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Discuss Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Stock at Amazon Germany

Discuss Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Stock @ Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg at Amazon Germany
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Admin Administrator - Sticky Forum Post - 12/11/2016 14:23 - Report


  • Hatchimals purchased from are the same as those purchased in the UK. Many people have ordered and received their Hatchimal to confirm this.
  • The Hatchimal will not talk a foreign language when 'hatched'. It learns to speak from it's new owner.
  • The packaging is the same as those purchased in the UK.
  • When ordering ensure the seller is actually and not a third party seller at a higher price (who often will not deliver to the UK anyway).
  • The Google Chrome browser can translate if required. Sometimes a pop message will ask if you wish to translate the page, otherwise you can right click your mouse anywhere on the webpage and select 'Translate to English'.
  • You can use your existing UK Amazon account details to login and order.
  • The Sterling prices we show are for approximate indication only. The actual amount will vary due to foreign currency fluctuations.
  • There are no import taxes or extra fees (The UK is still currently part of the EU).


Keys Keys - 17/12/2016 08:30 - Report
Guys I've ordered a teal egg for my friend who is mega excited. I looked on my shipping today days arriving Monday. However the description says hatichimal and the same process but the picture is off a boys watch game. Has this happened to anyone else? Can't cancel order now either and I'd imagine trying to return something from there will be a nightmare so will be 70 out of pocket I'm just panicking now as I don't want to let my friend down either xxx

guest218304 guest218304 - 15/12/2016 21:08 - Report
Hey guys. Just cancelled my order from amazon De for a teal egg as I've had shipping notification of a green egg so hopefully there should be one up for grabs in the next couple of hours!

guest144024 guest144024 - 06/12/2016 17:18 - Report
Would definitely use Amazon Germany again. Very efficient. Amazon Logistics in the UK - not so great as a courier, but egg has arrived safely

guest97908 guest97908 - 01/12/2016 06:55 - Report
Beginning to panic have had one on order that was due to be delivered yesterday now had email saying expected 7th December! Will not be able to rest until this is in my hand x
guest160116 guest160116 - 01/12/2016 19:44 - Report
Just happened to me too, was supposed to be delivered today now saying could be 8th December!

smeee smeee - 30/11/2016 21:23 - Report
yes yes yes! i have got one!
guest179546 guest179546 - 30/11/2016 23:48 - Report
Yay got 1 too

guest116082 guest116082 - 28/11/2016 20:37 - Report
Little over priced but they're in stock for just under £100 if anybody wants one for that. Just got to checkout with one but refuse to pay people this much money for a £60 toy! Good luck everybody

Carlyhall Carlyhall - 28/11/2016 19:33 - Report
Just missed out just now! Could add to basket but went to check out and gone!

Garath Samuel Garath Samuel - 28/11/2016 14:24 - Report
went on and said 17 in stock but wouldnt let me add to my trolley Sad
guest113044 guest113044 - 28/11/2016 14:34 - Report
Looks like you have to be a prime member 69.99 euro

Garath Samuel Garath Samuel - 28/11/2016 14:55 - Report
oh that olecr*p again better luck next time i suppose lol

guest184592 guest184592 - 28/11/2016 15:32 - Report
You dont have to be prime member...i managed to order two and got email 8-10 dec...fingers 2 girls will be estatic

guest126479 guest126479 - 28/11/2016 18:42 - Report
Do you get a confirmation email as normal, not sure what happened with mine I did it on my phone rather than a PC.

guest184592 guest184592 - 28/11/2016 18:57 - Report
Yes...i got confirmation email....also did mine on phone

guest184592 guest184592 - 28/11/2016 18:59 - Report
It came in german though lol...but gave mw the option to pay gbp....cost £130 for two inc delivery

