway Bristol had One! one happy Mummy. Happy Days Dance

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Poshspice0006 21/11/2011 19:29

I went into local store today after trying online and to my surprise I have been able to get green leap pad. They say it was only one in stock so bought it straight away. Dance Dance Dance Dance

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janice 02/11/2011 22:06

keep you eyes on toys r us i have been looking for 2 days but finely ordered 1 this evening! good look everyone Smile

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Michelle Fleming ッ - 02/11/2011 22:18

no delivery till end of nov Sad


janice - 03/11/2011 06:22

hi thats what it said yesterday when i got mine. so just keep this site open and it will tell you when it comes back into stock might be some more in today good luck. Smile


Michelle Fleming ッ 02/11/2011 21:07

none to reserve in derby at all Sad

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melbert 02/11/2011 19:41

No home delivery in 2 days in glasgow...will keep looking

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Guest4062 28/10/2011 23:20

Chippenham wiltshire store has one to reserve

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guest3783 28/10/2011 19:29

argos yorkshire have stock to reserve cortonwood and parkgate

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