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Discuss Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Stock at Amazon Italy

Discuss Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Stock @ Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg at Amazon Italy
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Admin Administrator - Sticky Forum Post - 12/11/2016 14:16 - Report


  • Hatchimals purchased from are the same as those purchased in the UK. Many people have ordered and received their Hatchimal to confirm this.
  • The Hatchimal will not talk a foreign language when 'hatched'. It learns to speak from it's new owner.
  • The packaging is the same as those purchased in the UK.
  • When ordering ensure the seller is actually and not a third party seller at a higher price (who often will not deliver to the UK anyway).
  • The Google Chrome browser can translate if required. Sometimes a pop message will ask if you wish to translate the page, otherwise you can right click your mouse anywhere on the webpage and select 'Translate to English'.
  • You can use your existing UK Amazon account details to login and order.
  • The Sterling prices we show are for approximate indication only. The actual amount will vary due to foreign currency fluctuations.


guest30525 guest30525 - 22/11/2016 23:20 - Report
Hi I've got 2 teal. Lookin to swap for a pink and purple if anyone has these. In glasgow area. Thanks.

guest118269 guest118269 - 20/11/2016 22:54 - Report
I ordered on pre order a week past Friday. There is no dispatch date - anyone else had this?
guest-96723 guest-96723 - 21/11/2016 23:41 - Report
Yeah me and no stock dates like France etc

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