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 11:56 - Report
*Barnsey1* Why did you P&C your entire email from (i presume) Amazon Germany that includes your full name and address??! Sorry, just curious why you would think that was a good idea and what the point was...? Confused

eryilmazfiona eryilmazfiona - 27/11/2016 16:00 - Report
**admin** thanks so much . My pre order has just arrived 5 days earlier than expected at time of preorder. Have one due tomorrow from amazon fr pre order then got 2 happy boys on Christmas morning. Fab site if it wasn't for somebody posting the link I would of never knew stock informer existed. Thank you so so much
Admin Administrator - 27/11/2016 16:46 - Report
No worries, thanks for the update, glad you found the website useful Smile

guest61842 guest61842 - 25/11/2016 20:57 - Report
there is stock available now
deanio1 deanio1 - 25/11/2016 20:58 - Report
No there isn't anymore

noahsnanny noahsnanny - 25/11/2016 21:00 - Report
missed it again Sad

guest167415 guest167415 - 25/11/2016 21:06 - Report
I went straight to the site as soon as the alarm went and had already gone. Probably took me 20 seconds! Think I'm going to have give up on this!

Carlyhall Carlyhall - 28/11/2016 19:34 - Report
What alarm is this?!

guest115286 guest115286 - 24/11/2016 19:51 - Report
I'm stressing! Been saying all day to be delivered today but so far nothing. I put my work address since I figured they are open from 8am to 6:30pm. Now I'm panicking that if it can't be delivered today or tomorrow it will returned!!
eryilmazfiona eryilmazfiona - 24/11/2016 21:38 - Report
Sure they would drop a card and return to nearest depot for collection or rearrange of delivery

eryilmazfiona eryilmazfiona - 24/11/2016 12:34 - Report
After the Amazon Logistics , on the road tracking info change, how long was it until Item was in your hand ?
guest129865 guest129865 - 24/11/2016 18:09 - Report
mine was shipped on Saturday afternoon (19th) and arrived today, which was a day earlier than estimated

eryilmazfiona eryilmazfiona - 24/11/2016 21:37 - Report
Fab thank you. Says Monday expected delivery so fingers crossed Smile

guest136407 guest136407 - 26/11/2016 13:44 - Report
Mine took 4 days

guest113044 guest113044 - 24/11/2016 09:50 - Report
I have a teal but need a green if anyone is willing to swap? Am happy to post.
RyP RyP - 28/11/2016 20:35 - Report
Be careful. Could end up with none. Best of selling and purchasing a green of eBay

sweetpea1974 sweetpea1974 - 24/11/2016 09:40 - Report
everytime i add it to the basket its saying the price has gone up any one had the same problem

guest61842 guest61842 - 23/11/2016 22:03 - Report
yay mine arrived today - 23/11/2016 13:15 - Report
Theres stock now! Just got one - 23/11/2016 13:20 - Report
Also just had one from argos so i have one spare now. Anyone want it before i cancel the order?

guest109382 guest109382 - 23/11/2016 13:52 - Report
Where are you based x

Melaniex13 Melaniex13 - 23/11/2016 15:06 - Report
Mee pretty please??? 😆

guest137603 guest137603 - 23/11/2016 20:39 - Report
Where are you, me please xx

Matilda j Matilda j - 23/11/2016 12:59 - Report
I've just ordered one earlier and is it all ok ? I'm a bit worried if I will get it or not. I was let down by Argos so felt this might be my only option
guest142896 guest142896 - 23/11/2016 13:04 - Report
mine got delivered from Amazon germany yesterday & all is fine .

Matilda j Matilda j - 23/11/2016 13:08 - Report
Thank you so much. Just read other comments on here and all seems ok. Hopefully my search is over 😃

guest142896 guest142896 - 23/11/2016 13:16 - Report
fingers crossed for u then,its hard work lol 😂

Rachel mckenzie Rachel mckenzie - 23/11/2016 12:39 - Report
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to admin on this site! I feel like I have won the lottery! Ordered one last week from Amazon Germany (never would have thought about getting one from here if it wasn't for stock informer!) on Thur and its just been delivered! Cue mad lady dancing around the house! Would def recommend ordering from here. All English packaging and came quicker than a parcel I ordered a day before this from Amazon in this country!
Matilda j Matilda j - 23/11/2016 13:15 - Report
That's fab! I've just ordered and was a bit worried if I wound me conned out of money but your comment has put me at ease. Thank you

Rachel mckenzie Rachel mckenzie - 23/11/2016 13:37 - Report
I felt like this last week when I ordered mine! So glad i did thought. Glad i have reassured you! Its exactly the same as you would buy here. Was amazed at how quick it came too.

