Discuss Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Stock at Amazon

Discuss Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Stock @ Amazon

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Administrator 15/05/2020 12:36


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or push notification alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • For very high demand products, don't be surprised if stock sells out in seconds. An online store may have only made a single unit available.
  • Any irregular page refreshing or bot activity will result in an automatic permanent block from our server.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.
  • Please refer to our FAQs for further answers to common questions.

Thanks, Admin

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ColinA 14/06/2020 18:53

Just to say, I ordered 22 May, they took the money very late May but I heard nothing, then today got a message from Amazon that it will be delivered tomorrow!

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ColinA - 16/06/2020 15:59

And it was delivered in the morning. 😄


Pingz25 02/06/2020 18:09

Hi I ordered this hot tub on the 20th of May from amazon and they have taken the money but delivery date still showing as pending, anyone else order around this date and had one delivered yet?

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guest668932 - 03/06/2020 19:47

Yup, exactly the same as you, money taken from amazon, no delivery date yet


alibongo4982 29/05/2020 16:35

they have taken the money from account also but no date when in stock, amazon cannot confirm any dates and offered a refund?

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guest668932 28/05/2020 11:59

Just an FYI, I pre-ordered mine on 20th May 2020.....they took the money out of my account on 26th May but have yet receive a delivery date from them.

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PaulShouler 26/05/2020 12:30

Just to let everyone know, i used Stock informer to notify me and got an order on Amazon on the 19th May, it has just arrived, so 1 week delivery

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Administrator - 26/05/2020 14:17

Thanks Paul, that's good to know 👍


alibongo4982 22/05/2020 14:42

Has anyone had one delivered as of yet from amazon?

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Sarahjo88 15/05/2020 17:55

I now have a preorder on there which is just pending, anyone had any luck with this? Thanks

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ronan3 - 19/05/2020 22:06

Preordered on the 5th of may still no date but they charged the card on the 12th. 🤞 🤞 🤞 🤞


guest113173 - 20/05/2020 19:06

Have they taken payment or just authorised it? They have authorised my payment 18/6 but still no date estimated del date - still pending


ronan3 - 20/05/2020 19:59

They just authorised the payment for 7 days then last week it actually showed as a payment so i Thought "Hello" heres a bit of progress. Then last night got an email saying it will be delivered next week. 😄 😄 😄


guest113173 - 20/05/2020 20:56

Fantastic! I’ll keep my fingers crossed a bit longer then! Thanks for the reply 😁


Jamiejaws 15/05/2020 12:04

Not at £767 the cheapest I saw on Amazon was £1195

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Sarahjo88 14/05/2020 21:54

Did anyone see or get this

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