Matilda j Matilda j - 23/11/2016 15:02 - Report

dreaminghatchimals dreaminghatchimals - 23/11/2016 12:15 - Report
Just have to say how fantastic Admin on this site is. Although so many people are still struggling, you have gone above and beyond to help everyone! Your hard work hasn't gone unappreciated, I certainly wouldn't have stood a chance without this site - so thank you!!
Admin Administrator - 24/11/2016 09:35 - Report
Thanks for your kind words dreaminghatchimals, much appreciated Smile

mils1208 mils1208 - 23/11/2016 11:07 - Report
says not available??
Admin Administrator - 23/11/2016 11:10 - Report
Keep trying, it's been in and out

gavin82 gavin82 - 23/11/2016 10:47 - Report
Just ordered 2 on here

k1ngsn0rth k1ngsn0rth - 22/11/2016 13:46 - Report
Mine arrived today, thanks very much stock informer - you are doing a great job. Just to backup what others have already said, the Hatchimals from come in English packaging with other languages on the side of the packaging.

dreaminghatchimals dreaminghatchimals - 22/11/2016 11:00 - Report
Just ordered mine - £67.70 including delivery. Hoping it comes through now!!
Steph28 Steph28 - 22/11/2016 11:27 - Report
Orderd mine Thursday and it came yesterday after originally saying the 30th all English packaging

Twinkstars Twinkstars - 22/11/2016 11:33 - Report
they are in stock now - but the stock informer hasn't picked this up yet

eryilmazfiona eryilmazfiona - 23/11/2016 09:46 - Report
Mine says will be shipped today , can't wait Smile

guest128715 guest128715 - 21/11/2016 13:42 - Report
Thank you Administrator! Mine arrived today from Amazon Germany. All in English!
Admin Administrator - 21/11/2016 13:46 - Report
No worries, they are exactly the same as the ones sold in the UK.

Hey Hey - 21/11/2016 12:12 - Report
Mines just arrived!! So happy and it's English!

Steph28 Steph28 - 21/11/2016 11:25 - Report
Ordered on Thursday for delivery 30th then moved to the 23rd and just tracked it and it says it's out for delivery today! Anyone who has received one tell me which company actually deliver it? Need to pop out and don't want to miss it! I know I haven't revived it yet but so far everything has been really easy despite being from Germany I really recommend thanks admin!
js52766 js52766 - 21/11/2016 11:55 - Report
Iv just received mine! dont know what company delivered tho as was delivered to work.. sorry

guest124757 guest124757 - 21/11/2016 11:57 - Report
got mine today it was amazon courier ..hatchiimal is all in english too

Steph28 Steph28 - 21/11/2016 12:26 - Report
It's here and I didn't miss it 👍🏼

guest113044 guest113044 - 21/11/2016 13:40 - Report
Mine due for delivery today delivered by hermes i'm in Scotland so don't know if that makes difference. Would never have thought to order from Germany without stock informer, wish everyone else the best of luck and a merry Christmas when it comes! Santa Big Grin

guest96257 guest96257 - 21/11/2016 15:18 - Report
Starting to worry there has been no update on my tracking since Saturday hope it isn't lost in transit

guest46085 guest46085 - 21/11/2016 11:20 - Report
i have a teal if anyone wants to swap for green? im in manchester

guest96117 guest96117 - 20/11/2016 16:33 - Report
Mines arrived today !!!! So happy !

guest105313 guest105313 - 19/11/2016 15:07 - Report
Mine has arrived today from the german amazon did say delivery Tuesday but its arrived today only ordered it monday! Its same at uk packaging and cost £66 inc postage! So pleased she better play with it ha ha thanks to stockinformer yor awesome
Rachelheads Rachelheads - 23/11/2016 12:07 - Report
If I order one off German Amazon and the packaging is German will it speak English?

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